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The Story of Durham's Brontosaurus

Tucked away in the woods of Durham, NC lies a big secret. Drive by and you won’t see it. On one hand, its not really a big secret, you can easily find out basic information about it if you search the web. 693 kata lagi

Yo, back off my boy Tim Duncan

Alright fam, back the fuck off. So what if my boy Timmy D shops at Old Navy. So what if he looks like a Brontosaurus. I just went on Old Navy’s website and bought a t-shirt out of respect. 221 kata lagi


Hiroshima | 広島市

The Shinkansen rail line runs up to 320 km/h, which makes trips between cities seems like a short taxi ride.  While the Japan rail pass may be a bit expensive, it was incredibly convenient (as I found out during the rest of my trip) to simply show up to the train station and jump on the next train to your destination, which was usually within 20 minutes. 514 kata lagi


By the Gorge

A herd of brontosaurs marches alongside a canyon in the savanna. Of course this was inspired by various African landscapes featuring canyons and gorges across the savanna, with some forested vegetation at the bottom. 26 kata lagi


#15: Bone Wars

Originally released 13th January 2014

Sometimes here at Space Gravy, we just talk too much. This episode is made up of two segments that were cut from previous episodes due to time restraints. 43 kata lagi


Brewery guidelines before City Council

Contradictory Starbucks information aside, perhaps the most commonly-repeated rumor about Sanford in recent months involves the impending arrival of a microbrewery, probably somewhere downtown.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise, given the recent… 230 kata lagi

Lee County NC


Today’s article:

Here’s the thing about birthdays: They happen each year. That’s a birthday’s job: You turn a year older, whether you blow out the candles on the cake or not.

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