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Weekend snuggling-Canon first attempts

Happy weekend everyone!

During this long weekend in Copenhagen there is a carnival parade!

Go out and enjoy the parade, otherwise if you fancy a quiet saturday morning and snuggling, like I feel right now, have a cup of coffee or chocolate like I do! 72 more words


cappuccino foam

i usually drink plain coffee (preferably iced and in a venti Starbucks cup), but Europe doesn’t really do regular coffee. so, to sooth my cravings, i have been drinking cappuccinos. 142 more words


Another Brick in the Wall

Another day, another coffee, another exposed brick cafe…?

There is something rather conventional about the exposed brickwork and uncovered wooden floors at Misters. While the industrialist trend of modern cafe’s is one to cherish, it cannot hide absolve sub par coffee. 107 more words


The 350g Argument

As interest (and knowledge) grows around coffee one issue that keeps coming up is finding the ideal size for retail packs. For many years 250g has been pretty standard in terms of making a nice metric split of a kilo of coffee – but recently the 350g bag has started creeping in. 470 more words

May 21, 2015

This is getting ridiculous, this is the third photo taken at Cream in less than a week! Then again it really is delicious so I can see myself basically living there ^^ Anyway, since my mom was staying over, I had to take her there for breakfast! 17 more words


The Grounds of Alexandria

It was only a matter of time before I posted about the Grounds – and in all likelihood, it won’t be the only time. If you live in Sydney, and haven’t been living under a rock, then you’ve heard of this cafe. 571 more words