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He Can Thunder My Lizard Any Day

I’m glad that palaeontologists decided to go with Brontosaurus in 2015. Apatosaurus just isn’t long term relationship material.

P.S. When this hit the focus groups (i.e., when I came up with the idea at 2am and woke up my partner by giggling uncontrollably and generally making a lot of noise and fuss for 2am so that he would ask what I was doing) it became apparent that not everyone just casually knows that “Brontosaurus” means “Thunder Lizard”. 11 kata lagi


Wifey Wednesday: An exhausted wife tries out the Cameo...

I’m not going to lie.

I intentionally chose something less complicated than a skirt because… 1) It’s Wednesday and 2) It’s February. I’m not sure if other teachers share this feeling, but February has always been a bit of a doozy for me. 228 kata lagi


A Quick Update

I wanted to share this beautiful sketch, drawn on commission by Bob Eggleton and done as a Christmas present. It depicts a boat of explorers finding Pteranodons and a Brontosaurus. 87 kata lagi


What Science Knew but Didn't Tell You

NOT a Creationist point of view. So-called “real science” has known for decades or longer the “facts” about falsehoods we were indoctrinated with as children. The title of this video is quite accurate — the brontosaurus and triceratops were indeed my favorite childhood dinosaurs, but in fact it has been known since before I was born that THEY NEVER EXISTED! 36 kata lagi


Which palaeontology stories in 2015 captured the public's imagination?

Happy New Year everyone! It’s that time of year when all the summaries of an amazing year of research are coming out, and goodness, what a year it’s been! 588 kata lagi


Dino Day #1

Every now and again, I’ll see an article that irks me. A week ago I saw an article about someone who doesn’t believe in dinosaurs. He honestly believes that crazy paleontologists salt their digs with pretend bones? 551 kata lagi

Dino Day