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My Great American Life-Sustaining Novel Influenced by the Film Ship of Fools Is Born

Of course, when one is in Columbus, Ohio, and is an Ohio native, one goes as The Ohio State University Buckeyes go!

When I decided to start my after-high school life in Columbus, I had a brother attending The Ohio State University, so I was assured of help to adjust to city life if I needed it. 637 kata lagi

The Writing Life

Book 2 Chapter 1

“Cut the engines, let inertia carry us after her, keep the lock, assume hunting protocols, do not lose her out of sight, is this clear?” Sir Ton spoke with feigned calmth, and felt filthy for the lie it was, certain any of the Knights would easily recognize the falsehood he had projected. 929 kata lagi

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Movie review: Captain America Civil War

In anticipation of the next film in Marvel’s Phase Three of the MCU – Dr Strange…

Captain America: Civil war with its melting pot of superhero all-stars from both ends of the spectrum always looked like it was on the cusp of having the problem in fitting too many characters into a Captain America story. 857 kata lagi

Film Review

Difference in Sportsystems 3

Japans systems, Keypersons

Hello in the last part I showed you the Japanese sports and respect system(senpai/kouhai)now I want to go deeper and show you another key person in sport activities in japan! 704 kata lagi

Update…Captain Cory Dollarhide, 5’11”, Guard, Sophomore

Cory Dollarhide was named the team captain for the 2016-17 season for Antelope Valley College.  Leadership, academics and outstanding basketball skills has put Cory into this role. 192 kata lagi

AVC Men's Basketball

Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger

List Price: $ 2.99
Price: $ 2.99

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