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Cannabis Extract Fights ‘Incurable Form’ of Leukemia

Sayer Ji, Guest
Waking Times

A remarkable case report documents a 14-year old girl who, after 34-months of chemo, radiation and bone marrow transplant treatments, was given up for dead. 784 kata lagi


Steve Bate Joins High America’s Board of Directors

Boca Raton, FL, June 13, 2018 – High America (www.HighAmerica.org), a 501c3 whose mission is to educate and generate awareness on the opiate epidemic, has appointed Steve Bate as new board member. 351 kata lagi

UPDATE: UK: Billy Caldwell Admitted To Hospital in London, Home Office May Re-Consider Application For Cannabis Medicine


The Guardian (UK) reports…

Billy Caldwell had his anti-epileptic medicine confiscated at Heathrow airport on Monday. If the decision is made to permit him to have the treatment, it would be the first time that cannabis oil containing THC was legally prescribed in the UK since it was made illegal in 1971. 327 kata lagi

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UK Cannabis to become legal?

Cannabis could become legal in the UK after debate © Reuters/ Michaela Rehle

19 February, 2018

The UK parliament will debate a proposal to partially legalize cannabis this week, as campaigns in favor of using the drug for medicinal purposes gather momentum. 354 kata lagi


CBD confirmed to reduce seizures in patients with a severe form of epilepsy

12 June, 2018 by by: Isabelle Z.

(Natural News) Seizures are not only frightening for those who experience them and those who witness them; they can also be extremely dangerous when sufferers lose consciousness or control and fall down. 805 kata lagi


Study says respiratory disease not affected by cannabis use

A new study out of the Colorado School of Public Health found that cannabis use is not associated with higher risk of respiratory diseases. 

The results, published in medical journal Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases in January 2018, showed that past or current cannabis use was not associated with a higher incidence of wheeze, cough or chronic bronchitis when compared to individuals who had never consumed it . 98 kata lagi


Cannabis for addiction?

“CBD has several therapeutic properties … that could indirectly be useful in the treatment of addiction disorders …” by reducing vulnerability to stress and to help treat toxicity in the brain.” 199 kata lagi