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“Once, monks, a large family of turtles had lived for a long time in a certain freshwater lake. Then one turtle said to another, ‘My dear turtle, don’t go to that area.’ But the turtle went to that area, and because of that a hunter lanced him with a harpoon. 108 kata lagi


Day 9: Getting Zen

The way we are born

The way we live

We are alive now

This is busshin, the awakened mind

Somewhere in the ever-lasting stream of life of the great Buddha, we are gifted with a glimpse of it… 71 kata lagi




your mind ripples.


the images still,

the voices sink

the parade of undone things.


a present,

this instant given.


a moment’s past. 9 kata lagi


BE MINDFUL TO WOMEN: Peaceful Protest at NUIG Conference Raises Awareness of Discrimination

The point of yesterday’s peaceful protest at NUI Galway came across loud and clear: BE MINDFUL TO WOMEN.  Several women, including three NUI Galway lecturers — two current and one emeritus — participated in the demonstration held at the entrance to the university’s Mindful Way conference. 355 kata lagi