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Mixed Caterpillar Earnings And Other Headlines

Some good news/bad news in Caterpillar’s earnings, a Cudahy gun club update, St. Francis lakefront apartments proposed and more.

Check out these South Shore headlines … 66 more words

South Milwaukee

Life Cycle of a Gulf Fritillary Butterfly

Here am going to share the life cycle of gulf fritillary butterfly which is commonly seen in india.Once caterpillar reaches the certain height/weight , it forms itself in to pupa. 275 more words


Imperial Moth Caterpillar, 2006

Large-scale sculpture of an imperial moth caterpillar

Wood, glue, spray paint

Butterfly to Caterpillar

How could this reverse journey be? Painful and tiresome in contrast with the natural metamorphasis that is painful too but at the same time breathtaking one. 207 more words



First week back on my final teaching placement in Early Years. Haven’t even finished planning next week yet….numeracy, literacy, phonics….exhausted.

If one more person says “All reception do is play all day” I will happily stuff their heads in my caterpillar jar.


Quick Poetry: Spring Meditation

Today, the caterpillar walks opposite:
counter-clockwise on the rim of the red bucket
filled with cigarette butts
floating atop the brown water.

– April, 2015


Monarchs and milkweed

Constantly on the lookout for a particularly noxious vine which winds around the branches of our lemon trees, rapidly enveloping the entire tree with lovely green foliage and pretty flowers which become large pods containing zillions of air-born seeds….. 182 more words

Family History