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Breggfast in bed

Is snooze on top of your bucket list? Then seize the day and stay in bed. It only takes one trip to the grocery store to prepare for an unforgettable breakfast experience. 43 kata lagi


The White Rabbits Room

If you love cute and clean interior like me, you will love this place as well!

The white rabbits room is called so because it is inspired by the movie Alice In Wonderland. 229 kata lagi


Cafe Corner - Santacruz East

Had to meet a couple of friends in Santacruz East and one of them recommended we meet in Cafe Corner. Hadn’t heard of this place so was not sure how it would be. 319 kata lagi


Heavenly Hot Mug

Rainy morning is best partnered with a hot mug. Mccafe is just around the corner, and it’s only up to this day when I’ve learned that it is all over Asia, I thought it’s only located here in the Philippines . 221 kata lagi


#434 A new weekend 'drop'

This was me an hour or so ago, walking back to work with a coffee from a place I’ve been recently going to.

I don’t go there when I work weekdays. 242 kata lagi


Over a Month

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last posted a blog post!

A lot have been going around and my whole schedule got ruined almost every day. 214 kata lagi


The heavenly natural low sugar unicorn 

This week’s instagram has been flooded with hashtags and posts about the very limited special unicorn drink from Starbucks.  The pinkish purple with swirls of blue was too dreamy to be drinkable, and I wasn’t really dare to try.  255 kata lagi