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Why We See Teens Bullying & Acting Out?

October is dedicated to preventing bullying and domestic violence. However, as a psychotherapist who treats teenagers these two issues are related to a number of other teen issues. 1.008 kata lagi

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Sleepless in Seattle

I have never been a terribly political animal. Something about the whole business of politics and politicians just seemed to be unwholesome, so duplicitous and self-serving. 1.277 kata lagi



You know what I’m genuinely over. Is people who turn around and tell you how to live your life and set certain boundaries for you. … 112 kata lagi

Locked in

I had not been to the cinema in decades really, until Peter Jackson came along with Lord of the Rings. The TV remote was, for a long time, in hands other than mine. 938 kata lagi


4 Things Amir Diamond Taught Girls At Beauty Mentoring's Conference!

At first, I was hesitant about this #LoveYourSELFie event, because I didn’t know what I could bring to the table to an all girl’s conference. What’s interesting is that this was the first time some of the girls heard positive reinforcement from a young black man. 151 kata lagi

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Health as non-numeric

For a long time, I thought all women were born to hate themselves. I saw our collective process of life and growing up and journeying was ultimately defined by our level of acceptance of our bodies. 718 kata lagi


Choose Kindness

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. People everywhere are choosing kindness over being mean. This is important to do especially with the world that we live in today where people bully those that are not like them just to feel better about themselves. 894 kata lagi