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Deliciously Inappropriate: The Producers, BROS Theatre Company

The Producers

BROS Theatre Company

Hampton Hill Theatre

17-22nd October 2016

Review by Mary Stoakes

‘Sheer, utter, unadulterated joy!’ was the verdict of the Daily Express when this show was produced professionally in 2004.   725 kata lagi


Warner Bros. Reveal Owners of Piracy Sites And Sues Them.

Warner Bros. Entertainment is all set to become one of the first studios to take action against a talent agency. Read on to find out why.

Super Mario Brothers

Released in 1985 super Mario brothers was a widely known game that got Nintendo recognized. The game is very addictive to play with four levels and 8 levels you will have a lot of enjoyment out of this game with the end goal to defeat a big lizard/dinosaur named bowser to save princess peach. 101 kata lagi


Haylee Says...Nostalgia Be Craze-y!

Nostalgia be Craze-y!

Do you know your Bulbasaur from your Beedrill? Your Charmander from your Clefairy? Do you even care?

Possibly not. But if you’ve succumbed to the craze that swept the smartphone world this summer, (hmmm… that would be me!) then you’ll know I’m talking about Pokemon Go. 1.068 kata lagi