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Recipe: How To Make Lactation Cookies - Best Version!

I came across this recipe left by a commenter on another lactation cookie recipe. Lucky me!

No butter, no eggs, and much less sugar makes for a much healthier cookie. 299 more words


Interesting Things - World Immunization Week edition

It’s sort of amazing that I have not spent time on this blog ranting about vaccines yet.  It’s a topic that has generated in me visceral anger and passion as well as intellectual bafflement and persistence — why life-saving, highly cost-effective tools could become seen as anything other than essential or the foundation of our privileged life-expectancy that they are.   166 more words


Shakeology, work and a three month old

I have officially started my journey into the world of shakeology and beachbody fitness!

When I received the eye catching blue and white box containing my shakeology, color coded containers, fitness dvds and the 21-day fix booklet…. 489 more words


The Most Expensive Streusel Topping You'll Ever Find

Cross-posted from Laura’s new blog, Dietitian at Home.

I came across this product a few weeks ago in my grocery store’s pharmacy section. It was located right beside the prenatal vitamins I was about to pick out. 1.292 more words


Mother Breastfeeds on Toilet, Internet Freaks.

Any parent or anyone who’s seen a parent in action knows that once your little one starts walking, privacy is a thing of the past. A woman was sitting on the toilet when her little one came in, opened the bathroom cabinet to make a mess, then latched on to her mother and started feeding. 294 more words

Why you should do what you think is right

For the first week of Sam’s life, he was almost exclusively bottle fed (expressed milk and formula) since he wouldn’t take the breast.

After we got home from hospital when he was 5 days old, we continued offering the breast and – happily – he took to it the next day. 430 more words


Sleep Tight

Night Night bloggers! Finna finish my night with this and maybe another blog if I’m up for it.

So my boyfriend recently did my tattoo and ohhhh has the soreness kicked in. 70 more words