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Bullying/Ostracism/Rejection and the wound of Exclusion

I used to chronically worry about what other people thought of me because I was teased, and bullied in middle and high school. And what is the connection between being bullied and being over-concerned with peoples’ perception of me?   376 kata lagi


We need to talk about bullying

The holidays are over. It’s going-back-to-school-time. (“Yay” = Parents of Ireland.) For most kids (hopefully) it is a happy-enough time; albeit when the chats and catch-ups with friends are over and homework sets in, we’ll be back to scowly faces at the kitchen table after 3:30pm, tackling the ever-endless boredom of workbooks and questions. 727 kata lagi


My Most Illogical, Ridiculous, Embarrassing Fear

I’ve got 99 problems and 86 of them are completely made up scenarios in my head that I’m stressing about for absolutely no logical reason. -Will Ferrell in a recent tweat… 880 kata lagi

Microsoft Launches New Tools to Fight Online Harassment / Abuse

Microsoft is launching new tools to fight online harassment. “Today, the company announced two new additions to its online services: one tool for reporting hate speech so that the company can take it down, and another for requesting that the company reinstate content once it comes down. 41 kata lagi

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My unusual reads in August

This month seemed to a month of experimental reads. Mostly due to SYNC. After my vacations were over and I wanted to make up for the hours without books I’ve started reading and listening like crazy (well, for me anyway). 706 kata lagi

Book Review

Chicago Blues

When you are reading Hugh Holton’s Chicago Blues it’s hard to think of it as the city which has been the home of such great blues music. 432 kata lagi

Well Being

Bullies, lightbulbs and unicorns: finding your friends - Kelly Lothbrook-Smith

If you were bullied at school, you’ve probably read blogs about it. You may even have written one yourself.

If you were dragged across the playground by your ponytail by a boy in the year above because you were singing a power ballad medley with your friends and you did the Meatloaf bit really loudly, you can probably relate to a lot of what I’ve been through. 650 kata lagi

Girl Gang