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BETTY BOOP™ DINER Opens in Tokyo

Copyrights Asia just launched an American Diner restaurant with the motifs of its property “Betty Boop™”.  277 kata lagi

Japan News

Five ways to avoid cost blowout when designing and building your café or restaurant

By Mike Davies

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face in creating your café or restaurant is making your vision meet your budget.

Ask any seasoned hospitality developer. 601 kata lagi

New Zealand

My Book Cafe Dream...

Recently I have been daydreaming about winning the lottery, a far fetched dream as I don’t actually do the lottery, but there’s no harm in dreaming… 156 kata lagi

Full English Cafe in Austin, TX

At Full English Cafe, we had a pot of Lipton Yellow Label with cream and sugar. I ate an egg sandwich, while my husband had a cheese pasty. 37 kata lagi

Coffee Beans

At one of my favourite local coffee shops doing some work while waiting for one of the girls to get done dance class. Love watching the freshly roasted coffee beans cool off, the best time to be at the cafe.

Random Thoughts

Coffee Shop Confessions

It seems ironic really that I frequent coffee shops when I don’t drink coffee…

But with alternative music, coffee and expensive food; there is no better way to read a book than the corner booth of a coffee shop. 186 kata lagi