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Big news! I’ve recently moved to South Philly because I ran out of burgers to eat in the Manayunk/Roxborough area (kidding… sort of.), so it’s time to cover some new ground. 204 more words


A Parisian Adventure (Part 1)

I love Paris, but that probably is no surprise. How often do you hear people go, Paris? Uh, no thanks! Everyone pretty much loves Paris, one way or another. 323 more words


Lucy cooks: Sweet potato and chickpea burgers

The biggest challenge when it comes to vegetarian burgers is texture, so this recipe uses chickpeas for a good texture with sweet potato as the substrate to glue them together. 261 more words

Lucy Cooks

Dine with the Stars!

Tired of old restaurants where you’ll just have to order and wait until for your food to come? Boring right? Well, that problem has been solved. 311 more words


[CL] Greesy Burger nom nom

압구로데오 갤러리아에서 점심으로 버거 먹방!!
맥도날드나 버거킹 그런 버거말고 미국 로컬레스토랑 버거가 땡겨서, 친구한테 사달라고 괴롭혀 얻어낸 버거. 냠냠
Burger for lunch at Apgu-rodeo Galleria. 41 more words

The Table - Colaba - Unique and beautiful experience for the eyes and tastebuds

I had heard about ‘The Table’ at Colaba and been wanting to go since a long time. So a random late night Monday plan succeeded. Had seen some show on TV which said the burger here is good, so that was on my must order list. 246 more words