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Q&A: Can I burn a CD-RW disk as an audio CD?

Q I know that I can burn an audio CD to CD-R. Can I do the same but using a CD-RW disk? Will the result then play correctly in a domestic CD player? 168 kata lagi


DVD drive becoming faulty?

If the DVD drive inside your computer is becoming faulty (especially if it’s a laptop), do you know you can purchase a replacement which can simply plug into an available USB port? 61 kata lagi


HP Pavillion Tower

First the bad news.  The motherboard is bad.  Do not know about CPU or memory.  Power Supply does work. CD-RW/DVD-RW works.   $50.00


Burning free podcasts and audiobooks to reusable media to play in your car

By Darren Johnson
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All hail the CD-RW. … The what?

The poor old CD-RW (or Re-Writable CD) doesn’t get a lot of press. Invented way back in 1997, they haven’t really changed much. 784 kata lagi


We are the Stars

I have walked there sometimes, beyond the forest
I have seen the world fall away
And the white light of forever fill the air


Living in the Past

Wednesday was a throwback to England, it rained all day so I stayed indoors, caught up on a few shows like Arrow and the new Rick and Morty episode. 443 kata lagi


JVC In-Dash CD Player

JVC In-Dash CD/CD-R/CD-RW Player…
Model Number KD-G120R…

Comes in Great condition for it’s age, only
minor wear and tear, and no marks on the
screen… Has a removable face, and comes… 12 kata lagi