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One last post (Branding)

So after thorough research before forming the business entity, and going through with store/domain updates. I found “SOT” apparel was already a brand. I decided to keep it simple. 112 kata lagi


Container FX Jitter Alpha

The Container FX Jitter Alpha allows you to affect the alpha settings of a series of containers. Once you drop this plugin onto a top most container it will start to affect the opacity of all the containers beneath it. 126 kata lagi


Charity Rebranding Evaluation

Visual Communication

I feel as though my final product meets the needs of the brief as I have successfully rebranded my charity ‘Noah & The Shed’ with a brand new logo, business card, letterhead along with two promotional items. 1.519 kata lagi


Let Me Just Check...

As some of you no doubt know (and if not why not!? I’ve blogged about it enough) we’ve just got back from America. Well, not just, but recently enough for me not to have prepared any new blog posts lately  – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. 555 kata lagi


Charity Final Products Together

I thought it would be nice to showcase all of the charity rebranding products all in one blog post, therefore I have made a slideshow below to showcase the final designs.


Meeting with the Client

On Friday 17th November 2017 I met with my client, Nathan from Noah & The Shed at Bluewater to discuss what he wanted for his charity and when he wanted the designs finished by. 157 kata lagi


Charity Promotional Items

The promotional items for the charity were fairly straight forward because they primarily work on xmas markets, so I thought what do people at xmas markets wear? 82 kata lagi