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Gray haired firm bodied ladies
and blonde haired slouching,
young women acting old while
old women clutch youth like their new
knockoff purses–but wait–

the eternal fratboy screeches… 63 kata lagi

Are you wild like me?

I’m the kind who gets fond of a particular person. Growing up, I formed a tight set of friends being my sister, some from primary school, then a few from high school and family friends. 206 kata lagi


CB Podcast Ep. 5 - "Inside Out" Review


“The brothers bring you some film and video game recommendations, discuss nine great animated films and close with a review of Pixar’s latest, ‘Inside Out.’“

116 kata lagi

The WTF?!?! Moment: July 2015

Hey dear dudes and dudettes. Remember my angry rant in this article? If not, go read it now. DO IT!!

Anyway, reports on the Internet came trickling in yesterday, saying that Warner Bros. 234 kata lagi


A little Humor Before Gay Pride San Francisco

By Airec Sype.

As many knows by now, Trevor Noah will be replacing Jon Stewart on The Daily Show later this year on September 28th. Noah will be the 3rd person to succeed a host for the show and the fans were not too happy when they heard the announcement. 522 kata lagi