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Coffee! Ah,The aroma and blissful Taste of a

fresh brew made just right to your liking!

But have you ever imagined or Thought about

The cost of That delightfully sinful cup? 318 kata lagi

Thoughts Outloud

The Sum Of Us

Math was never a favourite of mine. Let’s say, I didn’t have the appetite for crunching numbers. But when I saw this equation, I liked it instantly. 374 kata lagi

On The Plate

Twisting the news - 18th edition

Another Friday in November, another Black Friday. But actually, we’ve noticed some brands laying off Black Friday. Black Friday is the epitome of consumerism, of a society that is maddened by sales and discounts, by quantity. 190 kata lagi


Twisting the news - 17th edition

For an age that’s quite nostalgic about the past we are pretty obsessed with the future be it the near future or a farther perspective. So what’s in for the future when it comes to tech? 312 kata lagi


Sorry Coffee Co

102 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1M8

Sorry Coffee Co. is located in the back portion of the Canadian retail store, Kit and Ace. This is Kit and Ace’s second location in Toronto, but… 295 kata lagi


Majestic Café

Majestic Café seemed to be Porto’s equivalent of Lisbon’s Café A Brasileira. Similar setup –busy street, grand entrance, fun music (that played in the restrooms) and outdoor seating. 78 kata lagi