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Nature Walks - September 2015

“So come, get ready.   Don’t delay!  We’re on a nature trail today.”

~Maurice Pledger, from In The Forest

September.  September done, no less.  Actually, my nature walks pictures from September 2014 were in my mind all month. 

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Speaking of critters...

When I moved to the new and improved Casita Colibrí two and a half years ago, there was a sorry looking hibiscus in a huge green clay pot (probably from Atzompa) on the balcony.  126 kata lagi


On starting the MSc in Biological Photography by visiting Twycross Zoo

Way too often I have fallen into the trap of researching tutorials on how to take good pictures or how to properly set up my camera without taking the next step: … 181 kata lagi


Why You Should Do What You Love, No Matter What!

Wayne Dyer left this world recently, but Wayne has changed his role in life many times.  I can remember when his constant droning on my sister’s cd player in her car on trips to the islands drove me crazy to the point I wanted to shout “Please, enough already.”  It is ironic that she initially introduced me to Wayne Dyer, and today I am probably the greater student of his works.   227 kata lagi


Irrelevant story

Having a real summer ( I use the term loosely) in July here in Ireland is something of fiction. Some people live here all their life still waiting for their first summer. 792 kata lagi


DON'T TOUCH! Dangerous caterpillar found in Pennsylvania

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STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — If you see this white fluffy caterpillar -keep away! The White Hickory Tussock Moth Caterpillar has black spines that can cause itchy rashes in many people. 275 kata lagi