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So, as if I didn’t have enough to occupy myself right now with my Master and Princess, he has suggested I find another female submissive to train up. 316 kata lagi



One of the reasons I had never been interested in women sexually before Princess is that I thought I’d always compare it to sex with men and find it somehow lacking because there was no cock. 355 kata lagi



So I’ve got several people based projects at the moment while I train them into submissives. My answer to this is to be organised and my answer to organisation is a Pinterest board. 326 kata lagi


Slow Going

Yesterday my Master set me the challenge of dressing up and showing you all how much I’m enjoying the pighole.

Sadly my body wasn’t playing nice and I couldn’t get it to stay in so I only managed this photo for you. 23 kata lagi



I think I have two basic skills in life. I’m slutty and I’m good with words. They may have developed separately, but they’ve often proved to be useful together. 334 kata lagi


Yogya Yuk....


Seperti biasa moment yang selalu ditunggu tiap tahun, Lebaran…

Liburan Lebaran kali ini, gw bisa main ke Yogya. Walupun cuma 1-5 hai di Yogya, lumayanlah ada beberapa tempat yang bisa gw kunjungin :D… 669 kata lagi