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Irwin® Branded National Tradesmen Day Celebration

Though I missed the day, I didn’t miss the display belatedly. Irwin’s heroic Vice Grip Fist says pride and power for National Tradesmen Day. The tag line reads “Join us as we say thanks” with all the trades recognized photographically. 117 kata lagi

Store Fixtures

Ferguson Mobile All-Stars

Logo and flavor illustrations for our the 2nd anniversary of Ferguson Mobile. Customers have been shopping with us successfully on their mobile devices for two years, so we decided to celebrate a little. 73 kata lagi


Who is Ashli Avalon?

Ashli is my given name. I used to joke, as a child, that my mother named me that so I could be famous someday. Avalon, however, is not my given or married last name. 225 kata lagi


Work in progress

So I’m working on this new project:


Finally my own domain again with my own email address. This motivates me as I now have an independent outlet for my projects. 133 kata lagi


The best tips for branding in Manhattan

Branding has always played an important role in the promotion of brands and services. It has always been the biggest factor behind the popularity of certain product or service. 282 kata lagi


Academic Technology Services

This has been an exciting couple months. My work with the Academic Technology Services department at a very prestigious HBCU means that I create educational multimedia, facilitate professional development sessions, and brand and market the department to the larger community. 177 kata lagi


Fashion Logo Designs and Branding – Why It’s Important

People’s choice of clothing is heavily influenced by fashion logo designs and different brands. When it comes to clothing and fashion, branding and fashion logo designs… 360 kata lagi