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Friday favorites

Here’s a couple good ones to get you through this manic Friday!  Hang in there, the weekend is right there within reach! 82 kata lagi


Fancy hats

No edit caterpillar with fancy head gear.


The Ideal Life: Let it Happen

A lot of moments in life are forced. We fall victim to this aspect many times, sometimes without even realizing it ourselves. When we try to force things, we end up ruining them; that is to say, we prevent things from being as good as they could have been. 765 kata lagi


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Coming or Going?

We live on an acreage, and I delight in discovering the multitude of critters – big and small – that visit us on a regular basis. 87 kata lagi


Endless Possibilities

As I sat outside enjoying the beautiful weather and journaling, I saw this little guy. He seemed to struggle to decide if he wanted to play it safe and stay on the leaf or take a risk and venture onto the irrigation pipe. 38 kata lagi