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Nintendo Games Used To Be Released On Japanese PCs

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Nintendo characters very rarely appear on non-Nintendo hardware, but that wasn’t always the case. For a few years after the release of the original Famicom in 1983, Nintendo licensed its games to Hudson Soft, which produced versions for the major Japanese PC platforms of the day. 298 kata lagi


Shirtless Mario Leads To Widespread Pandemonium

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Today, Mario was spotted in the latest Nintendo Direct without a shirt on. Just like that, the internet forgot about its dashed hopes of a new Animal Crossing announcement or Smash Bros on Switch. 41 kata lagi


Homework for Friday, September 8th

In class we discussed the term iconic and the concept of art. We deliberated on whether or not this meant someone is popular, revolutionary, or talented, and what actually makes art, art. 1.108 kata lagi

Unit 1

Bros Mabie Series

Selamat Idul Adha~ ^o^

Nah, weekend ini Imero Hemo mau mengupload beberapa bros baru. Nama series kali ini adalah Mabie. Yuks dilihat!

Bros manis yang terbiat dari kain satin, renda, monte pasir, beads, daun, dan felt. 33 kata lagi


Gotta love my hate

When does tolerance for intolerance become intolerable? If we haven’t seen it before, we certainly saw it in Charlottesville. Amazing how the bullies play the victim when their victims say, “That’ll be enough.”

Editorial Cartoons

This Guy Prefers To Play Smash Bros. Melee With The Controller Upside Down

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And it’s mesmerizing.

Nooch is a sixteen-year old burgeoning speedrunner and Smash Bros. enthusiast. He was attending Shine 2017 this weekend, his first ever major Smash tournament, when god-tier Melee pro Juan Manuel “Hungrybox” DeBiedma spotted him on the floor and took this short video. 159 kata lagi