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Keep Your Enemies Close: Why Competition Is Good For Business

Keep your enemies close? Really? Well, you have to be better than average to make it in this industry. In fact, you have to be pretty exceptional. 501 kata lagi

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DSGN 320: Top 3 Concepts

Concept 1:
The idea for this concept is to show structure and versatility simultaneously. The logo form is intended to remain relatively rigid and block-like while the colours & patterns are constantly changing. 229 kata lagi


It Is Possible to Eat Happy, Sweet and Green!

Before started, I have to clarify that I am not a healthy diet kind of person.

I prefer sweet desert to low fat fruits, prefer calorie-dense food like pizza and burger to green salad. 1.429 kata lagi


Social Media vs. Brand Experience

As business strategists, a large part of the foundational structure of building and maintaining a successful business is digital marketing. However, digital marketing has undergone a significant change thanks to social media platforms and reviews. 351 kata lagi


Innovative Branding : The new concept store of Bic

Bic is a brand of pen, pencil and other desktop tools. At first it’s not the easiest brand to develop because it’s not the funiest product and lots of different pen brand make up mind to chose a really serious and classy positioning. 348 kata lagi