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Busy Evening

After my quiet afternoon in fisting myself into an orgasmed out heap, my Master had plans for me. He wanted to fuck me to see how well I’d stretched my cunt for him and I wanted to please him. 421 kata lagi


Old Cunt

My phone decided to throw an elaborate shit fit this week with a meltdown the average two year old in a supermarket might consider excessive. There was nothing else for it but to plough through old data to find the cause. 169 kata lagi


Double Time

Dinner with Princess the other night was very enjoyable but so was after dinner when she pulled me down on the sofa and licked my cunt til I was incredibly wet. 212 kata lagi


Valentine's Day

I’m not a huge fan of obvious romance.The idea that you have to buy twelve red roses on February 14th doesn’t appeal because humans aren’t one size fits all and to me any kind of ‘romantic’ or thoughtful gesture should be person specific rather than a tick box exercise. 247 kata lagi


Two At A Time

My Master clearly woke up horny yesterday because by 10.30 he’d fucked Princess in the ass, come in her throat and arranged a threesome with me. 473 kata lagi


Soft Butch

I think Princess is rubbing off on me. Teaching me about the joys of fucking women has not only made the last few months incredibly fun but it also seems to be making me more aware of women. 448 kata lagi


PG. Candi Baru, Kecil Tapi Legit

Diantara menggemanya rencana regrouping pabrik gula BUMN di Pulau Jawa, PG Candi Baru yang merupakan salah satu pabrik kecil terus berupaya berbenah diri agar tetap unggul dan mampu bersaing mengukir prestasi ditengah tengah kelesuan industri pergulaan nasional kita. 1.158 kata lagi