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Ahoy Mateys!

This is the Captain speaking along with my feathery parrot companion to discuss finance!

I don’t know about all of you, but the amount of financial information available is overwhelming at times. 793 kata lagi



Planet elderel four
The transporter beam emurged. The away team emurged on the serface. The team leader tapped on the com badge. “Picard to stargazer! “Picard said. 512 kata lagi

Away Team

Southwold Beat Rivals Beeston

A miserable morning greeted one of the biggest games of the season for Southwold and Beeston but both teams were determined to play and the top of the table clash got underway. 464 kata lagi

Match Reports

Pirate of the Month: Mr. J Money of "Budgets are Sexy"

Ahoy Mateys!

After many posts talking about me me me, I thought a break was in order!

-Thank you Poseidon!

But don’t worry, next blog will be back to talking about me and my personal journey! 456 kata lagi


A Captains (B)Log...

Welcome to the ‘Friends Friday’ blog, where I hope to cover some player/coaching profiles. Giving you an idea of various roles within a club level environment. 1.750 kata lagi

Field Hockey

23 July 1840 - Captains and Doctors

Thursday, July 23rd

As the Captain was going to Middelburg, I requested to accompany him. After having spent a few hours in the city, we – our Captain, the captain of the… 44 kata lagi