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Finally Spring!

It has been winter for a good long while in these parts. And only recently has it finally begun to act like spring! That means bees are buzzing, buds are blooming, and birds are….birding.  278 more words


Maybe I'm a caterpillar?

Maybe the future will show that I’m a caterpillar?

That all this is a part of my journey, that I’m still inside my cocoon.

What if all my tears turns out to be nutrition for the future? 194 more words

Put Yourself in His Place

A few days ago I took a picture of a caterpillar working his way along – he happened to be following a white stripe in a parking lot. 95 more words



would you save Jesus
from hanging on Caesar’s tree,
a caterpillar
from entering his cacoon
to emerge the new Monarch


Too Talkative

I sat upon a high mountain overlooking a beautiful river valley. It was spring and the trees were flowering, insects were buzzing, and a light warm breeze blew across my face as the sun continued its morning rise in a baby-blue sky filled with wonderfully fluffy clouds. 131 more words

Creative Writing

Jack (kikobun)

I swept out of the woods at dusk, with rain falling and thunder rolling in the distance.  Yes, it was turning into a dark and stormy night… 383 more words

Way to Go, Toby!

Dear Kids,

Look what Toby did:

Boom: Circle of life.

Don’t know who Toby is? Check him out here.

Hope he remembers who his friends are when he’s a big bad moth and chews on someone else’s trees…