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Stark Crusaders: Captain Lando Stratos

Here’s Captain Lando Stratos, captain of the Stark Crusaders 3rd Company.

And this is how he used to look!


Is Alex Rodriguez the Captain of the Yankees?

The Yankees have had 15 captains their the franchise’s illustrious history, the last being Derek Jeter.

It may be something completely different, but there’s something that looks like the Yankees have found their 16th captain. 160 kata lagi

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APD Promotes Two Captains to Deputy Chief | News Release | City of Alexandria

Alexandria Police Promotes Two Deputy Chiefs

Alexandria Police Chief Earl Cook has promoted Chris Wemple III and Shahram Fard from the rank of Captain to Deputy Chief of Police, effective immediately. 318 kata lagi


Space Marine Carcharodons- MkIV Captain WIP Feb. 04

I’ve had a bit of time off work due to a broken rib so I have had a lot of time to paint models.  It’s time to get all caught up on the Roost.   247 kata lagi


Me,Pukka and the Chukka!

Some pictures from today’s training before the competition next week! I can’t believe how close it is now!

Pukka was great today! She was very excitable…a few bucks and rears here and there but we had a great time! 37 kata lagi

A Pirate for Christmas

Bess Farrar was the vicar’s daughter and was used to helping the villagers in the small town. She will find herself with a problem when the new earl comes to their town as he was not writing her any reply’s to her letters.

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