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The Tumbling Weir & Ottery St Mary

Our Bank Holiday Weekend guests had to turn back on their journey to Devon as the traffic was so horrendous that a 3 hour journey was going to take 7 hours!  390 kata lagi


Travel Diaries: My experiences in Bhimtal, Uttarakhand

Hello lovely people! Am so happy to write after a long time. Believe you me I have been missing this space and though I am pretty tied up in work and studies and what not, I wanted to share my beautiful experience at Bhimtal where we went recently for a short vacay with family and friends. 368 kata lagi


Delicious buns and more at Papa Buns

Papa buns is a new entrant at the famous Hudson lane- a restaurant hub lane as I usually  say buzzing with young energies –Delhi University campus being round the corner. 374 kata lagi


Delicious Sunday morning breakfast...

I love discovering new places and that includes new places to eat. Whenever I go somewhere new I try to discover a new independent place to eat and that counts for the local area too. 373 kata lagi


Jabberwocky / Cafe Concept

Ive developed a concept for my cafe and now after testing my idea, its important to see how it might look in real cafe setting. I found a few images of cafe’s with a style similar to what I have envisioned and used photoshop to add my own creations and manipulate the size and perspective to fit this real setting, This gives me a real idea of what my cafe might look like and helps to think more ideas of items for my cafe to further my branding concept.

Inventivity / Level 6

Dom's Coffee Bar: "Coffee by the Lake - Southside"

For good reason there are very strict rules as to what development and what retail activity is permitted on the shoreline of Lake Burley Griffin. This has resulted in very little development and, in the main, a totally unspoilt shoreline. 635 kata lagi


Grand Opening Shine Cafe Karawang

Sebenarnya Shine Cafe sudah sering mengudara di Instagram dan Facebook, hanya saja sepertinya kurang mewakili cerita panjang lebarnya mengenai cafe ini, so terpikirlah untuk meluncurkan sebuah tulisan yang isinya tentu saja mengenai berbagai hal terkait dengan cafe ini. 237 kata lagi