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Feeding bouts and nipple shields (heading into battle or feeding a baby?)

Breastfeeding conjures images of a mother and a baby, skin-to-skin, unfettered by technology. Many people believe that breastfeeding is instinctual, second nature, effortless. In reality, breastfeeding is a skill that humans, like other primates, acquire through social learning  2.491 kata lagi


Baby-Free Celebrating!!!!

A working mom really welcomes any excuse to enjoy some social activities without a baby in tow. So, this past weekend, I was able to attend a Bachelorette Party for a close friend. 275 kata lagi


Do I Really Need to Avoid Those Foods While Breastfeeding?

I recently saw a photo while scrolling through Pinterest explaining foods that cause colic in breastfeed babies and therefore should be completely avoided by the mother. 977 kata lagi


I Must Get This Off My 'Breast'

It seems that not a day goes by where I don’t read a story about how a woman has been humiliated by being asked to stop breastfeeding in public. 458 kata lagi

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My Breastfeeding Stories: Breastfeeding Cafe Blog Carnival Day 2

Today’s topic is Breastfeeding Stories.  If you’re interested in reading my previous Breastfeeding Carnival posts please check out my homeschooling blog here.

Those who know me well know that all three of my children have had various breastfeeding struggles.  525 kata lagi


Fall Photo Sessions 2015 | Ashley McCoy Photography | Hodgenville, KY

Fall Photo Sessions

Fall Sessions are my most popular session! Who doesn’t love the fall colors?!?! I know it is my favorite season! This year I will not be doing fall mini sessions due to all the other events I have going on. 299 kata lagi

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My top 10 breastfeeding tips

Next week, not only do I celebrate 6 whole months of being Mama to Noah – but also 6 whole months of breastfeeding – give or take a couple of days in the beginning. 1.025 kata lagi