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Steamboat at Liang Seah Street

Liang Seah Street at Bugis, Singapore is very famous with many steamboat restaurants. The whole street houses more than 10 steamboat restaurants and some of them are similar styles. 62 kata lagi


Tanuki Raw (National Design Centre)

I had been wanting to try the HappyHour at Tanuki Raw for a while, since the museum at night openhouse thingy; and we finally managed to make a trip there a few days ago. 256 kata lagi


The Ramen Stall

I was looking for a place for supper one day, and I came across this review of The Ramen Stall. Unfortunately, Pugs fell asleep that night before I could convince him to have supper with me, and so we only went a couple of weeks later as his peace offering. 269 kata lagi


Peanut Chili Chee Cheong Fun (花生辣椒猪肠粉)

What is chee cheong fun, you ask?

A rice noodle roll (also translated as steamed rice roll) is a Cantonese dish from southern China including Hong Kong, commonly served either as a snack, small meal or as a variety of dim sum.[1] It is a thin roll made from a wide strip of shahe fen (rice noodles), filled with shrimp, pork, beef, vegetables, or other ingredients. 162 kata lagi


Spicy Noodles in Peanut Sauce (辣面的花生酱)

I should be eating more Chinese food as I will miss it when I leave this archipelago.

I had this delicious dinner at Crystal Jade La Mien in Bugis Junction. 81 kata lagi


I was a Tourist in my own Town

Last weekend was a longer weekend than usual because Labor Day fell on a Monday, allowing us enough time for a short 3D2N getaway!

My family and I decided on a staycation at Studio M hotel! 564 kata lagi