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Velvet Latte at The Coffee Bar

It’s never two #latte to get #caffeinated! #Coffee Bar in #Toronto @indiecoffeepassport
The Coffee Bar at 346 Front Street West, Toronto


Cafe Elixir: A Review

It was Friday when it finally clicked: it is who you’re with that can make or break an experience.

The Background:

Friends on Snapchat often ask me where I went for my latest ‘foodie’ snap, wanting to know where I went for the decadent milkshake or breakfast. 421 kata lagi


And sometimes I have kept my feelings to myself because I could find no language to describe them in.

– Jane Austen


Shiberty Bakes

Shiberty Bakes is located at a residential neighbourhood near Farrer Park. It serves an assortment of Shibuya Toasts and Waffles.

I tried the Churros waffles. I like the cinnamon sugar waffles, but I am not in love with the hazelnut and sea salt caramel ice cream. 19 kata lagi


The Coffee Daily @ Brighton Crescent, Singapore // Nostalgic neighbourhood fix

Just over a decade ago, I lived in a house just a stone’s throw away from Brighton Crescent. The Coffee Daily wasn’t around then (they launched in 2012, I believe). 314 kata lagi