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Capoeira Progress: Split!

I managed to get into my first split tonight :) It was far from perfect and my knees hurt, but I did touch the ground and that’s what counts for me.

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Aprenda capoeira com o nosso novo parceiro: Senzala EG

Senzala EG é a nova parceira da ABRACE UK. Torne-se sócio e aproveite mais esse benefício.

Senzala EG is our new partner. Become a member and take advantage of this benefit. 330 kata lagi


Último fim de semana em São Paulo / Last weekend in São Paulo

Olá Pessoa! Este post vai ter de ser rápido, pois tenho muito pouco tempo.

O meu último fim de semana em São Paulo começou na sexta feira à tarde. 672 kata lagi


You can train a little bit everywhere

I’m looking forward to capoeira class tonight. For two weeks in a row I was only able to go to class on Monday and train a little, then struggled with illness for the rest of the week so I couldn’t go. 280 kata lagi

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On Capoeira & Fighting

If you want effectiveness, get yourself a gun. If you don’t like guns, then go for military combat systems or Krav Maga. Either way, when fellow pops out a knife and ruthlessly goes after you, stabbing, you are in trouble. 182 kata lagi

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