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The Art of Making Coffee

Coffee drinks have become more than just a cup of caffeine used to get your motor running when you need a jump start.  Now you can go into a bistro or your local Starbucks and get a coffee with artwork floating on the surface of your drink! 225 more words

Cofee Production

Espresso - Big Things in Small Packages

Espresso, a beverage invented in Italy in the late 1800s, is generally served in a 1 ounce serving size.  To make this strong little coffee drink, you take about seven grams of freshly ground coffee and brew it at 200 degrees Fahrenheit under 9 bars of pressure – that is about 130 psi.   149 more words

World Coffee

Cappuccino - All about the Microbubbles

I only drink cappuccino, nothing else hits the spot. I must have at least one cup every morning. There’s nothing better than breakfast in Italy washed down with a huge foamy cappuccino. 257 more words


Makan Enak di Sugar Bloom

Sekitar dua minggu yang lalu ada Sugar Bloom Eatery and Patisserie yang baru saja dibuka di deket Maranatha, tepatnya di Jl. Terusan Sutami Kav.1.
Jl. Terusan Sutami ini ternyata berbeda dengan Jl. 631 more words

Place To Eat

What to expect from the Café.

It’s a bit rough on the edges, and I learned a bit more on the blog. I hope I can continue more on this amazing experience on sharing posts! 71 more words


Cafe Aroma Inn - a rarity in Kandy (?)

Kandy will always be quieter, calmer, more peaceful and action-less (in search of a better word) than Colombo. So for all of us born and bred in this part of the island, the hill capital will always appear to be “different” – as in more like a holiday destination! 485 more words

Eating Out


Coffee, espresso, cappuccino, galão, cà phê sữa đá..I like them all. But I learned to love kopi. Once, I received some kind of instant kopi as… 26 more words