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Story Collection

Recently there has been an event going on around the area of Sydney. The event’s purpose was to document and collect as many stories from the people as possible. 110 kata lagi

Digital Interns Expo

Today was an interesting event. All of the people taking part in the digital intern program from locations around Cape Breton, had gathered at CBU for a conference to showcase the program and network with the other interns. 165 kata lagi

BASKETBALL: Cal Baptist Women's Hoops on The Inland_Sports Show

The Cal Baptist University women’s basketball team will join us on The Inland_Sports Show this Saturday to talk about their trip to the Elite 8 in Columbus, Ohio. 102 kata lagi

This week with the Digital Interns

After last week, the interns are all excited to continue to work on their respective projects. That said, lots of excitement has been and continues to happen at CBU. 133 kata lagi

Digital Storytelling

On Monday, the interns went through a digital storytelling workshop with Nathaniel Ostashewski who is in Cape Breton all the way from Alberta. Then, on Tuesday they set out and made their own digital stories.

Transcribing Interviews

A few of the interns were tasked this week with the organization and finalization of some interviews that were part of a separate project. These interviews are going to be used for some promotional material for this other project and the task of transcribing them is all part of the process. 133 kata lagi

WRESTLING: Cal Baptist's Jake Waste taking aim on National Championship

Cal Baptist wrestler Jake Waste is hoping to win a NCAA Division II  National Championship at 197 pounds. Waste will be one of seven CBU grapplers competing at the national tournament in Birmingham, Alabama. 15 kata lagi