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Feeding the Tongue Tied

Feeding a new baby is a hot topic in parenting. Everyone has an opinion and every new parent has expectations, which may or may not pan out. 1.173 kata lagi

Stuffed Red Pepper Sandwich

I used to eat stuffed pepper sandwiches all the time, but completely forgot about it until I came across a picture of one on Instagram… 99 kata lagi



When I found out I was pregnant with Jason the natural flood of choices happened. Shots? Cosleep? Baby wearing? So many choices. However, breastfeeding was just one choice that was never really a choice for me, I just knew I would do it. 660 kata lagi


Longer Pump Times- Increase Supply Part III

This is the third post in my “what worked for me” series including increasing fluids, increasing calories, and increasing pump times.

The standard advice in the lactation world is to pump for 15-20 minutes every 2-3  hours.  1.023 kata lagi


My Favorite Accessory

To all the new mamas:

I have one word of advice. Pumping. Pumping is amazing, pumping has given me 200 extra oz of breast milk in the freezer and my daughter still only eats from the breast. 269 kata lagi

I love how the ABC’s show The Checkout dissects advertising to help people who are not trained in the area of marketing to recognise the tricks and smoke shields that have been employed to distract the audience while hammering home their true message. 1.338 kata lagi

Baby Sleep