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Twisting the news - 46th edition

It is the morning after the Super Bowl, and chances are we will not be discussing any other issue today: but the business of Super Bowl, the future of Super Bowl, marketing and advertising at the Super Bowl. 220 kata lagi


Going loco over Lucca

And this placed was packed. I was unsure if we were going to be able to get seats inside. I guess people are going loco over this bakery. 341 kata lagi


It looks awesome :)

Different & better than the others.

If you need a delicious #cappuccino you can try it at our bar @VilaPascucci (Durres, Albania). Is the place where you can belive in art and beautiful things.

Vila Pascucci

Coffee Market (Kondae)

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. The heart of the matter. As the market is the beating heart of any city, a coffee market is the heart of any aspiring CaféSeaSeo. 1.762 kata lagi


Homade Dorayaki & Cappuccino. by stefanie7


From 500px


Twisting the news - 44th edition

Good morning onliners. It was just yesterday I was reading that it has become cheaper to open a physical store than an online one as everybody is moving online and battling for a limited amount of attention they can get from customers. 478 kata lagi