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So I think I might have mentioned my best friend started reading the blog recently after I accidentally told her about it (and discovered she’d actually seen one of… 973 kata lagi


Tit Tease

You didn’t think I’d tease you with the promise of a Shibari chest harness and not let you see it did you? That’s just what my Master, best friend and I have been doing to Princess all weekend in fact. 185 kata lagi


A Strong Bond

I think we all know I have a fairly interesting life but even I was surprised to spend my Saturday afternoon being tied up. Especially since it wasn’t my Master doing it. 576 kata lagi


Smooth Shaven

It slightly surprises me now that I was so resistant to shaving my cunt for my Master considering how much I’ve liked the feel of shaved skin over the years. 519 kata lagi


Black and White Tuesday17-0314_


Black and White Tuesday

 March 14, 2017



I tired my hand at photographing

some roadside grass this week.

In another life I would call these grasses weeds! 90 kata lagi


John Holmes

I think we all know I like that John Holmes toy a lot. It’s gone from being a monster I could barely manage any of to my standard dildo these days and it never fails to please me or my Master when I use it. 375 kata lagi


Still Horny

So yesterday I wrote about not having been particularly horny recently through ill health. Today my libido returned with such force I had to cross my legs while reading this amazing piece by… 104 kata lagi