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Cashmere wool is a symbol of quality, history and comfort. A women’s cashmere long coat is the peak of all cashmere products. If you wear this… 78 more words

Cashmere Sport Coat

Introducing my new baby...

On February 20th the labor began, the journey to birth..yes I said birth, because every time I make a piece I feel like I have  had a new baby. 534 more words


24 Hour Cast-On-Palooza

It happens.  Sometimes I can’t fight the urge to cast on as many projects as possible.  I gave myself 24 hours after Stitches to start as many projects as I wanted.   346 more words


Super street style x

It’s the little things that make the street style photos of fashion week so fascinating..the glint of an unusual piece of jewellery sparkling in the sun, a plait of hair coiled like a blonde horsewhip on a cashmere shoulder..or just a casual chic humour that brings an outfit together in a shower of golden sparks.. 69 more words


Addicted to...

While I may spend some portion of my days fighting the negative stereotypes accustomed to women, some days I spend feeding into them.

Lately I have been realizing I may have a slight problem, it may go unnoticed amidst the crowds, but it’s there. 1.126 more words


Makeover challenge!

A makeover is changing one’s appearance, often using cosmetics and hair styling. Makeovers can range from something as simple as a new haircut, to the use of cosmetic surgery, to the extreme of the implantation of dental veneers, eye-color-changing contact lenses, and the use of appearance-altering gastric by passsurgeries. 216 more words