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2016 Rio Olympics date and everything you need to know about the games

by Colin Ward-Henninger

The 2016 Rio Olympics are just a week away, so whether you like it or not the bulk of the sports conversation will shift to the games over the next couple of weeks. 117 kata lagi


Chaos erupts as protesters in Brazil halt Olympic torch relay and extinguish its flame

Protests have continued to roil the lead-up to the 2016 Summer Olympics, with the opening ceremony just over a week away. On Wednesday night, government employees angry over delayed salary payments took to the streets in Angra dos Reis, a city near Rio de Janeiro, and confronted the procession carrying one of the Olympic torches. 292 kata lagi


브라질 목재 생산품 수출은 약간 하락

2016년 5월 브라질의 종이와 pulp를 제외한 목재 관련 생산품의 수출액은 2015년 5월 (US$231.7 million)보다 1.6% 하락하여 US$228.1 million 이었습니다. 브라질 pine 제재목 수출액은 전년 (US$ 25.5 million)보다 10% 넘게 상승하여 2016년 5월에 US$28.1 million 이었고, 수출량은 2015년 5월(111,900 m3)보다 36% 증가하여 152,300 m3 이었습니다. 18 kata lagi


July 26- Iguazu Falls I

We went to the Argentinean side of the falls. In addition to the falls, there were some nice trails through the jungle and we saw some wildlife. 7 kata lagi


New Zealand athlete flees Rio for Toronto after three run-ins with corrupt Brazilian cops

New Zealand athlete Jason Lee and journalist Laura McQuillan, his partner, arrived in Toronto yesterday, fleeing Rio de Janeiro after a third run-in with Brazilian military police, the New Zealand magazine Stuff… 584 kata lagi


Man caught getting randy with his car in broad daylight

Some people just love their motors… a little too much. 

Bizarre footage shows the moment a man was caught giving his car the old vroom-vroom through the exhaust. 187 kata lagi


Norwegian Getaway embarks on Olympic charter

The Norwegian Getaway departed Miami on July 24 on the first leg of its 40-day charter for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. 128 kata lagi

Norwegian Getaway