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Ayutthaya & Wat Pho

We woke up early to catch a train from Bangkok railway station. The bus to the station passed through Bangkok’s Chinatown and Little India neighbourhoods, the change in cultures and faces was a bit jarring at first because considering the heat and the smoggy streets, it would be easy to assume that you were actually in those countries and not just passing through Bangkok’s inner-city. 698 kata lagi


Reincarnation in Indian religion

In March 2012, my grandfather, Stan Eisner, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Although I understood death was near for him, I began questioning a being greater than myself, asking what would come of my beloved grandfather upon reaching death. 913 kata lagi

Wats of Northern Thailand.

Visiting the wats of Northern Thailand can be overwhelming at first, given the density and opulence of the Lan Na decor: colourful glass mosaic inlay and mulberry painted wooden beams and doorways, quivering golden prayer flags hung from heavy beams above, Jade Buddhas and mummified monks too real to believe. 73 kata lagi


Shantideva and Easter

Though the Christian and Buddhist spiritual traditions came into being from radically different cultural and philosophical places at different historical moments, this Bodhisattva’s Wish by the 8th-century writer Shantideva seems relevant today. 761 kata lagi

Many Faces of Buddha

This is our second response to The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Dense.

This photo was taken in a temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand. There is no such thing as too many statues of Buddha in Thailand. 12 kata lagi



To see everything as natural, IMHO, is to evolve towards the “most natural” point of view.  Machines and poets, tyrants and saints, even vegans and carnivores…every one of these things has evolved from the swirl of stardust and time.   55 kata lagi