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Captain America: Civil War

Civil War is the latest release from Disney/Marvel Studios to add to the ever-growing Marvel cinematic universe. The Russo brothers are back in the directing chair for the third film in the Captain America trilogy after they did such an astounding job with The Winter Solider. 1.094 kata lagi


Chapter 23 Save it for my memoirs.

Alert claxons chimed gently as Gwenn34 displayed incoming attacks across the Knight commander’s field of vision, colour coded for threat level, it was easy to chose which to dodge and which to block.Almost too easy. 1.198 kata lagi

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Movie review: Captain America - Civil War (2016)

Hi, guys and girls! It’s me posting on the last day of the month. I have just returned home from watching the ‘Captain America: Civil War’ at Westfield Carousel shopping mall with my housemates. 570 kata lagi


The reel girl vs Captain Iron America Man

Last night I decided it would be a super amazing idea to go to the cinema directly from work to watch all 3 Captain America movies back to back until 4am on a school night. 936 kata lagi


The Ice Princess

Coral Smythe was known as the Aphrodite. She had stopped entertaining men but she will be won through gambling for seven nights. Coral will be scared as her job was one she hated especially when Captain Wargate was not like all the other men out there.

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Day Two: (Somewhere) At Sea

No, not the Timothy Spall TV show “Somewhere at Sea” that I bought the DVD of recently, (& very good it is too) but day two of our round Britain cruise. 690 kata lagi

Qantas New Uniform Is An Awesome Step Back In Time

Qantas today revealed their latest uniform, this time for their pilots. Stepping back in time, designer Martin Grant has resurrected the Naval inspired white pilots cap, making the uniform not only striking, but iconic. 110 kata lagi