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Capricorn - Tuesday - 28th of July 2015

Capricorn – The heat of the situation seems to have brought a mirage – is what you can suddenly see real? It’s possible that some unexpected events form a tunnel to a way forward! 63 kata lagi

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Soraya's Celebrity Forecast for Danny Dyer

25/07/2015 Danny Dyer

Danny will find that the influence of the Sun and Mercury in his chart will bring about important changes. These changes are likely to be concerning his opinions and ideas. 31 kata lagi


Capricorn - Monday - 27th of July 2015

Being strong and in control may mean being very economic with your energy and communication today Capricorn. You may need to support your mood with a protective introspective approach, allowing you to be the first person to understnad your motives, rather than others. 71 kata lagi

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    • Perhaps Capricorn you feel like you are on a mattress bobbing up and down on the sea of communication, there friends cheering you to row like crazy so that you can get to the other side!
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Confused Birthdate

I have two birthdays.

No, I was not born again.

My mother gave birth to me on January 16, hence the title of this blog. My birth certificate says another. 102 kata lagi


The Sign of the Initiate, by Jan van der Linden

The sign of Capricorn is the sign of the goat, climbing in search of food on rocky mountain peaks. As always, there are higher and lower meanings of symbols – material as well as spiritual expressions. 1.424 kata lagi