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Sunday in the Savannah 

“One cannot resist the lure of Africa.” – * Rudyard Kipling

Hello again

I may not have visited Africa but I could not resist the lure of this Savannah collection from Craftwork Cards. 376 kata lagi

Cee's Odd Ball Challenge-17Wk29-1707


Odd Ball

Week 29, 2017


Due to shooting through a glass door… 

these are not good photos, however…

they do give two perspectives on the term… 8 kata lagi


Clear Out

Princess has a kink I didn’t know about until this week. But it turns out she gets turned on by tidiness and getting rid of clutter and I just happened to be having a belated spring clean and clear out which pleased her immensely. 568 kata lagi



I’m not saying my cunt is a work of art or anything but I took a photo of this in a friend’s book about modern art the other night…



Pride at the weekend had many things going for it, but particularly the chance to relive the fun of the temporary tattoo. They’ve come a long way since coming free with bubble gum when I was a kid. 156 kata lagi


Tak Sengaja Menemukan Candi Putih yang Menawan

Tak Sengaja Menemukan Candi Putih yang Menawan

What is Candi Putih?

Candi Putih adalah candi yang terletak di dalam area Vihara Dhamma Sundara. Candi ini beralamat Jl. 757 kata lagi

Travel Journal

Candi Ijo, Candi Tertinggi di Yogyakarta

Candi Ijo merupakan candi yang letaknya paling tinggi di antara candi-candi lain di Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. Candi Ijo dibangun sekitar abad ke-9, di sebuah bukit yang dikenal dengan Bukit Hijau atau Gumuk Ijo yang ketinggiannya sekitar 410m di atas permukaan laut. 199 kata lagi