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Hey Everybody Happy Tuesday,

Alright to get us started I wanted to share some cool Buddha quotes for all of you. We can be enlightened by people from all walks of life whether it be christian,buddhist,mulsim or atheist. 139 kata lagi

Taking Suffering as My Teacher

When I feel that it is too hard to listen, that I want to close up and guard my heart may I open myself completely. 45 kata lagi



No one can provide definitive evidence on what is objectively true (science, our most effective and reliable model of reality, still has fundamental questions about the nature of reality that it is currently trying to solve).   124 kata lagi


Mahayana Origination

The Mahayana Buddhism, a sect, must have come initially, the origination or who has true faith based on the Mahanama Sutta and the ‘Faith is kept First’. 627 kata lagi

Go see "Buddha's World" while staying in furnished apartments in Palo Alto

Go see “Buddha’a World” which shows Buddhist manuscripts and prints at the Cantor and in Stanford libraries. They range in dates from the 11th century to the early 20th century. 91 kata lagi

Kwan-Yin, the Compassionate Rebel

“IT is unfortunate that Buddhism’s most enduring (and universal) contribution to the world has been insufficiently translated as compassion. The original Sanskrit word is ‘karuna,’ which holds within itself traces of the fragment ‘ru,’ meaning to weep. 1.609 kata lagi

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