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People love the words “dedication,” and “passion,” but what does that mean outside of the ten-minute training montage we see in the movies?  It means working seven days a week.   103 kata lagi


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Look around at your environment and you can see diverse action taken place. At the same time, you sense that you are the unchanging observer. Know this: The thoughts and sensations that arise are also part of that objective environment. 47 kata lagi


Kyoto temple

In the outskirts of Kyoto, red Chinese-style five-storied pagoda rising from the greenery.


A bear chase. (My first very, very short story.)

In the search for the quiet spot to meditate I wandered too deep into a thick forest, God knows how far away from the camping park. 253 kata lagi


Kiyomizu-dera Buddhist Temple

There are so many Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines in Kyoto, it can be overwhelming to narrow them down to a few “must-see” sites. Because we had limited time, two young kids and a stroller, it was not worth it to try to take a bus to one of the other, more popular temples. 1.018 kata lagi

Family Fun

The White and the Gold

This temple I stumbled upon in Pai is called something like Mae She Thai Patthana Chit Chaloem Phra Kiait. Surprisingly, there is no information about it on the internet. 63 kata lagi



The last week has been very difficult with regard to keeping my head above water. My wife has been pretty much consistently in an angry mood and it has been a constant challenge to remain calm and patient in the face of a seemingly endless barrage of complaints and criticisms. 82 kata lagi