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“drop by drop is the water pot filled.”

– Buddha

Day 163: Drawing a Day

Thinking of Budhha and all commercializations that is attached to his image today or complexity of rituals that people follow…the game of ‘Broken Telephone’ comes to mind.


Buddha Blogs | Awareness

Sati (in Pali), translated as “awareness” or “mindfulness” is an essential part of the Buddhist practice. Awareness meditation is called “vippasana meditation”. You’ll typically hear this term if you do yoga. 200 more words

Let Me Buy You Lunch

This afternoon I was able to take a walk through my neighborhood and then on into a few others both trying to get in some much needed exercise and also looking for an opportunity to give. 326 more words



Avalokitesvara is the bodhisattva of compassion. They appear in many Buddhist teachings of various sects, and are described in the Lotus Sutra as having 33 forms. 153 more words