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I can be cultish by INTRODUCING ambiguity (energy/entities/magic), I can be scientifically cynical by DISREGARDING ambiguity (everything must meet a burden of evidence), or I can be spiritual by ACCEPTING ambiguity (being able to function as if a premise is true, but upon seeing contrary evidence, be fluid enough to instantly change my opinion).   23 kata lagi


Shutter Snaps/iPhriday: say goodbye

toddler’s response “I can stay here and look at him”



I have been working primarily with tonglen as a metta-karuna practice but this morning I found after some time I was coming up black worth specific people to give and take with. 207 kata lagi


Japan, Day 2


So so sorry I haven’t written for a couple of weeks! After finishing uni I have been here, there, and everywhere, for birthday celebrations, catch-ups, and a lovely family holiday to Crete. 353 kata lagi


Are you Hurting Life?-1

Let me begin from the beginning, with a story from the life of Buddha, the Buddha, who was once known as prince Siddhartha before he renounced the material world. 499 kata lagi


Day 23 - Buddha Blessings

Loosely interpreted via an extensive 5-minute Google survey, the mudras exhibited here represent a dispelling of fear (the Buddha’s right palm facing outward near his chest) and a blessing of wisdom or equanimity (shown in his left hand position). 288 kata lagi