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Busy Busy

No proper blog post today because life has got in the way of fulfilling my Master’s orders today and tomorrow, but it has allowed me to start uploading clips to my Clips 4 Sale site properly. 38 kata lagi


Everyday Sluttery

No less than three people have commented this week on the extraordinary sluttiness of my life, ranging from suggesting I have a dedication to the world of sex to telling me my life is like a XXX Carry On film.  114 kata lagi


Catch a Glimpse

The joys of living in a rented flat is that when the landlord gets round to fixing an issue you don’t get any warning. So I was woken up by strange men wanting into my flat and having to answer the door in a tee shirt with nothing underneath it, definitely not able to bend over or lift anything easily. 138 kata lagi


In the pink, again

Pink and black again. Like a moth to the flame…no wait, that’s a gory end…why are so many of our day to day sayings actually rather gruesome? 233 kata lagi

Sapu Lidi Perawat Candi Sari

Merawat memang bukan pekerjaan mudah!

Hanya ada satu orang pengunjung sebelum kami datang. Ia tengah sibuk merekam sekeliling area dengan kamera di tangannya. Nampak sekilas raut bahagia saat melihat kedatangan aku dan S.

338 kata lagi


Just getting ready for today’s shoot and saw this photo from the last one. Looking forward to it now…



You know you’ve got a reputation for being kinky when someone sees a hand of ginger in your house and asks if it’s for figging rather than cooking. 32 kata lagi