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Things you probably weren't told about having a newborn.

Here is what I have learned in 2 months so far that I wish I would have known before labor:

1. You will take the trash out every day. 403 kata lagi


My Plan To Pump Breastmilk As I Prepare For Travel Without My Baby

I have been exclusively breastfeeding my youngest daughter for 17 months now , hooray! I never really thought I would be going on this breastfeeding journey for this long. 698 kata lagi


Oct 28

Todays post is based on life before baby t, about myself and my amazing fiance and how we met etc.

Firstly we have to rewind to march 2014 so it wasn’t too long ago which gives you an inclining in how long we have actually been together. 661 kata lagi


Fat club

So 7 months post baby, I’m breast feeding, and I’m gaining weight. One of my main motivations for breastfeeding was the additional calories I would get to consume for free (oh and of course all the bonding, antibodies blah blah blah… ) so feeling pretty cheated by Mother Nature and my sweet tooth, I decided to take myself to fat club before things get out of hand. 230 kata lagi

Baby Weight

Sleep deprived! I'm up every 2 hours with a 6-month-old.

I’ve heard that babies who are breastfed feed more often than those who have formula. Something to do with the molecules in breastmilk being smaller, therefore they pass through a babies stomach quicker, thus requiring more frequent feeding. 970 kata lagi


New Pediatric guidelines to prevent sudden infant death and other sleep related deaths

Recommendations include sleeping in the same room up to one year, or at least the first six months, but not in the same bed.

You’ll find an overview in this… 17 kata lagi


Emmeline's 2-month checkup

On Monday we had a checkup for both girls. Palmer’s wasn’t crazy (I have it in a separate post). A few shots but nbd.

It was a big checkup for Emma since she hasn’t been in since her 2 week appointment. 536 kata lagi