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Never give up

To become a butterfly, metamorphosis is necessary. If the caterpillar never went through this process of change, it would never achieve its great destiny and become its most glorious self.
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My garden is a butterfly garden which makes me so happy. I like to sit and watch them flutter by. It is so amazing to watch a tiny egg that you can barely see become this munching mouth caterpillar. 140 kata lagi


There once lived a fearsome caterpillar named Jonathan thousands of years ago, and Jonathan ate a dozen nuclear submarines every evening for breakfast because he thoroughly enjoyed the taste of Uranium. 200 kata lagi

Short Stories

Sustainable Econ Dev: $70 Mil for 2 Corps or $1 Mil Each for 70 Local Businesses? (video)

In the name of economic development, Rio Nuevo and Pima County are poised to dole out $70 million in corporate welfare to two big corporations– $50 million to Caterpillar and $20 million to World View. 1.416 kata lagi

Public Banking

Hi Luv et alii, just like this caterpillar my world, web or tactile demands transformation.

This blog is now and ever will be; a work in progress. 8 kata lagi


David Einhorn Says Wall Street Is Wrong About GM and Uber

Nearly two decades after trading his hedge fund’s first stock, Greenlight Capital founder David Einhorn has set his sights on some of the biggest American companies. 481 kata lagi