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taunbaru 2017 : ngangsu kawruh di candi ngempon

candi ngempon | keindahan di lembah kali elo

“siapa yang mencari, akan dipertemukan”

sepenggal kata-kata jalaluddin rumi itu, seolah menemu “kebenarannya” saat saia liburan taun baru ke candi ngempon, karangjati, kabupaten semarang. 436 kata lagi



Going on a date last week reminded me how much men love the idea of slutty women. But annoyingly it also reminded me that for most men they haven’t got past the thought that slutty women are an idea rather than fully formed human beings. 1.463 kata lagi



Princess doesn’t like tights. Or that’s what she told me when we first met. But she’s enjoyed a few occasions of playing with me while I’ve been wearing them, feeling me get wetter and wetter under her hand still wearing a pair under a dress or short skirt. 342 kata lagi



So my Master definitely allowed me the loophole of the wand in that video last night and thoroughly enjoyed watching it which allowed me the opportunity for my reward. 593 kata lagi



My Master gave me an order last night to find a video that had both an impressive outfit and some impressive fucking and share it with him (and you all.) If the video impressed him more than the image he had in mind, I’d get a reward. 158 kata lagi



So after dithering about it, I went on my date last night. I was surprisingly nervous about it which surprised me. Not only have I known him for a while, but it’s not like I’ve never had a casual sexual encounter before. 635 kata lagi



My Master is a details man. He listens to things I say and files information away for future occasions which I enjoy immensely but am always surprised by. 442 kata lagi