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Growth Hacker Writing

Any nay-sayers have let hype cloud what growth hacker marketing is. It is not a whole new type of marketing that has never been done before. 485 more words



Thinking right begins with talking right. Acting right begins with talking right. God said it, the power of life and death is in the tongue…. Also in another place God said ‘just like a great ship is directed by that small rudder(steering) so your tongue rules your life(paraphrase mine). 164 more words


My Design Process | LOGO DEVELOPMENT

Hey Everyone! Here is a look into my design process when creating a logo.

This video was inspired by Will Paterson’s design process video.
Check it out here: … 41 more words


Calisa Rhose ~The Romance Review's 4th Anniversary Party in March 2015! #MFRWAuthor #Freebooks #350+Prizes


Isn’t that a lovely banner up there? I’ve joined in the fangirldom of TRR’s annual Anniversary Party since year one and had a blast playing the games, meeting new or new-to-me writers and winning prizes with little effort. 372 more words

Pen Of The Dreamer

this place is not home

The plane swoops through the clouds, which separate the pale blue of daybreak from whatever lays beneath, just waking. When we finally get a peek, we see volcanoes sitting heavy atop the land, over the lips of tectonic plates. 192 more words


Project 6 Stationary

Description: Unifying letterhead and business card design by building a creative logo.

Process: I created the log on Adobe Illustrator and started the business card layout. 314 more words


Twitter is an excellent platform for expressing oneself. It wins over Facebook, because you have a choice to connect with like minded people. This article is about tweets you should avoid tweeting out to your followers.

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