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Three Day Quote Challenge - pt. 1

The Challenge

Yesterday, I was challenged by MarieMathilda to take on the ‘Three Day Quote Challenge’. As this is one of those fun things that you can do all sorts of things with, I am happy and excited to accept the challenge. 134 kata lagi


Verse from the Veda about Preparing a Path to Heaven

I think it is very important to question one’s beliefs, one’s faith. Because it is the very foundation people build their lives upon, examine the religion and religious teachings carefully, question everything. 199 kata lagi


Five Precepts

Alan Watts “The way of Zen”

Five Precepts are not the equivalent of the Christian Ten Commandments:

“Buddhists do not share the Western view of the existence of a moral law established by God or nature of the observance of which is the duty of man.” They are “imposed by the will of the means to achieve the intended purpose, which is to remove barriers to the unadulterated consciousness.” 101 kata lagi


Inspirational Sunday thoughts

Another collection to make us think about the life we have

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Hope Juice

The trip to India, while not without segments of wonder and fun was rather disastrous.  Too much had happened in the past and too much was happening in India.   302 kata lagi