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Commemorating the Fallen of WW1

Today we remember …

27th May1918

Ralph Bell, C Social 1905. Captain, 98th Sqn, Royal Air Force

Killed in action in an unknown engagement

The death of Ralph Bell was one of the very few missed by the Radleian Society recorders during WW1.  283 kata lagi

Commemorating The Fallen Of WW1

Stan the Man

Have you ever thought how a person can get to the top just by being himself? Did you ever think how someone could turn a whole country into a nation? 837 kata lagi


How Captain Cook became a contested national symbol

Tracy Ireland, University of Canberra

Captain Cook has loomed large in the federal government’s 2018 budget. The government allocated $48.7 million over four years to commemorate the 250th anniversary of Cook’s voyages to the South Pacific and Australia in 1770. 1.071 kata lagi



A Potluck is a social event where every visitor contributes an alternate and interesting dish, frequently custom made, to be shared. In any case, here you don’t need to set anything up simply be prepared with your huge gut to appreciate the tasty food.. 300 kata lagi


Primaris Captain Review

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“Let’s go…THATAWAY!!!”

Video review

This one really isn’t too terrible. The thing you have to consider with these minis is how much will you be using what’s on the figure?

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Getting Back to Normal

These past months, I’ve faced more grief and change than I could have previously imagined happening in such a short time span. And it turns out, all those cliche’ quotes about strength are true! 470 kata lagi


For Captains & Survivalists: An Overview

“That’s amazing!” you cry

As you watch the seventeen empires of Ancient Rome crash before your velvet eyelids.

“Stop the cavalry!” he protested

As the dentist broke up with her husband. 85 kata lagi