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Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week

The Government of Ontario has designated the third week of November as Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week. During the week of November 19-25, we will be intentionally addressing issues of bullying and the impact that it has on the academic and socio-emotional well-being of students. 278 kata lagi

Self-Love is the Best Defense Against Bullying

Bullying is sadly as prevalent today as it’s ever been. I’m sure every one of us has a story to tell about how we’ve been bullied in some form. 1.775 kata lagi

"I'm your boss... you do what I say..."

Let’s talk ‘harassment’. (Try not to grimace; I realize we are inundated with this word right now, but, rightfully so) The headlines are everywhere…

Broadway Gets Serious About Sexual Harassment – Variety… 911 kata lagi

When Compassion Casts a Shadow - The Dark Side of Caring (blog 2 of 3)

** YOU DO NOT need to read article below, as some of the information can be considered disturbing.  The article is only to show a single example of the cruelty that can be found within various care industries.

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ABBA vs. KISS in Bullytown

Cowfucker Bill was not the only human I saw broken by the bully culture of Newton. In fact, I saw it happen as soon as I started kindergarten to a kid I will call Jake Treese. 1.040 kata lagi


The Story of Cowfucker Bill

Yesterday I visited my hometown of Newton. As I made my way around the square I noticed a familiar shape moving across the road. Tall and broad, the man-shaped mound was hunched over at the shoulders and neck, his head occasionally popping up so that his eyes could scan his immediate environment for dangers as he made haste with quick, sure steps. 1.515 kata lagi


This is my story. Me too.


It’s awkward, it’s difficult, and it is hard to talk about sexual assault even when you live a life of openness. Victim isn’t an adjective I like to use in any context when describing myself. 905 kata lagi