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George and the Imaginary Dragon

George was a bully, no doubt about that. Looking back I can see it quite clearly but at the time… At the time Georgina was much admired, by many.  873 kata lagi

Own Fiction

Stand up for the hyper sensitive - stand up to bullying; a community effort for empathic survival.

#standuptobullying is a community movement that places emphasis on not only the hyper-sensitive’s sense of self actualisation, but also their sense of safety in a world that generally does not understand them. 317 kata lagi


(Vol. 54) The Fraternity of the Different (Ch. 5) “MEXICO ’68: A Sudden Passage”

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Kevin begins his moral descent into a life of crime in THE FRATERNITY OF THE DIFFERENT.

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Kevin Keelan

My Reality

I decided a little while ago, to write my story. To expose the reality of the hell we live in, even at the risk of being called all kinds of things including a racist (because let’s be honest here, it isn’t hard to earn that badge anymore). 727 kata lagi


No child is born a bully. Left to their own devices as they get older, children can become selfish and demanding. Taken to the extreme they can try to dominate others physically and psychologically. 78 kata lagi


This WONT define us

Hello, my names InsaneInsomniac (im not putting my real name for privacy reasons). I just got out of a mental hospital a couple days ago and since then I’ve actually gotten somewhat better. 189 kata lagi