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OH MY GOSH. I’m so tired of this debate….

Is breast feeding okay in public.

ABSOLUTELY NOT. I’ve always been a bit skeptical of it but tonight I was scrolling through my boyfriends Instagram and a close up picture pops up of a baby sucking on this woman’s nipple… 422 kata lagi

Why Black BreastFeeding Week 2015

The other day I noticed a post on ig from Ergobaby and screen shot just the first couple of comments on the post 👇🏾

It really made me sigh! 894 kata lagi


Breastfeeding week 2015 and My own breastfeeding story.

A couple of weeks back, I noticed a lot of frenzy on social media about breastfeeding. A lot was being talked about encouraging breastfeeding and recognizing the dignity of mothers breastfeeding their babies in public. 491 kata lagi


Please, stop growing my child.

Everyday I hear someone say, “Wow! He is getting SO big! He’s like a big boy now.”

And I think to myself while nodding with a half smile, “Yes, he is growing, no he is not a big boy. 473 kata lagi


Will someone please buy me some proper toys? My mama is making me play with this old box!

The Six Month Slump

I find it down the plug hole
I see it on the floor
It’s coming out in clumps & lumps
My barnet is no more! 76 kata lagi