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Pumping Breastmilk - Essentials - Medela - Lansinoh - Avent Review

In this video I share the essentials that I use for breastfeeding and breast pumping. I also review a few of the products that I use and give my insight on various breastfeeding products! 37 kata lagi

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  • The Beginning

Who in history said breastfeeding was easy? No woman in history will tell you its easy. You have to work really hard and have so much patience. 279 kata lagi


August 30th 2016

Dear diary,

LO is 9 months old in about a week and what an amazing 9 months it’s been. It’s been so much fun having her around. 314 kata lagi


Social, non-political, nudity observation

I spent a portion of my youth in the DC area.  We moved there when I was about nine, my father a military officer, was stationed there.   862 kata lagi

Crying Over Spilled Milk

One for my breastfeeding mommas out there!

Picture this…you’re 6 weeks postpartum, you’ve been attempting to pump in between feeding baby every two hours and your breast pump doesn’t seem to be cooperating. 235 kata lagi


Keep Calm and Breastfeed

Three breastfeeding stints in and I’m still amazed over how something so natural does not always come so naturally. Breastfeeding is something that I have had to work hard at to maintain. 1.328 kata lagi


5 Essential Things For Newborn Baby

Like every new parent, I wanted to buy nearly everything and anything for my first child. I wanted to spoil her rotten. I wanted her to have a pink, princess-themed nursery. 361 kata lagi