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Going back in time @ And Why cafe

How often is it I get to escape from work early to have a nice lunch with a friend? Almost never. That was why when this opportunity rises, I had to grab it. 604 more words

Life In Singapore

Chili fried rice with shrimp

I was hankering for Thai food, so I went to Bangkok Jam, the upscale Thai chain that serves good food.

My only complaint is that their dishes aren’t that spicy. 106 more words


Strictly: Sights - Volume #5

Welcome back, to another in the very, very, very long line of posts that is becoming the Strictly: Sights thread. I’ll keep this one brief because, unfortunately, I didn’t take a single picture of anything I’m about to talk about. 889 more words

Honeycomb - Bali Lane

Korean style soft serve and yogurt joints have sprung up all over Singapore. After dining at Bali Lane, we were in search of a dessert place in the area. 302 more words


Crispy pork belly ramen in spicy broth

Menya Musashi Ramen serves the best ramen I’ve ever eaten, although I hear Keisuke is even better (foreshadowing).

It looks pretty good, doesn’t it? The broth is the rich, almost creamy broth used in all of their ramen dishes, with the addition of chilies. 92 more words


I Am... (anything you want me to be. Or Amsterdam)

It was the most convenient halal place the besties and IĀ could settle on for the evening, located centrally in Bugis. We had observed the queues at this place, even given up queuing once. 700 more words


The Cat Cafe #1

& I finally went to the Cat Cafe at Bugis. Dream of being in a place to chill with my favourite animals came true.

These photos were all taken during Jan, so the cafe does look slightly different now and one of the cat is no longer around sadly. 314 more words