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the "cash register"...

The “cash register” at my grandparents’ fruit shop and milk bar was this wooden cash box. For decades, pounds, shillings and pence made their way in and out of it and for the final few years, dollars and cents. 117 kata lagi

Zoe Boccabella

Week #6: Artifacts: What will survive?

Image 250 years from now, when all common everyday objects we use now could possibly go extinct. What do we have now in 2015 that will survive the test of time? 37 kata lagi

Week #5: Artifacts, What will survive? Concept Sketch

The following picture (including myself :/ ) Includes an object that we see everyday in the decade of 2015. Specifically, cash registers. This one includes a computer screen as many facilities have taken to using digital cash registers. 32 kata lagi

TT : Registered To Cook (Not)

REMEMBER THIS? I spotted one on campus in a window of the preschool. Looking at it was like the equivalent of grabbing onto a Portkey from the world of Harry Potter–I was instantly taken away to a different place. 335 kata lagi

Timeless Tuesdays