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Dinosaurs footprints on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

If you think of dinosaur hunting, you probably imagine trekking through a parched landscape, reaching the crest of a low hill and catching the first glimpse of a complete skeleton lying half exposed in the next depression. 1.661 kata lagi


Guest Post: A color-coded model of the AMNH "Brontosaurus" mount, by Tom Johnson

Turns out that if Mike and I don’t post about sauropods for a while, people start doing it for us! This very interesting project by Tom Johnson of Loveland, Colorado, first came to my attention when Tom emailed Mark Hallett about it and Mark kindly passed it on to me. 932 kata lagi


Leader vs Brontosaurus

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Brontosaurus may have won his first round, but he won’t be able to deal with the Leader’s gamma power. Leader is extremely intelligent after having been exposed to radiation. 50 kata lagi


Alex Hopper vs Brontosaurus

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This was an interesting round. According to some articles I was reading, Dinosaurs are effectively bullet proof. Not all of them, but the larger ones would be because of how thick their skin is and how little blood they would lose from getting shot. 86 kata lagi



Purgatory is that halfway place where you are sent to atone for your past sins. I’m not sure that my definition is a dictionary definition, but when I picture purgatory, I see myself in a rocky, barren place. 535 kata lagi



Growing up my brother Danny was obsessed with dinosaurs. His favorite book was Danny and the Dinosaur and his favorite movie was The Land Before Time.  401 kata lagi

Paper Mache

Prehistoric Footsteps

In the southeastern corner of Colorado there is a place where you can walk in the footsteps of one of the largest land animals to ever roam the Earth. 168 kata lagi