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How did you all go with the crazy full moon in Capricorn?

I know it sent me and a few others I know a wee bit bonkers! 47 kata lagi

Capricorn Angelscope - July 6 - July 12, 2015

6 Open Your Heart: When this card is drawn, you can expect matters of the heart to take precedence. Powerful relationships may develop with newly met individuals, or already established relationships could start to progress to a deeper level. 196 kata lagi

Angel Card Reading

6th July 2015 Horoscope by Soraya

6th July 2015 Horoscope
You persistence or dedication to a task will have been noticed and this could benefit you in some way and perhaps lead to promotion or advancement. 302 kata lagi


Astro Weather - July 6th 2015

Tomorrow morning we wake up with the Pisces Moon sextiling Pluto and trining the Sun. Although the Moon and Pluto are aspected nicely, there’s some difficulty between Pluto and the Sun in the form of an opposition. 150 kata lagi


The Signs as Pretty. Odd. Songs:

Aries: She’s A Handsome Woman
Taurus: Do You Know What I’m Seeing?
Gemini: Nine In The Afternoon
Cancer: That Green Gentlemen
Leo: We’re So Starving… 39 kata lagi

The signs as family members

Aries: The uncle who has gone through more than 4 cars in less than 6 years
Taurus: The embarrassing, BBQ dad
Gemini: The annoying aunt that’s on all social media bUT is actually really famous and hot… 150 kata lagi

Capricorn Full Moon 2015

 Capricorn Full Moon 2015

“On the First Day, of the 12th Month, in the Second Year, of the Qadosh Isha.”

On Wednesday, July 1st, 2015, at approximately 10:19 pm EDT, there will be a Full Moon at 9 degrees in the extremely… 881 kata lagi

Capricorn Full Mon 2015