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Should We Celebrate the Return of the Brontosaurus Like We Mourned the Loss of Pluto?

Everyone knows where they were when Pluto stopped being a planet. Well, maybe not exactly where you were, but you remember the general conversation. There are still Facebook pages dedicated to remembering when Pluto was a planet, petitions to bring it back, disappointment over childhoods ruined. 407 kata lagi

Jurassic Park


The Brontosaurus is back!
She was my favorite dinosaur as a kid only to have her taken away like Pluto when they decided she was a different dinosaur altogether. 236 kata lagi


The Mambo Surveys

This was originally going to be another huntress characters, but to switch things up a bit I decided she would be a priestess or healer instead, sorta like the mambos of West African Vodun (“voodoo”). 35 kata lagi


Brontosauras: Prog Rock Courtesy of Two Nicks

Nick Digilio welcomes Nicholas Kelley and Nicholas Papaleo from the band Brontosaurus! ¬† In this podcast, they play a song of their album Our Animal Ways… 60 kata lagi

Nick Digilio

Scientific Nostalgia

So, I hear the Brontosaurus might return to the rolls of official dinosaurs, rather than oopsies. From Yale mag’s “The Brontosaurus is Back“: 627 kata lagi



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With Jurassic World tearing up box office records, I revisited this childhood favorite and it still is a lot of fun and now with a load of added nostalgic charm. 545 kata lagi

Saturday Matinee