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Exercising While Breastfeeding

Lets tackle a BIG breastfeeding myth…you CAN exercise while breastfeeding!

I have seen on many mom groups that if you exercise while breastfeeding, it will tank your supply. 371 kata lagi

Storing Breast Milk

As many of you know, motherhood comes with a lot of worrying. Worrying about the sound your baby makes, if your baby is reaching milestones at the appropriate time, if you’re holding your baby too much, worrying about if what you ate gave your baby gas if you’re breastfeeding, or worrying about if you’re feeding your baby the best formula for them. 737 kata lagi


I give up on Sleep

I give up on sleep!

A note to all new mommies out there. This phase will not last long. Treasure it while you can. Treasure those times cuddling while your baby eats. 526 kata lagi


WIA While Breastfeeding (4/25/18)

Click here to read why I am tracking my food. :) This is what I ate yesterday:

For breakfast, I had cheese grits.

My morning snack was two pieces of honey cornbread. 108 kata lagi


Breastfeeding. It’s Great!

So they say that breastfeeding is the most natural thing a woman can do and before I had a baby it just looked so easy. Well, it’s not. 1.310 kata lagi



Early morning. Babs is on the breast. She is 18 months old and still feeds through the night. She also feeds for naptime and if she and during the day (maybe once or twice at most and not every day.) 247 kata lagi