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Musings on you Religion- Part 2: Religion and marketing

DISCLAIMER: Read at your discretion.

‘Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’ is not a quote by a philosopher, but by a victim of good marketing. 1.204 kata lagi


Do all brands need social media?

Do all brands need a phone number?
Do all brands need an email address?
Do all brands need a website?

I’m sure there were questions like these in the past, too. 217 kata lagi


6 Unusual Habits of Exceptionally Creative People

  • I expend a huge amount of my time and energy writing books and articles and working to keep my company innovative. I’ve developed an obsession with some of history’s most creative minds in the hope that I might learn some tricks to expand my own creative productivity.
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Rebranding Myself: Identity Crisis or Maturity?

Entering the foreign world of adulthood is a process, and I’m sure that anyone who has graduated college can attest to that. You meet people who take you more seriously than you take yourself, you become fully aware of the importance of sunscreen, recycling and green vegetables. 376 kata lagi

Developing A Ministry Brand

Today a notable doctorate and distinguished professor monikered (nicknamed)  me as “A professor’s professor.” I receive the moniker, because   I have worked hard to brand myself as such. 657 kata lagi


Brand, Shmand... and a Promise

Robert Lee Brewer has been doing an eight-part series on blogging and promotions with the effect of building your own personal brand.  It’s a pretty good series and it offers points worth considering, particularly in blogging “professionally” which is not something I do.  531 kata lagi