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For me, it’s a matter of looking at my deepest fundamental assumptions about reality…and entertaining the possibility that they’re completely wrong.  That way, my unconscious presumptions dissolve, and I edge ever closer to things that are eternally “true.”   … 28 kata lagi



Over the years, the motivational phrase, “How bad do you want it?” has changed in my mind to,“How willing are you to humble yourself and expose the depths of your ignorance?”  While early results may initially be obtained by sheer desire, I believe that that approach will inevitably plateau.   40 kata lagi


What is Buddhahood?

So much could be written (and has) about what Buddhahood is.  It isn’t some transcendental state of life that is separate from daily reality though.  Buddhahood means enlightenment – enlightened to the true nature and potential of life.   52 kata lagi


Beauty Break: 08.29.16

Inspired by the lushness of Japan.


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Kyoto-22-2012 by Hakuei, photo on Flickr
Kyoto, Japan via flickr
Found on aliceiswonderful.tumblr.com… 60 kata lagi

Beauty Break

Finding Fake Mt. Fuji: A Miura Misadventure

What do you do when you think you are on the train to Mount Fuji only to realize… you’re not?! 

You are coming down from a high. 1.323 kata lagi


Baby Walking Meditation

I’m here outside of my wife’s midwifery orientation walking our newborn back and forth in the courtyard. Only five years ago I did this with my six year old and recall how I often tried to use the time as a formal walking meditation practice. 25 kata lagi


Kashmir, Vajrasattva - Vajrapani

The supreme buddha is seated on a double-lotus base over a throne supported by two lions. He holds an upright vajra in his right hand at heart level and a bell in his left hand against his hip. 322 kata lagi

Asian Art