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#77 - Hooge Poomah

Photo taken: July 25, 2013

The cat is not really huge, or a puma, and yes… I know how to spell.  The term comes from an old blogger whose blog is no longer accessible about a legendary big black cat on the loose in her area.  97 kata lagi


Righteous cat indignation

Go for it cat!

This sort of cultural abuse should not be tolerated.

We need MORE cats to stand up for their heritage and culture.

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Ignoring you...

One, two, three…

four Woofies?!

And you expect us Cats not to ignore you, Humans?


Oh Snap!

Snapchat has some new cat-friendly filters, so having been sent a few screenshots by my friend who uses it, I decided to redownload it and see how Laser and McLaren felt about being snapped. 349 kata lagi


Do you remember a while ago when I ran a product review on the Cat Amazing treat puzzle toy? Well, to this day, every morning Tyler sits in the living room and… 894 kata lagi



Floofversation (floofinition) – an informal talk between one or more people and  their pets.

In use: “Each morning as he fed the cats and dogs, they had a floofversation about the weather, the book he was reading, and the news. 15 kata lagi