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The Dance of Defense: Capoeira Classes Come to MC

by Meghan Sackman


In a room with wood floors and a wall fully covered in mirrors, two partners face each other and attack and react to each others’ movements in fluid motions. 557 kata lagi


Pushing through a Plateau

I love capoeira. I have been training it seriously for about five years and it just makes my life better in so many ways. It is fantastic exercise – cardio, strength, flexibility – and it is interesting and challenging so its easy to stick with, unlike some other kinds of exercise. 1.349 kata lagi


Capoeira Capoeira

For the last few years I am doing capoeira. I am not very good at it and because of my work and other reasons I was never a regular. 1.256 kata lagi

Satisfy Your Curiosity and Find Your Passion with Mau Belajar Apa

We human are born curious either it has something to do with or without our lives, we just love to know about things even sometimes it brings nothing other than wasting time. 1.117 kata lagi

Tanpa Kategori

Marília recebe encontro de Capoeira

Capoeira é arte, cultura e história. E tudo isso estará presente no 5º Encontro  Nacional de Capoeira, que acontece nos dias 17, 18 e 19 de março em Marília. 125 kata lagi


Clap Along!

I can read music.

I took piano lessons as a kid.

I played the clarinet for more years than a person who is mostly tone deaf  658 kata lagi


Portuguese 102 Classes Coming Soon

Portuguese 102 :  Sundays 1-2:30pm, April 2nd-June 11th, 2017

This 10 week course* is designed to grow your experience, enabling you to speak, read and write the basics and beyond of Brazilian Portuguese. 110 kata lagi