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Confessions of a Jetsetter w/ Flo Cheiron

“I have been practicing capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art for the past 8 years with my instructor Professor Tiba from Capoeira Luanda in New York. When you join a capoeira group, you become part of a family, a community. 121 kata lagi


The Berimbau

The berimbau ; Brazilian Portuguese: ) is a single-string percussion instrument, a musical bow. Originally from Africa where it receives different names, the berimbau was eventually incorporated into the practice of the Afro-Brazilian martial art capoeira, the berimbau (the soul of capoeira) leads the capoeiristas movement in the roda—the faster the berimbau is playing the faster the capoeirista moves in the game. 323 kata lagi

Natural Life

A aventura continua! / The adventure continues!

Olá a todos!

Já faz algum tempo desde que postei alguma coisa no blog. Perdoei-me por isto, mas este último mês foi extremamente complicado, o que, na realidade, me faz sentir ainda mais saudades do Brasil. 612 kata lagi


Salvador da Bahia: colours and culture

I know I´m awfully slow nowadays with the blogposts. I have 7 drafts but none are even close to be finished, but that will change now. 769 kata lagi


Brasil - August 2105

This summer I was fortunate enough to spend two and a half weeks in Salvador, Brasil on a trip with my Mestre Luis Negao and fellow capoeiristas from the Oxford, London and South Africa branches of our capoeira group – … 2.288 kata lagi