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Turbid State of Mind

149. Imagine a pool of turbid, stirred up and muddied water. Then, a man with a vision might stand upon the bank. He could not see the oysters, the shells, the pebbles and gravel on the bottom or the fish moving about. 149 kata lagi


Wat Phra That in Chiang Mai

Sitting 3,520 ft above sea level near the top of Doi Suthep, the holy Wat Phra That soaks in the elements, incense, and prayers offered by pilgrims from all around the world. 718 kata lagi


The Perfection of Wisdom


Commissioned by a female devotee of Buddhism, this exquisitely painted palm leaf from the 10th century is part of the oldest dated and illustrated Sanskrit manuscript known worldwide. 224 kata lagi


Buddhas Long Forgotten

In this realm
Of time and change
And buddhas long forgotten

I sit
Then breathe
To quiet mind
Of learnings misbegotten

This land once rose… 47 kata lagi


Under the Bodhi Tree

We have landed
On the moon
We’ve trained our eyes
Upon the stars
Looked deep inside
The sun’s corona

We’ve gone as fast
As sound and cheetahs… 293 kata lagi


The Earth Experiment Expanded

I have created a page to describe my new site as listed above. This may be a bit more informative than the simple post of a couple of days ago. 49 kata lagi

Another .gif about meditation.

After the whole day filled with work, shopping, paying bills, meaningless and uninspiring interactions with people, few failed attempts not to smoke I just couldn’t resist not to create another gif to express my gratefulness and the joy I derive from meditation practice.