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Verse from the Holy Veda from the Heavenly Being

The religions of today have an immense problem in that they require a belief in the unbelievable and in some parts of the world, those who publicly question their legitimacy can be found guilty of the crime of blasphemy. 442 kata lagi


Buddha on Friends & Enemies

The friend who is all take
The friend of empty words
The friend full of flattery, and
The reckless friend.

These 4 are not friends, but enemies. 17 kata lagi

Life & Living

Tibet in a day!

One of the popular places to visit for a day, from Mysore, is the Tibetan Settlement of Bylakuppe near Kushalanagar. A great friend of Manjula and Stephen’s is Ani, originally from the States she is a Buddhist nun who’s lives at a Monastery in the settlement. 574 kata lagi


A New Day

Good morning everyone! Yesterday was a nasty morning with some snow and a little wintry mix here in the Hudson Valley of New York, but today is beautiful. 204 kata lagi