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Quintilis Buddha Mala ~ Custom Request

Quintilis Buddha Mala ~ Custom Request

I have to say I absolutely adore this mala, not because I made it, but because it transformed into something so much more than I expected. 1.325 kata lagi


John Coltrane Was the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

If you ever want to commune with God, listen to A Love Supreme with complete and undisturbed attention.

The shrill passion, intensity, resolve, and grandiosity may take your spirit to celestial heights. 860 kata lagi



About three years ago I was in New Zealand sitting on a hillside looking down at this huge blue lake, thinking about my life and how I got to this place. 1.576 kata lagi


What is Meditation?

Meditation or (Dhyana) is a practice rooted into the foundation of Buddhism and the lives of many around the world. It is a global practice and one that can have amazing benefits to your health. 582 kata lagi



Perhaps the greatest lesson a guru/leader/luminary can impart is to fail us and have us turn away from him/her…and in doing so, perhaps inspire us to refine our OWN mastery rather than depending on another to bring it out of us.


Photo Challenge: Unusual

via Photo Challenge: Unusual

An unusally thick fog engulfed…at noon….

Adding a touch of mysticism

and an eerie calm

in the Small but beautiful state of Sikkim…. 11 kata lagi

Daily Prompts And Photographs

The Freedom Essays: The Immorality of Population Control / #positivedisruption #Global #criticalthinking #wisdom

updated 7/20/17

In the understanding of many, it is now clear that becoming exceedingly wealthy does not equate into obtaining great reservoirs of wisdom. It certainly does not render human beings with hearts and minds in balance and in accord with that of the creator, God. 967 kata lagi