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Thriving vs Surviving

We all have experienced, or have heard second-hand, the horror of it. Yet it continues to play out in our society over and over again. It continues to mar the psyche of our children; and yet we do nothing to stop it. 206 kata lagi

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Dropping Bombs on Bullying

Today we are featuring Shannon’s story. She spoke about workplace bullying on the Dropping Bombs on Bullying podcast.

From her first job as a nurse until now, Shannon shared about the types of bullies she encountered–from the “Screaming Meanie” to the “Constant Critic”–and how they affected her. 252 kata lagi


Incidents of Disrespect.

The sad thing is, I could probably name a ton of incidents that have happened to me over the years where I felt blatantly disrespected. I don’t generally like to focus on things like this but I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting recently and when I do this, I can’t help but encounter incidents where I was blatantly disrespected. 1.054 kata lagi


My Bullying Stories. Part One

Throughout my whole school life I was bullied. I thought I’d share with you my experiences I went through at various ages. So here’s part one as I have a few stories I can share with you. 720 kata lagi


Ascending Through The Mess: The Conclusion

Ascending Through The Mess is a short story series collaboration with AestheticGraphy about Sia as she looks back at her​ 14 year old self and how she combats and overcomes whatever society throws at her. 753 kata lagi


The battle that you're fighting makes you feel so all alone

(Ordinary Angels – Karyn Williams)

I have experienced a lot of side-lining, exclusion, and isolation in life. I was someone who really only had circumstantial friends until one particular person changed that in high school. 3.079 kata lagi

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