Label » Carvil

Handson MTM recut to ape the Camps de Luca signature ‘frogmouth’ lapel. Van Laack shirt. Woodbridge tie — never heard of it. Drake’s ps. Carvil oxfords with hidden stitching. 32 kata lagi

Boggi PoW SC. New Kingston Fashion MTM shirt. Di Castri knit tie. Charvet braces. Carvil oxfords. 32 kata lagi

Lander Urquijo unlined CMT MTM SC from PoW fabric thrifted on eBay. Boggi linnen ps. Courtot bespoke shirt. Carvil unlined tassel loafers. 32 kata lagi

An attempt to ape the sprezzy italian fits you only see in menswear ads, seldom IRL:

Boggi shirt, ps and silk/cotton/wool SC. Carvil tassel loafers. 32 kata lagi

New Kingston Fashion (Hong Kong) MTM pink cotton GTH trou.

1) Gambler MTM CMT blazer from vintage kid mohair.

2) Polo Ralph Lauren PoW SC made by Corneliani, found on permanent sale at -70% off RRP at the Ralph Lauren outlet in La Vallée Village. 42 kata lagi

Dégustation verticale — variations on the Gant raspberry gingham polo collar shirt with sand cotton trou:

1) Orazio Luciano La Vera Sartoria Napoletana navy blazer, with and without Breuer repp tie. 58 kata lagi