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Zallinger's "Age of Reptiles" mural at the Yale Peabody Museum

In 2012, Matt and I spent a week in New York, mostly working at the AMNH on Apatosaurusminimus and a few other specimens that caught our eye. 141 more words


Exempted Exemptions (Song)

My bronto-unicorn-saurus song, with lyrics.

And I will sleep in the rain
And I will sleep in the rain if you had other intentions
Other intentions… 11 more words

Mahasiswa Brontosaurus vs Mahasiswa Tomat (Buah atau Sayur?)

Mahasiswa Brontosaurus vs Mahasiswa Tomat (Buah atau Sayur?)
by : @fitrianto2001

Ketika membuka kelas (pada pertemuan pertama) biasanya saya akan cerita tentang “Mahasiswa Brontosaurus… 698 more words


BRONTOBROWNIES - brontosaurus inspired brownies

These brownies are one of my favorite things on this planet. I have made them many many times because they are people pleasers: only truly demonic humans can’t appreciate a good brownie. 585 more words


Celebrating my own Paleoart Education.

From very early in my life,  one of my main interests have always been the popularisation of the accurate (but attractive) image of the Dinosauria… 541 more words

The Brontosaurus never existed

Yes, you read that correctly; no, I haven’t become a Young Earth Creationist overnight. But the Brontosaurus, the much loved “thunder lizard” with the long neck and huge body – well, it was never real. 259 more words


Got a Jewish Dinosaur to share?