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Computer scientists quantify just how hard Super Mario Bros. is

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Calling a game “hard” would seem to be a matter of personal judgement. Not so, according to an international team of computer scientists. 497 kata lagi


LOOK: Drake Got A Huge Lil Wayne Tattoo On His Arm!

say what!? Drizzy got Weezy on his arm??? Yup. That’s some real bro ish right there. Drake also has ink of singer Sade and Aaliyah. 8 kata lagi


Smash Bros. Fan Game Takes The Characters Back To Their 8-Bit And 16-Bit Roots

(Source: kotaku.com)

Super CLASH Bros is rough and unfinished, but look and sounds alone will win you over.

In the game, created by Jeremy Eden, up to four players can choose from a roster that includes Mario, Mega Man, Knuckles and others, and battle one another in a fever dream of retro nostalgia. 284 kata lagi


Aneka bros cantik

Bros cantik handmade model tidak pasaran sangat cantik dan mewah elegant,cocok untuk acara formal,resepsi,kundangan harga mulai dari 155.000- 250.000 pemesanan hubungi 083114088260


Smash Bros Player Is Still Beating World Records In Melee's Home Run Contest

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Gif edited from Captain Falcon world record video via Twitter

The Home Run Contest mode in Super Smash Brothers looks straightforward. You choose one of the game’s fighters and face off against an inanimate sandbag. 1.063 kata lagi


Jual Bros Gajah Thailand Edisi Juli 2017

Jual souvenir thailand aneka bros gajah import! Ready stock, aneka bros gajah diimport langsung dari Thailand dan sudah include dengan exclusive boxnya dengan ukuran 6cm x 6cm. 53 kata lagi