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MAUVE, MAUVE, PUCE- From Beatrice to Worzel

  Dear Worzel,   Mauve, mauve, puce, my, well, “odd couple”, who had made themselves at home on Sonsie Farm were up to something. Miss Constance Dinwiddie- Mulgrew reported them, “malingering at a builders site, stowing a plastic sheet in their wagon”. 662 kata lagi

Internet Insanity

It’s kind of funny, the kind of thinking that can go through the mind of someone involved with social media–myself included.  Now in my personal life, I have somewhere around 10 face-to-face friends.   275 kata lagi


Short story 🌸

Goodbye I whispered. You never thought twice about it and carried on insulting me, abusing me, hitting me in front of her. You pushed me on the floor, kicked my numb body, and you made feel like a piece of junk. 410 kata lagi

when your friends are friendly with jerks

Everybody has that one friend, or if you’re unlucky enough, maybe you have a few friends, and they are all friendly with one of the biggest jerks you know. 968 kata lagi

All Kinds Of Advice

Being13: Inside the Secret World of Teens

If you are a parent, thinking about becoming one or know a parent that can benefit from this coverage; please allocate some time and watch and pass the word on to as many families as you can. 1.380 kata lagi


LEGALLY BLONDE: Film Wajib buat Cewek

Ini adalah film favorit sahabatku, karena dia suka figur cewek yang pinter.

Elle Woods ini mengagumkan sekali…, karena berhasil melawan intimidasi sosial bahwa cewek cantik (pirang) itu cenderung bodoh. 414 kata lagi