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Breastfeeding a toddler...How did I get here?

Genuinely never thought I would ever breastfeed but here I am 2 years later and still breastfeeding my second born who is just turning 13 months. 642 kata lagi


Minimalist Mom Wardrobe

Before my son was born, I did my very best to avoid buying maternity clothing or nursing specific clothing that I would only be able to wear for that season of my life. 437 kata lagi

Alternatives to Getting Vaccinated

Are there any alternatives to getting vaccinated?

Sure. You can read about them all day long from holistic “experts” and on anti-vaccine websites.

Are there any good alternatives to getting vaccinated? 1.065 kata lagi

Vaccine Misinformation

Cry it out... Not so terrible!

Dear Readers,

For the last three weeks, my husband and I have put our daughter to bed and when she cries, we let her cry till she cried herself out and fell asleep. 818 kata lagi

Surgical Birth in Lincoln, Nebraska is a Current Epidemic Men Should Care About

A Call for Action and Attention

There is a massive failure within the healthcare community to understand or even look at what is really happening in maternity related to surgical birth: the C-Section.  164 kata lagi

Closing a Chapter 

Almost two years ago I brought my pump into my office. I was so nervous. “How was I going to get UNDRESSED during my work day.. 274 kata lagi