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Awe Inspiring Rock at the Arches National Park in Moab, Utah

When my husband and I decided to add a day to our business trip, a visit to Moab was on the top of our list. We loaded up with snow pants and winter hiking boots and were excited to see the famous Arches in a winter wonderland. 311 kata lagi


Behold the Brontosaurs

A tribal huntress watches some Brontosaurus excelsus lumber by on the savanna. I drew this on 11 x 14” Bristol paper, which is great for larger scenes like this.


Tracking down the Sinclair Dinosaurs

Standing at the West end of  Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo is a lone statue often overlooked by the two million guests who visit the park each year. 833 kata lagi

Dinosaur Attractions

Dragon Comics 149

This long-neck brontosaurus (I was delighted to read that “brontosaurus” is no longer considered a misidentification) is a friend of the Fox’s who often attended his writing parties. 164 kata lagi