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Being an adult

a couple of days ago, I talked about the troubles my son was having at school. If you missed it, you can read it here  284 kata lagi


N.B. student says she was victim of transphobia at high school in Dieppe

A high school student from Dieppe, N.B. says she’s been a victim of transphobia at her school, after enduring bullying and taunting.

Sixteen-year-old Noemie LeBlanc says the bullying pushed her to the point of trying to take her own life last week. 405 kata lagi


When Your Kid is the Dick

The email came through at 1:12 p.m. Subject: “Today at Lunch.”

“An incident occurred at lunch today that I feel needs to be brought to your attention. 568 kata lagi

Urgh! I have nothing to wear.

Not trying to sound like a rebel or a feminist (although I am one of them) but now I am confused and my confusion has even crossed the zenith. 171 kata lagi



Being bullied completely altered my relationships with my family and friends. It is an internal battle that I never really talked about until about two years ago when I experienced a minor depression while pregnant with my daughter. 779 kata lagi


What Being Hated Feels Like

We all might have heard of the phrase, ‘I don’t care if he/she hates me.’ But deep down inside, we do care.

Being a high school student, I’ve been bullied several times, I’ll be honest. 272 kata lagi