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Marlin's Dreaming: Sweet sweet New Zealand rockers

Marlin’s Dreaming haven’t been together for too long now but their jams make this far from obvious. The band formed in the summer of 2017 and released their first album in October of 2017. 165 kata lagi

Electric Guitar

Bromance and views on Male Friendship

Something that has always puzzled me is how weird society is about friendships between men. When I was younger I was first introduced to the expression ‘bromance’ when it was used to describe me and my best friend. 339 kata lagi

Chapter 4: Chandlor


TGIF! School’s done for the day! I’ve got Creative Arts and Problem Solving HW to do during the weekend. Today, Garrett and I will be heading over to the Jacobowitz Family’s house. 960 kata lagi

The Sims

Justice League’s 2 end-credits scenes, explained

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There are two credits scenes tacked on to the end of Justice League. The mid-credits scene is a cute little wink to the audience and a play on a running joke, while the post-credits scene is actually pretty revealing when it comes to the future of the Warner Bros. 702 kata lagi


Rotten Tomatoes finally reveals Justice League score. It's bad.

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So … tah-dah?

After a protracted drumroll due to claimed reasons aren’t really worth rehashing (and might not even be on the level), Rotten Tomatoes finally coughed up its aggregation score for Justice League and it’s … pretty much what you likely expected. 318 kata lagi


The Beginnings of a Hotdog Party — an abandoned story worth revisiting?

Burt had been depressed for weeks before he decided it was time to buy a luxury condo and throw a party. The idea came to him after a botched purchase of Amazon recommended self-help books proved to be a fruitless exercise to make “meaningful friendships” because he hadn’t the time to read them. 769 kata lagi

Short Story

Justice League is a jagged mess with a Batman and Superman problem

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Watching Warner Bros. pump out superhero flick after superhero flick over the past four years has felt a little like watching your favorite Olympic figure skater with plenty of star potential flub one triple axel after another. 2.001 kata lagi