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Using Your Mind

Writing yesterday’s post about my little dalliance in the Barbican at a friend’s birthday made me think back in more ways than one. There was that enjoyable erotic nostalgia of remembering a very hot sexual encounter in detail. 554 kata lagi


Let’s Visit this Unique Temple in Bali | Gunung Kawi Temple

Hello guys, how was your trip before? In this moment I would like to give a great place for you to visit when you are in Bali. 303 kata lagi


Liputan6.com, Semarang – Temuan situs Tamansari di Dusun Gendungan, Desa Kalibening, Kecamatan Dukun, Kabupaten Magelang, beberapa waktu lalu seperti membuka misteri peradaban purba di kaki Gunung… 139 kata lagi


Perbedaan Candi Hindu dan Budha

Pengaruh kebudayaan Hindu-Buddha dalam bidang arsitektur alias seni bangunan bisa kami lihat dengan jelas pada candi-candi. Ada perbedaan manfaat antara candi dalam agama Hindu serta candi dalam agama Buddha. 426 kata lagi


Can't sleep, so....

Just a quick one. I can’t sleep and have now given up trying, because I know I will manage to nod off about 10 minutes before the alarm goes, and being forced awake again then makes you feel worse.  135 kata lagi


My cunt is going to get an ego even bigger than its gape. Not even six months after starting to record my Master’s training of me, my cunt and I have been rewarded with ten thousand views on the blog. 96 kata lagi


20. Indonesia: Borobudur

Borobudur is the world’s largest Buddhist temple and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a Mahayana Buddhist Temple located in Magelang (Central Java) that was built in the 9th-century. 78 kata lagi