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Verse from the Veda for Spending Time in Heaven

In the previous post, I mentioned that Brahma, the Divine Absolute, divided into male and female, and the division into the Two Great Forces creates, sustains, and populates the universe. 261 kata lagi


19 Jan. Just sitting.

Meditation. Twice a day, every day. I would love to have more time to sit. I’m planning on doing two one hour sessions on Saturday and Sunday mornings. 183 kata lagi

Cemetery Commentary

Recently I found an unusual place to do outdoor circuit training, an old cemetery! There’s lots of open grassy paths and quiet patches of flat ground between the tombs, making it an ideal location. 335 kata lagi

Are You Awake? - (Spiritual Awakening)

It would seem that in our current age more people are waking up than ever before in the history of mankind. It’s hard to know whether there is indeed an increase of awaking, or if it’s just become more acceptable to talk about it. 2.030 kata lagi

Personal Growth

Only in China: Day 5 The Jade Buddha Fiasco

Thai Chi

The air is alive with the sound of Asian flutes and strings, a peaceful cacophony of intermingling boom-boxes strewn about Lu Xun Park in northern Shanghai. 1.434 kata lagi



Opening a book is how you give permission to an author to blast you into another dimension.