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Bros in hats

Fashion bros! Always support your bro’s hat fashion choices.

Bros Before Prose

I’ve been trying to consciously read more nonfiction these days, or rather…just read more in general. I’ve been lax in reading, which is another reason I started doing the… 352 kata lagi


At first light

So it has been day 5 of this week and here I thought I wouldn’t get pissed off and break the record of 4 days. Apparently I was wrong. 189 kata lagi

Twitter Apologizes For Hosting Company 'Frat Party,' Calls Idea 'Ill-Chosen'

Twitter might be a serious money-maker in the tech world, but it’s also often called out for its male-heavy workforce. That sort of reputation might normally mean that the company’s public relations officials may want to play it a little safe when it comes to the way Twitter is viewed by the public. 217 kata lagi



You didn’t know anyone at school, but that’s the reason you went away. You needed a fresh start, a whole new chance to be the girl you envied in high school. 161 kata lagi


'I'll be there for you...' - A dedicated post for my oldest friends!

Update: Part 2 of my earlier post will be up soon. The getting Up part of life, once you have fallen Down, is a lengthy topic to discuss. 821 kata lagi

Memories And Experiences

A One Evening Stand, or How I Refuse to Have Anti-Feminist Sex

I am not new to Tinder dates. I know that they are always a toss up – is this person ugly IRL? Have a weird voice that doesn’t match the one in my head? 326 kata lagi

Single Sagas