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No boob thanks Mummy

*warning I’m pretty open in this blog post and it’s personal to me so read on if you dare but please be gentle with me* 1.530 kata lagi


Breastfeeding through PP

Breastfeeding through Puerperal Psychosis was a very different experience to breastfeeding through Postnatal Depression. And to any mums out there who have had PP who are reading this, whatever your experiences and decisions were I respect them. 542 kata lagi


The truth in parenting

Two days before the birth of my first child, a little before 36 weeks of pregnancy, I was put on modified bed rest due to suspected preeclampsia. 904 kata lagi


Abiyamo ni osu mefa - Motherhood at 6 months

It’s been 6 months?! I’ve been a mummy for 6 months already?! I still pinch myself at the thought sometimes. So much has happened in such a short space of time and it’s not just been physical, but more so mentally, spiritually, emotionally and possibly even egotistically. 891 kata lagi

In the beginning there were... labels

Where to begin?

I’ll assume you’re wondering who the hell I am – ohhhh… the deep questions – I’ll avoid the temptation to tell you my life story at this point & let’s just cut to the chase & throw down the labels! 86 kata lagi


Flu. My least favourite season.

Is there anything worse than having sick children?

I just want to smother Millie and Ziggy with kisses and fill them with flat 7up until they’re back fighting with each other/fit! 1.146 kata lagi

Maternity Leave

Adoption and breastfeeding through medication

Adoption and breastfeeding through medication


If a married women who has no children takes medication for breastfeeding an adopted new born baby, will ḥurmat be established between the baby and the couple? 181 kata lagi