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Keisuke King Ramen

Keisuke Four Seasons has won a few awards, including the best ramen in Singapore.

It was amazing! I upgraded for the extra ingredients. Pork belly, seaweed, a perfectly cooked soft boiled egg, chives, black fungus and fried shallots adorn a bowl of noodles in a rich, savory almost creamy broth. 172 kata lagi


Xiaolongbao Assortment

Last week I sauntered into Crystal Jade Xiaolongbao in Bugis Junction. They had changed their menu.

The plain one contained vegetables. It was okay. The green one contained a pork meatball in a ginseng broth. 76 kata lagi


Pork Ramen Set

Last week I thought I’d check out the food court at Bugis Junction which had been renovated.

All that for about $10. I forget the actual price. 45 kata lagi


Jin JJa!!! Fried Chicken

I do like fried chicken and I am also a fan of Korean fried chicken.

I had asked for spicy, but that’s not what I got. 84 kata lagi


Grilled Cheese with Truffles

It was pretty good and yes, I like truffles. Some black truffle paste was used, not a synthetic flavoring.

I enjoyed this crunchy and greasy grilled cheese sandwich at Gastrosmith’s, a cafe near Bugis Junction. 110 kata lagi


Keppel Land's vintage photo competition

I have been alerted to a photo competition that Keppel Land has been running since 2 November. The competition, calls for old photographs that depict the transformation of Singapore’s landscape covering the period from the 1960s to the 1990s, with a focus on Keppel Land’s developments. 129 kata lagi


Sutera Sengkang #1

Sutera Sengkang #1

info :

  • nama produk : Sutera Sengkang
  • kode produk : SS-01
  • bahan :  sutera
  • warna : perpaduan biru (warna dasar), orang, kuning…
  • 18 kata lagi
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