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The Fogglifter Café

Drive a little over 100 miles north of Boise, Idaho you’ll find yourself winding your way through a two lane mountain road,surrounded by pine tree lined hills, following the gorgeous Payette River. 503 kata lagi


Irish Rhapsody - I fell in love... again.

-I think I fell in love with Dublin every single day I was there, which made the whole experience even better…

Dublin has really great parks, big ones too.. 483 kata lagi

San Francisco – Round Three: Food Tourists

Since living in Sacramento for a year and a half, we’d already done all of the major mandatory touristy attractions. And, much like when we were in Chicago, I looked for unique ways to explore the city. 376 kata lagi


SambaLatte (Las Vegas - Day 4) [June 28, 2015]

Having much anticipation of trying out a decently hyped coffee chain, we managed to sneak in a Sunday mid-morning visit to SambaLatte. While some of the decor can seem a little cookie cutter (display cases and presentation look identical to Starbucks), the concept is unique enough to merit some praise for figuring out how to fill out the large footprint without being kitschy. 184 kata lagi

Day 11/365

Cappuccino Heaven

Had a lovely breakfast and Cappuccino at Wimpy, and decided to use my phone to capture today’s image. Going into this project I knew I wanted to use my DSLR most of the time so I can become more comfortable and confident with it, but some days it just won’t be possible.

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coffee dates // urban destressing

Two things definitely fuel my caffeine addiction — my friends and Melbourne City!



After two weeks of dissertation-writing and manic packing, I am overjoyed to say I am back in NYC!  Nine months is far too long to spend away from home.   1.313 kata lagi