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Bikes I've Owned

One of the main things I miss since the cancer/leg problems, is riding. Motorbikes have always been a huge part of my life, from riding dirt bikes when we were kids, to hooning around on sport bikes in my 20s and ultimately settling on streetfighters as my favourite type of bikes. 366 kata lagi

Things That Go Vroom

The Fruit of the Spirit (BUSA: Bible NT)

BUSA: Bible NT

Galatians (Galatianɔ) 5:22-23

22 Luda Nini sↄ̃, àdi yenyĩ ińnɛ kũ pↄnnao kũ aafiaao kũ mɛnao kũ gbɛ̃kɛo kũ manakɛnaao kũ náanio… 16 kata lagi


Photographing the Charles Square Winter Farmers Market

SFor my photography assignment, I paid a visit to the Charles Square Winter Farmers Market in Cambridge, Mass. The market is in its first year of operation outside of Cambridge’s Charles Hotel, and is an extension of the hotel’s farmers market that typically runs through November. 521 kata lagi