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1 week old today

We are 1 week into being parents! This little lady has been keeping us on our toes.

My husband and I are still trying to find a balance with a sleeping routine. 524 kata lagi


2 Week Newborn Update

A Bit About You

You got weighed on Wednesday and you dropped weight by 6.1% from your birth weight. So you’re now 6lbs 10oz. (Birth weight was 7lbs 1.5oz). 694 kata lagi

"Me Time" vs What's Right For My Baby

Why motherhood is a constant tug of war, with my own mind.

“Mum Guilt”

It’s no secret that motherhood can stir up some pretty confusing and often conflicting emotions. 1.409 kata lagi


Daily schedule of a mum with a 15 month old and a (breastfed) newborn

Our toddler had a very well established routine before our newborn arrived. We had a good routine with her before but when ai was pregnant with my second I made an even more effort to get her used to an eat, play and sleep schedule she is comfortable with so that we have some control and predictability as the new baby arrives. 355 kata lagi


On Breastfeeding and Working

Elia is now 8 weeks old. This past week, I’ve started expressing milk for when I return to work. Oh, the joys!

On average, a breastfed baby needs approximately 1 litre of breastmilk per 24 hours. 228 kata lagi

Working Mum


I have just been struck by the realisation that I will almost certainly never feed Arthur in public again. I actually shed a little tear at the thought. 379 kata lagi


Breast Pump Review - 5 Reasons Why I Love Medela Breast Pump

I could talk about how amazing my breast pump is, all day and night. Seriously, I don’t usually do product reviews, but after using the… 270 kata lagi