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Heat Me Up

I’ve had more conversations about boilers recently than anything else. Not only did mine decided to go on strike over the weekend but a friend might just have embarked on a illicit *thing* with the gas safety engineer who came to check hers the other week. 1.088 kata lagi


Go Faster Stripes

I’m not sure it was entirely down to shaving my legs but I’ve definitely come back to life a bit recently. Smooth skin definitely got my brain going if not my cunt and I felt the urge to start texting smut chat to Sir again. 720 kata lagi



Selamat Sore, yeahhh akhirnya Mr.BG balik lagi buat nulis blog setelah sekian lama absen buat nulis… hahaha tapi tenang saja, kali ini Mr.BG ada kabar gembira nih buat teman – teman semua, khususnya buat kalian para pecinta menu kuliner Nusantara, karena ada satu restaurant baru yang berkonsep Casual Dining di sekitar kawasan daerah Senopati, Jakarta Selatan yaitu… 1.663 kata lagi

Restaurant Jakarta

Borobudur oh Borobudur

Setelah mengagumi keindahan sunrise alias matahari terbit di Punthuk Setumbu, kami melanjutkan perjalanan ke candi Borobudur yang dahulu kala pernah menjadi 1 dari 7 keajaiban dunia. 140 kata lagi


Perjalanan Ke Candy Borobudur

Candi Borobudur adalah salah satu 7 keajaiban dunia, yang terdapat di negara Indonesia. Candi Borobudur adalah peninggalan Buddha.



Not only is my brain still fuzzy from being ill, so is the rest of my body. Being stuck in bed all week saving my energy to have a shower doesn’t give me most energy wiggle room for the other bits of the work that goes into my usual… 305 kata lagi


A Kid Named Hershey

She’s not brown; she’s black. Still, Hershey is a very good name for her. She really is sweet!

Hershey became a part of the Evans family when Charles realized she’d been rejected by her birth mother, a┬ánanny who had twins one dark night and, for whatever reason, decided to put all her efforts into only one. 663 kata lagi