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From Uthai Thani to Sukothai: I see Buddha statues... all the time

Thursday 26th November

Miles: 25

We had set ourselves a short day in terms of distance, so left at 7.40 after the “American breakfast” laid on by our hotel (sausage, egg and ham). 1.172 kata lagi

Cycle Tour

The Old Buddha 

An old buddha was sitting under a tree staring into the distance and meditating when a swordsman walked by. Surprised by how overweight the saint had become, the swordsman cried out, You look like a hippopotamus! 72 kata lagi

The Buddha's Ipad

The Buddha goes modern with this painting on an Ipad! Proof that even Buddhism still has some relevance today!



Graphic Art

The end of desire

The end of desire is when one knows themselves in all things, times and places. Then you realize you are all things simultaneously. And who desires something that they already are? 100 kata lagi


In your opponents face,
In the coin toss –
You won
He lost,
He won
You lost

– You wear each others masks,
Feel the flip side feeling, 52 kata lagi



I found myself realizing how inherently boring literature is.  In the end, what is it but black squiggles on a pale surface?  So my duty as a writer is then to painstakingly arrange these squiggles as best as I know how, and to transport my audience as viscerally as I possibly can.


buddha the dog

Buddha recently had surgery to remove a giant tumor from his right rear leg. Left alone the growth would have eventually interfered with his walking not to mention he wouldn’t have been running. 47 kata lagi

Gretchen Del Rio