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Quick Q&A With Visit Oakland's Frances Wong

Visit Oakland “is the official destination marketing organization for the city of Oakland, California”. Like Disney, Visit Oakland does a phenomenal job at utilizing both social media platforms and well-written/highly-focused content in order to shape their audience’s perspective. 496 kata lagi


Bonus content – Event Garde e-news – December edition

Q & A with Aaron Wolowiec, founder and president of Event Garde

Editor’s Note: In celebration of Event Garde’s four-year anniversary, this month’s Event Garde-ian of the Month is Aaron Wolowiec. 469 kata lagi


Ancient Roman Marketing Strategies which Still Work

Marketing is the way of survival in the age of the internet. Because of all the images and people getting their platforms on the internet, we need to come up with something different to make us stand out from the pack. 1.551 kata lagi


8 Steps for college students to start their personal brand before the workforce

Time and time again we hear professors say it: “Make yourself stand out”. Very often though we are taught how to make a statement for ourselves when competing for a job among thousands of other college students just like us. 831 kata lagi

Are you inspired or do you need motivation?

Are you living an inspired life or do you need to have motivation to get out of bed in the morning and go to work? If you are choosing your projects and job roles that allow you to work in accordance to your highest values, then you do not need motivation to go to work. 858 kata lagi


Memorable Origami Holiday Cards

The technology recruiting company traditionally sent out holiday cards every year to clients (technology and HR professionals at large corporations) and consultants (off-site contract technology employees). 323 kata lagi

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For the blog this week we were made to analyse and see the reliability of research methods an journey through 6 links to gain and understanding of the word subvertisement. 466 kata lagi