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Epidiolex vs. CBD Oil

Yay! The pharmaceutical industry has made a ground breaking drug called Epidiolex made from Cannabis. Is this a drug you need? Why would you need Epidiolex? 838 kata lagi


Sex After 50: Can Cannabis Increase Sexual Satisfaction?

Can cannabis bring you to another world, help you discover the truth about love, lift you to a higher place, while also increasing your libido? All signs, and the evidence point to: yes. 794 kata lagi


Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and the Entourage Effect

Our bodies are made to digest and break down plant materials.  Our bodies know what to do with all of the components of a bite of orange, or apple, or a the leaves of green tea.  501 kata lagi

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Harmful effects of drug consumption and addiction- cannabis and cannabinoids

Cannabis is the most used drug in Europe and in the US. The dried leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant are commonly known as marijuana. 461 kata lagi

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Creator of Jelly Belly Just Launched CBD Jelly Beans

David Klein revolutionized the candy industry with his invention of the Jelly Belly jelly beans in 1976. Four decades later, he’s re-creating them — this time, infusing them with cannabidiol to create CBD jelly beans. 759 kata lagi


7 Easy Steps To Growing Organic Weed At Home

Plant your marijuana Seeds Properly

The next step is to plant your marijuana seeds properly so that they can grow well. There are many ways you can put the seeds in the soil and start growing the plant. 185 kata lagi


Cannabinoids and Cannabidiol (CBD) for Epilepsy and Neurological Diseases

A sad epidemic of neurological diseases, including epilepsy and related seizure disorders, have hit many Americans, and there is reason for hope in natural plant-based treatments. 187 kata lagi