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More like BOSSnia amirite?¿ no? Okay… Anywho. Bosnia. It was awesome. And not just because you can get massive portions of Cevapi with a Coke for three euros… The country is actually incredible. 831 kata lagi


23 Years Ago Today: Snipers.

There was shooting in the plaza and around the Holiday Inn. Bullets flew thick and heavy as we neared Saint Josip’s at the edge of the plaza. 2.044 kata lagi

Wc Turck

Exclusive Arab Community in Bosnia PROHIBITS Bosnian Citizens

Bosnians can work, but NOT LIVE  in the first exclusively Arab community in Bosnia — in a country where foreigners are not legally allowed to own property. 919 kata lagi


Travels through History: Journeys in the former Yugoslavia - Sarajevo

This excerpt from the book about my travels in The Balkans

Now it was time for me to find the place where the first World War started on the street by the river. 364 kata lagi


Croatia - Plitvice Lakes & Bosnia - Neum

Croatia had long been on our list to visit. I had heard nothing but wonderful things about Plitvice Lakes from many people who had visited. Not many people I knew had visited Dubrovnik, as it is a little far from the Ryan Air airports that fly from Frankfurt Hahn. 1.925 kata lagi