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10 Dove Street Confectionery (10 D.C.)

OMG! Do you believe in love at first sight? Actually, it was love at first glance pa nga! The interior can be seen from the outside and it was so pretty and inviting!  165 kata lagi



Dengan akan berakhirnya semester yang biasanya sangat diingini oleh semua mahasiswa, tes akhir semester juga semakin mendekat. Dan budaya ujian di Korea sulit dibandingkan dengan yang biasa saya temui di Jerman. 350 kata lagi


Association Coffee

Tucked under the looming shadow of the Gherkin is Association Coffee, also known simply as The Association. Self-proclaimed artisans of coffee, they offer a house blend along with regularly changing ‘guest espressos’ from suppliers Workshop and Square Mile. 640 kata lagi

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Conversation Starters

Really? You can’t You Have A Frickin’ Conversation?

We love hanging out in cafes and having a conversation about this, that, when the tow truck will show up for the errantly parked car — delightful topics such as that. 418 kata lagi

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