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PND and 'Breast is Best'

As I begin, let me state plainly – I am an advocate for Perinatal Mental Health, I am not an advocate for Breast Feeding or Formula Feeding. 1.765 kata lagi

Postnatal Depression

Poor boobies.

This is it. I’m sitting down (and for once I’ve remembered to bring water with me and if you’ve been with me when I’ve pumped you’ll know how rarely that happens!!), and I’m pumping. 620 kata lagi


10 Reasons to Choose Baby Led Weaning

This nugget is going to be 6 months old in just a little under three weeks. 6. Whole.

Where did the past half of a year go? 1.744 kata lagi

On breastfeeding

When my baby was born something momentous and unexpected happened to my body – I produced milk.

Most women take it for granted that when they have a child they will produce milk. 585 kata lagi


Symantha's Breastfeeding Session | Chesapeake, VA

I’m in love with this stunning breastfeeding session. Symantha is a gorgeous and confident Momma!! She is an advocate for normalizing breastfeeding. I love that she shares her opinion with funny videos on social media or quirky statements to get her message out there. 214 kata lagi


Cluster Trial of Home Visits for Newborn Children in Sub-Saharan Africa

Forty percent of childhood deaths in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) take place within the first month after birth. Trials conducted in Asia have shown that an intervention whereby home-visits are made over this crucial period of life is effective. 245 kata lagi

Richard Lilford

Fear in the genes!

My family history of breast cancer is not a great one, my maternal side have numerous cases in just one generation.

My maternal grandmother died from ductal breast cancer that had spread to far by the time she had gone to the doctor. 553 kata lagi