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Devon On Danks 2

Devon on Danks – Devon by Night

A revisit for light dinner because I miss the 5 texture of Matcha and the Jasmine milk tea soft serve. 114 kata lagi


The Sum Of Us

Maths was never a favourite of mine. Let’s say, I didn’t have the appetite for crunching numbers. But when I saw this equation, I liked it instantly. 374 kata lagi

On The Plate

Max Brenner XMAS edition

Max Brenner Chocolate bar

Feeling stressed or frustrated because if Christmas? Come into Max Brenner and try their new Xmas menu.

‘Hammer Time’

limited edition dessert, lets you take out all that Christmas stress on a crisp chocolate dome hiding luscious  honey meringue cream deliciously balanced by a salted caramel popcorn and crispy rice base. 190 kata lagi


Coffee, the traveller's treat: Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica & Colombia

Having made it from one end of Central America to the other, we are, by now, fairly used to travelling by bus.  In Mexico we started slowly, opting for plush coaches to tackle day-long journeys. 992 kata lagi


London: Prufrock, for a very decent cup of coffee

If you are a coffee lover with some more-than-amateur passion, then you have to make sure you drop by Prufrock for a cup. I first came across this coffee shop on the list found on TimeOut website as the shop is situated in the area where I don’t usually go. 89 kata lagi


Bercy Village

Looking down Bercy village, with many locals and tourists alike enjoying the atmosphere and multiple cafes.

To see more go to www.eutouring.com/images_bercy_village.html