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Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic on an official visit to Bosnia/Sarajevo

Grabar Kitarovic coming out of the car in front of the B&H Presidency building. (All rights reserved by Edin Tuzlak. Any copying, unauthorized use or further sale and distribution is strictly prohibited.) … 756 more words


Why does the USA deport Islamists, ISIS/ IDIL associates and - Serbs

Last couple of weeks the US investigators have discovered several Bosnian Muslims tied to global Islamist terrorism. These are Nihad Rosic, 26 yrs, of Utica, New York   851 more words


US makes effort to deport Bosnians over war crimes

The US immigration agency established a war crimes department in 2008 in order to investigate immigrants from former conflict zones, for example the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. 162 more words


“Postergados Mártires es la visión que le faltaba a la Guerra de Bosnia. La visión del soldado”.

Existen novelas que llaman la atención por su argumento, por los personajes o por todo a la vez. Y existen novelas que no tienen necesidad de sobrecoger porque, en sí mismas, son una bomba capaz de despertar miles de sentimientos y de sensaciones. 1.455 more words


Bosnian anti-vaxx movement responsible for measles outbreak

While the controversy surrounding the measles outbreak in the US is gobbling up press coverage and even forcing anti-vaccine groups and parents to defend and even… 424 more words

Sunday Morning Link Brunch: 3/1/2015

Ethical consumption is seductive but dangerous to the values ethical consumers seek to promote. This article reminded me of this Slavoj Žižek video. 

The British government will now… 417 more words


exchange: rinse and repeat

My semester abroad in Malaysia is not the first time I’m leaving my comfortable Swiss nest for a longer period of time. In fact, Malaysia doesn’t even seem that exotic to me. 327 more words