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Stand Against Bullying!


I am writing this after watching a heart-breaking video on social media… In all honesty it truly hit a nerve. A young girl of age 14, took her life because of the effects of social media, such an innocent life. 462 kata lagi

The Place Where Our Violent Side Is Unleashed

The guy gets punched and he’s forced to give his lunch to the bully.

She gets mocked for her curly hair.

He’s made fun of because he doesn’t speak a lot. 271 kata lagi


Your mother would scold you

pick yourself up ugly child

clean your room, scrub and polish

until there is no room for doubt

you may be unloved but… 274 kata lagi

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Poem by The Feathered Sleep

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"because this world eats the tender-hearted with morels and mustard for breakfast crushes underfoot truth in her glass orb it is better we inherit the sharp cold heart of our destroyers ... all good but for the gentle soul who can no more hurt than turn away from need ... extinguishing mercy ... we endure, laying down our arms, our faces pointed toward the clouds and wait for rain to pour down"

What I Learned About the Most Painful Experiences of My Life

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*religious references* 796 kata lagi

Bullying in Real Life and the Book, "Wonder"

Recently there has been a lot of public discussion worldwide about the importance of experiencing empathy. English Class fifth graders have been reading the book, … 378 kata lagi

Education In Pori, Finland

I Had a Dream

‚ÄčOnce upon a time

I had a dream

Of being understood

Perhaps admired

It was never meant

To be my reality

A hard death that… 45 kata lagi

"Cyberbullying isn't a real problem." - Ignorant or Stupid?

So, in my class, there’s this woman in her late forties. She’s one of those who believes in tough love and – this is a direct quote from her, by the way – is raising her son to be a ‘proper lad’. 635 kata lagi