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Pain in the boob

The combination of full days at daycare and sleeping through the night (yes, you read that correctly!) are wreaking havoc on my breasts. I woke up this morning and nursed Bo, as usual. 281 more words


Feeding - what a ball ache it can be.

As adults, and even teenagers, we take for granted little things in life that we are able to do on a day to day basis. Being able to dress and bath ourselves, to be able to head to bed when we want, to know when we are tired and when it’s time to sleep, the joy and ease of being able to go to the toilet and use the facilities on our own and finally knowing that when we are hungry we can do something about this. 836 more words

Baby Girl

Oh what a night

Samuel spoiled us for the first few nights; he would sleep from midnight to 3 and then again until 7…giving us a very false sense of security. 304 more words


Today is a day of rest

It was a busy week

General facts of living in Cape Town

  • Kids asking for help with school fees at street corners. What.
  • Walking into stores with no shoes on – I’m getting used to not feeling naked…
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Mind Morsels


What an odd word. Apparently it’s a ‘new craze’ according to the media and is the act of taking a selfie whilst breastfeeding.

And, because everyone and their dog has an opinion on this subject, it’s reignited a lot of debate. 180 more words


Stay at Home Mom? WHAT?!

Life as I know it is about to change.

I will be trading in my blowouts, lipstick & dress clothes for messy top-knots (not the stylish ones you see in magazines), my lanolin nipple cream I use as chapstick, and spit up covered t-shirts. 961 more words


My first child (or at least Toddler) free night.

My mom had offered to take Aubrey for a night so that I could get some REAL sleep this weekend and because I was feeling a little more than worn out, I said okay. 702 more words