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Captain America is a fictional character created by American comics cartoonists Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. He appeared first in Captain America Comics #1… 93 kata lagi

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The Winter Soldier

Going through Ed Brubaker‘s Captain America run and found this little gem which, of course, reminded me of the movie :

These panels are taken from the comic… 15 kata lagi


3. Captain America

3. Captain America, from Marvel’s Captain America comics

The reason I wanted to be a superhero is because of Captain America.  Honestly, I think it had more to do with someone buying me his action figure and I never lost it.   108 kata lagi


Comic Books 101 Part 3: Alternate Realities

The men behind the masks

In the flush of success after the superhero boom, the publishing industry reflected the best and worst of the world around it. 694 kata lagi

Comic Books 101

The Lazy Geeks Podcast #82: How To Survive Comic-Con

Many people talk about going to the mecca for geekdom but very few people tell you how to survive it. Adam and Steve are here this week to give you the simple ways to help you survive this coming Comic-Con or any future ones you may wish to attend. 125 kata lagi


Ed Brubaker Stepping Down From Captain America

One of the saddest things I’ve had to report is the officially announced departure of Ed Brubaker as head writer of Captain America. In an interview with The Comics Reporter, Brubaker has decided that after eight years of writing for Captain America, it is now time for him to turn his life toward much larger areas as a writer. 483 kata lagi


After Fear Itself It's Shattered Heroes

Marvel’s big summer events have been the brand wide Fear Itself and the X-Men-centric Schism.  Both of these mega events are billed as having major repercussions.   580 kata lagi