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Scientific Nostalgia

So, I hear the Brontosaurus might return to the rolls of official dinosaurs, rather than oopsies. From Yale mag’s “The Brontosaurus is Back“: 627 kata lagi



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With Jurassic World tearing up box office records, I revisited this childhood favorite and it still is a lot of fun and now with a load of added nostalgic charm. 545 kata lagi

Saturday Matinee

Brontosaurus and the nature of philosophy

by Leonard Finkelman


What I say now ought to be uncontroversial, but bears repeating: philosophy has a public relations problem. Specious criticism from unreflective popular figures has done its damage. 3.894 kata lagi


Brontosaurus cervical 8 ... it just gets weirder

A while back, we noted that seriously, Apatosaurus is just nuts, as proven by the illustrations in Ostrom and McIntosh (1966: plate 12).

Now I’m posting those illustrations again, in a modified form, to make the same point. 371 kata lagi


Bringing Up Baby

Released:  1938

Cast:  Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, Charles Ruggles, Walter Catlett, May Robson, Fritz Feld

SUMMARY:  For several years, paleontologist David Huxley (Cary Grant) has been working on assembling a Brontosaurus skeleton.  679 kata lagi

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