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In the olden days you got a postcard from people when they were away, but the modern world allows your Master to send you Whatsapp videos of him fucking his wife with a cider bottle instead. 184 kata lagi


What's In A Name?

I usually avoid Facebook and its cute euphemistic memes like raising awareness of breast cancer by simply putting the colour of your bra as your status. 88 kata lagi


Light Reading

I am a devotee to my Kindle these days. It makes it much easier to read things in public that might catch people’s eye and cause some surprise. 266 kata lagi



I think my Master must have taken pity on me. Only a few days into his holiday with Princess, he’s told me to make sure I’m free the night they get back to help finish the whole thing off by stretching her further. 39 kata lagi


Wait and See

My Master and Princess are away on holiday and I have to distract myself while they are. Not even entertain myself as I don’t have permission to make myself come, only to use Princess in person or be given orders by my Master. 65 kata lagi



I’m almost pleased that the weather has turned today in London. Colder, wetter and perfect for wearing a wig again.

I got mine exactly this time last year  and it definitely started to turn me into Candi properly. 90 kata lagi