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Far Away Family

I moved north from my family around 4 years ago, before Little Bebe was a twinkle in my eye. Mr Bebe had a job and a home up north when we got together, we used to travel back and forth at first but when we become more serious we had to make a decision about where we would live – he had a better job and I could find work fairly easily so that was the decision made. 468 kata lagi


Summer breastfeeding wardrobe

Trust me to finally cave and order myself some breastfeeding and sunshine friendly clothes, just as Summer decides it’s over. 445 kata lagi


2 Months

In a few days my baby will be two months old. I feel like I should be saying time flew, but it didn’t really. I’ll probably regret saying this but I’m so excited for her to get bigger and older.  253 kata lagi

My Brest Friend- The Pump

Ohh the breast pump, how we have a love/hate relationship. I have been exclusively pumping for 4 months now for my twin boys. It is a damn full time job. 474 kata lagi

Breastfeeding and shame do not go hand in hand!

Breastfeeding, often a subject of criticism, rather than beauty. It saddens me to hear all of the negativity projected towards breastfeeding mothers. It’s a shame society can’t see breastfeeding for what it truly is, a natural and beautiful journey between a mother and her child. 454 kata lagi

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Baby wearing/ ring sling review 

Let’s talk about baby wearing for a minute.

Not only does it make my attachment parenting loving soul sing, it actually benefits your baby! Especially newborns. 461 kata lagi

Survival Guide For New Mom!

Just had a baby? Check out the great survival guide for new mom from Fit Pregnancy. Learn what to expect and  how to stay sane. Continue Reading