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Z is for Zehro's House

Though this isn’t a place many people can visit, I struggled with Z places I’ve been to so this will have to do!

There used to be a pizza place in my town called Mizza’s Pizza and it was run by Mizza’s brother, Nuhi. 337 kata lagi


Sarajevo 2016

I was back in Sarajevo again this week for work. I decided not to take any photographs – instead I would sketch. I didn’t take watercolours with me so these are all just pencil and sometimes some ink. 203 kata lagi


Light at the End of the Tunnel

Though there are many downsides that new Americans are faced with when they come to America, there are also many immigrant students who have good experiences that outweigh the bad.  555 kata lagi

New Americans

Review: The People We Were Before by Annabelle Thorpe

The Blurb

If war is madness, how can love survive?

Yugoslavia, summer 1979. A new village. A new life. But eight-year-old Miro knows the real reason why his family moved from the inland city of Knin to the sunkissed village of Ljeta on the Dalmatian Coast, a tragedy he tries desperately to forget. 496 kata lagi


Swan lake

Royal village Kotromanicevo is a tourist etno village near Doboj (Bosnia and Herzegovina), built on the shore of river Velicanka, fit into the ambient of untouched nature…

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Pigeons gathering on top of the Sebil fountain (built in 1753.) at Baščaršija square, Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Download Sebil by MIRZA HADZIC PHOTOGRAPHY on 500px.com

© Mirza Hadžić


Review Part XI, now larger: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Armenia

Eurovision is coming closer and closer, and that means that from now on, we have larger reviews of three songs per episode! Say Yay! And in consequence, there won’t be a review that features entirely non-English language songs. 1.049 kata lagi