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Eating healthy is in any case better then eating cheap shit and everyone knows that. Yet only a handful of my capoeira friends take any care about what they eat. 646 kata lagi


EXPLORE + EXPERIENCE: Wellness | Music | Dance

We all need a place to escape to, and for most people, that would be a trip far away in a different place… but did you know, all we need is a change of environment, or a change from the daily activities and daily humdrum of life…. 1.261 kata lagi

Arame Making

Last weekend we cut wire from a discarded car tyre (there was a huge pile of random trash in our street, again) to make arame (wire string) for my berimbau – my old wire snapped a few weeks ago while stringing. 140 kata lagi

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Berkenalan dengan Capoeira

Pertama kali saya melihat seni bela diri ini adalah di channel NatGeo, entah berapa tahun lalu, dan saya menyukai konsepnya yang lebih ke arah ‘menghindari’ perkelahian. 771 kata lagi

Another Great Day

Mondays suck?

Or mayby its my life that sucks not mondays?

Well, mayby it does a little but it could always be worse. Anyway, this monday is likely to win my personal “The least sucking Monday I remember” contest. 105 kata lagi



Un regalito para una fisioterapeuta pichona y capeorista que amo tantísimo… Ah, mi complice y hermana @marumaita 💖

Anybody home? YES.

Sorry for two months of radio silence.

I’ve been busy getting used to a full time job in which I have to concentrate a lot – during the first month I just came home and went to bed, too exhausted to survive even one full capoeira class per week. 203 kata lagi

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