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A Family Art Date

It’s so easy to get into ruts. Every area of our lives is susceptible to the mundane. We can become so stuck on foods, routines, and shops that we begin to lose the excitement we once held for those things. 678 kata lagi

Pushcart Coffee

 If you’re ever looking to spend some time on your own, Pushcart Coffee is the place to go! It’s a great place to work on your assignments as they ofer free wifi and have an abundant amount of outlets


The hunt begins...

As everyone once or twice, or even more, happens in his/her life, I reached that point, when I just can’t take any more. I felt better just to give in my notice a couple of weeks ago rather than to insult anyone and find something different, more relaxing. 260 kata lagi


The Big Eyed, Lippo Plaza

We all know Lippo Plaza itu sebuah mal yang relatif kecil dengan trafik pengunjung yang boleh dikatakan sedikit juga. On top of that, sudah hadir beberapa restoran dan cafe, bahkan diantaranya ialah cabang yang sudah well known. 647 kata lagi

Lunch - Tea Time