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Global Supply Chain complexity and Risk Management

The research should focus on different categories of risks and disruptions, critical review, quantitative models to handle supply chain risks and disruptions and their contributions and limitations, research gaps in the literature and future research direction for better resilient supply chain. 481 kata lagi

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Describe the key systems and processes used by A. C. Gilbert: a. supply chain b. operational systems c. product/service delivery.

Based on the case study provided, you will write a report in which you outline a performance and sustainability review strategy, evaluate the strategy, analyze performance reports and trends, and describe how you would seek advice from specialists to identify technological solutions. 1.911 kata lagi

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E-commerce Assignment

explain the four infrastructures influencing e-commerce strategy. Begin by selecting an e-commerce out on the Internet, excluding the examples in the textbook. Then, draft a two-page essay that explains how the e-commerce’s strategy has been influenced by the four infrastructures: 105 kata lagi

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We Avoid Pain and Why We Should Not | Lode Dewulf | TEDxVlerickBusinessSchool

Here is a very interesting talk for your day by Lode Dewulf.

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Eliminate Clutter and Organize Your Closets

Individuals who live in more established homes can frequently wind up noticeably baffled with their storage room spaces since past eras basically didn’t utilize wardrobes the way we do these days. 351 kata lagi


Why Thomas Edison was rich and famous?

One of the greatest men known to have created a revolution in the history of science by inventing the first practical light bulb, Sir Thomas Alva Edison. 462 kata lagi


Tips For Applying Eye Makeup

You can make your eye makeup as innovative as you wish. But choosing the right shades and right quantity can make a lot of difference. If you are tired of the same old look, you can try out different styles and combinations until you find the right one. 238 kata lagi

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