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All Roads Lead To Rome: Gelatos and Cappuccino

Out of the blue my youngest resolutely proclaimed from the other room, “Mom when I get older I am going to Rome.”  Having grabbed my attention, I called back, … 537 kata lagi


A Little Garden in SoHo

Ce que j’aime dans mes rencontres linguistiques, c’est que je découvre des endroits nouveaux à chaque fois. Et il y en a un que j’ai particulièrement apprécié. 285 kata lagi

New York City

Writing this day off!

Okay, so this day started that I would drop the fiancé off to work, all fine and dandy then I would help my mum with a family friend in picking up a table and helping move it at her place which is located in the middle of freaking no-where. 544 kata lagi

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Classic Cappuccino

Italy is credited with the invention of the Cappuccino. Thank goodness someone decided to put a shot of espresso,
steamed milk, and micro foam in a heated mug to create this delicious drink! 165 kata lagi


Avoiding the condescending gaze...Pt. 1

We’ve all had the experience.  We walk into a certain coffee shop for the first time, look at the menu, try to order…and the person behind the counter looks at you like you’ve sprouted a second head. 482 kata lagi


Cake time at Backspielhaus

I once asked a baker which one would be his favourite bakery in Munich. His answer was Backspielhaus. So I felt it is just the right location to spend a rainy afternoon and have some nice cake. 274 kata lagi



While walking along Orchard one day, I started craving for crepes after that one experience at Lady M and here I was fulfilling my hunger pangs. 639 kata lagi

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