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Lions to meet Strikers in Boot Final

Rafe Griffin (@rafegriffin)
The BLK Silver Boot hosts Lions FC have prevailed over Gold Coast City 3-2 in an entertaining and high tempo second semi-final. 553 kata lagi


Strikers with six of the best

Rafe Griffin (@rafegriffin)

Brisbane Strikers were too clinical for their opponents Holland Park in claiming a 6-1 win to progress to Sunday night’s final… 635 kata lagi


'sampe abis suara gw...'

sebagai fans sebuah tim, kalo kita pernah ikut nobar bareng supporters club klub kita. di kafe, di tempat futsal, atau dimana juga, kita pasti pernah ngerasa bener – bener yang namanya jadi suporter. 183 kata lagi

Why the EPL is the greatest League in the World

The game of football is the most viewed sport in the world and it is therefor no suprise that so many people are watching their local teams play, whether they be in England, Spain, China or the USA. 302 kata lagi


Cleanpairofshorts Podcast - Ep 105 - Sent For A Hotdog

This week the gang get a bit serious and contemplate the future of Football, and it turns out it’s pretty bleak. Ollie gets passionate about Berahino, Russ gets angry about ticket prices, & Mike gets all Flamini. 28 kata lagi


Talking Tactics: How Leicester Beat Man City

The most emphatic of wins, away from home, at the Etihad of all places, was enough to convince the world, finally, that Leicester City really do have more than just an outside chance of continuing their sparkling run all the way to the Premier League trophy. 838 kata lagi