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Since I prefer to avoid being artificial, I decided to explore the opposite of artificial in quotes.  Here’s a little collection of quotes about…

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Daily Prompt

Oriental Ornaments

About five minutes walk from Chinatown MRT station, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum is a must-see architectural feat in the heart of Singapore’s Chinatown district. 96 kata lagi


Pala India, crowned buddha - seated

The historical buddha is seated on a double lotus over a tortoise pedestal inlaid with lapis lazuli and rock crystal (mainly missing), surrounded by a flaming arch once topped by a parasol, his right hand ‘calling Earth to witness’, the other held in the meditation gesture to hold a begging bowl. 208 kata lagi

Asian Art


My maid passed away just after I left Mauritius for the London Book Fair 2016

 There is a line, though not a straight one, between the people who serve us and the success of our career. 201 kata lagi

Right Livelihood

The fifth step in the Eightfold Path is Right Livelihood. This means for followers of the path that certain professions do not align with the teachings of the Buddha, particularly anything that does not respect the equality of all living beings and life. 136 kata lagi



Two photos from me on the topic. This is the evening sunlight shining on the ramshackle shops of Khari Baoli (it means a salty step well) in Old Delhi.It was taken at about 5:30pm and the street is packed with people buying and transporting dried fruit and nuts – traditional gifts at Diwali, the Festival of Lights. 35 kata lagi


Pala India, crowned buddha - standing

Standing on a late Pala-style lotus base, the historical buddha holds a piece of his garment in one hand, the other  is extended palm out in the fear-allaying gesture, displaying an embossed symbol ( 108 kata lagi

Asian Art