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Sara, the new Starbucks Barista

I haven’t been writing since a long time. Maybe because I had a lot through my head. Some small health issues, some thinking and also some fun. 693 more words

#TheCappuccinoSeries: Machine (and the Bermondsey Bomb)

This is the first post of The Cappuccino Series: after two great teaching terms, my MA course in London is in the beginning of its end. 603 more words

In English

Ash & Monties Espresso Bar

West End is one of the main cafe hubs in Brisbane. With gems scattered all throughout the suburb, on main roads and side streets, you can always find a cute place to have breakfast, brunch, coffee, lunch and sometimes even dinner! 340 more words

Cafe Reviews

If Coffee Could Talk

This is the story of a cup of coffee. Or rather, these are the events surrounding the existence of this particular cup of coffee. And before I say “cup of coffee” one more time, it’s actually a cappuccino. 414 more words

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Bluestone Lane - West Village

I go on a lot of lunch dates with my writing partner. They’re a good way for us to get out, freshen our minds, clear our heads with yummy food and delicious coffee, and to be reminded that there’s a whole big world outside of our apartments. 356 more words

Photo Series: Coffee!!!

There’s nothing like waking up to a cup of GOOD COFFEE! I’m fortunate enough to have a pretty decent espresso machine at the house, and I figured, meh, why not take some pictures of making a coffee!!  277 more words