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caterpillars eat more greens ... latest research

All the extra Greenery from increased atmospheric CO2 has one researcher worried. Those darn caterpillars are eating it all! Really, what else can they come up with, too many flowers perhaps? 714 more words


[PIC] WTF?? Caterpillar crawls out of man’s burger

A man who saw a caterpillar
‘wriggling’ out of a burger left the
restaurant and vomited out of sheer
Ed’s Diner, at the Metro Centre, South… 127 more words


In search of the resplendent quetzal

The quetzal is the national bird of Guatemala, and also their currency is called the quetzal. However, we are still in Costa Rica for this blog, and there are many of these beautiful birds in Costa Rica. 717 more words


Through the Looking-Glass: Chapter 6 - Humpty Dumpty

The egg Alice bought at the end of chapter 5 turns into… Humpty Dumpty! ー with whom Alice has an illuminating yet exasperating conversation as he sits on a wall so high and narrow that Alice fears for his safety, in this second children’s novel:  1.705 more words

Children's Literature

Self Portrait as a Caterpillar 

They tell me I will fly one day,

that I have to be patient

and that my time will come.

I try to tell myself they’re right and… 57 more words



To me, 2013 was a Shit Hits The Fan year, traumatizing and devastating. 2014 was a year of internal struggle. Do not get me wrong.  338 more words

Infant Loss

September 3, 2013: Buying Caterpillar

The day before, September 2nd, I spent a thousand euro, but I was growing more convinced that this was a very good market opportunity and that I should not miss it. 577 more words