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Dinosaurus! Review

It’s time to look at an old Dinosaur film that probably has one of the most creative names I’ve ever seen in the genre. Unfortunately the actual film is rather bad and you’ll just be wondering where it went wrong the whole time. 915 kata lagi


Bathing Brontosaurus

It’s hot and humid as usual in the Late Jurassic, so this Brontosaurus excelsus is cooling off by taking a dip in the river and spraying some water from its mouth onto its back (much like an elephant might spray water from its trunk).  31 kata lagi


Distinguishing cervicals of apatosaurines and Camarasaurus

Back in the spring of 1998, Kent Sanders and I started CT scanning sauropod vertebrae. We started just to get a baseline for the Sauroposeidon… 433 kata lagi



I saw Sam Taylor (now Johnson) Wood’s Brontosaurus at the Tate Modern in 1994 and often think back to it. It’s a slowed down video… 42 kata lagi

50 Shades Of Grey

Welcome Back, Brontosaurus!

The classic Marx Brontosaurus–hooray!

After years and years of lonely exile, reputation shot into disrepute, the Brontosaurus has returned as an official and bona fide dinosaur genus. 234 kata lagi

Pop Culture

Matthew Kalmenoff painted dinosaur postcards

Reader Ed Dietrich sent us these postcards as a follow-up to what we’ve shared of the late Kalmenoff’s artwork for The Golden Stamp Book of Animals of the Past… 52 kata lagi


No Neck Long Necks

Continuing my Dinovember practice posts, I decided to draw some sauropod feet (and bodies). In particular, I wanted to get a better feel for how their back feet look and work, since they’re pretty weird and unique and the front feet are easier to draw. 87 kata lagi

Original Art