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Anāhata--Unstruck, Uninjured

Think about your heart for a second. What comes to mind when you do? Are there any emotions, colors, sounds, smells, etc associated with your heart? 433 more words


Carl Jung "Consciousness is Maya, a veil which consists of the projection of earlier experience (samskaras)."

Mahayana teaches that all things are embryos of the Buddha; they are embryos of the Tathagata, the complete.

All things are formed out of the same energy; vajra is immanent in everything. 428 more words


And so dawned the age of selfie...What happens next?

I remember a conversation I once had, back in the days of hidden island time and silent retreats amid tropical downpours… enjoying the bliss of my newfound freedom. 531 more words

Inside Our Body (part #1)

Human body is a biological machine controlled by the mind through its direct connections and interactions with the glance via hormones and nerves, this relations is called as bio-psychology. 1.117 more words

Secret Of Being Well

Aplikasi Reiki dalam Mencapai Tingkat Master

Kunci untuk dapat memahami isi buku ini adalah dengan membaca, tidak hanya dengan mata, tetapi dengan pikiran dan hati. —Tjiptadinata Effendi

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Dalam upayanya untuk mencapai tujuan hidup rohaniah, beberapa umat Hindu memilih jalan monastisisme (sanyāsa). Kaum monastik ini berkomitmen untuk hidup bersahaja, tidak menikah, menjauhi perkara duniawi, dan memusatkan pikirannya pada Tuhan. 3.721 more words


What The Heck is a Chakra?

In Sanskrit, the language of Yoga, “chakra” (sometimes spelled “cakra”) means “wheel or disk.” Chakra is pronounced with a hard “ch” as in “church.”

As Anodea Judith, writes in “Wheels of Life – A User’s Guide to the Chakra System”, a chakra is a spinning vortex of activity created by the presence of consciousness within the physical body. 147 more words