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Bros wire bunga



Bros Wire bunga ini menggunakan bahan utama kawat ukuran 1,5 mm warna rose gold. Pilihan manik-maniknya bisa disesuaikan dengan stok yang ada dirumah seperti manik mutiara sintetis, manik akrilik dove, kristal dan bunga clay yang besar. 75 kata lagi

Aksesoris Handmade


Welcome to the one stop shop  for all your random ideas, art, sports stuff, and more. Catch us week to week on The Blam Bros podcast where we get together and talk about whatevers on our minds. 40 kata lagi


Bros need to know their audience...

Look, I can bust balls better than anyone I know. But what I’m saying is, some people need to learn how to read a room. Or a tinder convo with a chick you’re hitting on. 56 kata lagi

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Bros Gajah Thailand, Stock Baru Bulan Mei 2016 [BRT37~BRT77]

Bros Gajah Thailand Import! New stock aneka bros gajah dibulan Mei 2016 nih sist, ready to pict. Brosnya original import dari Thailand, no kw/aspal, kita cuma jual kualitas premiumnya, ada harga ada kualitas juga. 85 kata lagi

Oleh-Oleh/Souvenir Thailand

Science Says There's A Reason We're All Attracted To Frat Boys

There’s nothing more attractive than a confident asshole. But why? It’s the age old question that seems to plague women everywhere. For some reason you can’t seem to get your mind off that muscly d-bag fraternity bro who managed to offend everyone in the room and brings nothing to the table. 286 kata lagi


Two weeks left for you to get to Broville

South Africa’s flagship beer brand Castle Lager hosted the ultimate afternoon of good beer, food and friendship at Fourway’s Aloe Lane, as a taste-teaser of what can be expected at Broville later this year. 390 kata lagi


Dons Baseball

Today was my last day playing baseball as a Santa Barbara High School Don and in tribute of my last baseball season here is a season recap and Logan highlights. 378 kata lagi