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The Balkan Elvis, Sort Of - The Life and Death Of Toše Proeski

Every nation in the world has its pop stars these days, even Wales. Since the explosion of music television in the 1980s musical ability has often taken a back-seat to the marketable, to the beautiful. 1.255 kata lagi


BTP Travel Profile: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Sarajevo is very much a city that has risen from the ashes of war over the last twenty years. During the Yugoslav wars in the 1990’s, the city was under siege for years, leaving blown up buildings and tough memories. 1.369 kata lagi


The European Dream / Evropski san

After graduation, to everyone’s surprise Martina decided to leave USA and come back to Europe to live her European Dream, because as she says: “There is no place like home”

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Mostar: Doors and Windows

Oops! I should have posted this before we moved onto Sarajevo on our travels!! But, anyway, better late than never.

As we wandered around Mostar, one of the things that really struck us was the variety of doors and windows, many reflecting the Ottoman influence. 54 kata lagi


On To Sarajevo

The day we left Mostar, we’d arranged for Ermin to drive us to Sarajevo, a drive of a couple of hours. It’s a beautiful drive, past green mountains, and along the Neretva River part of the way, with lakes and dams. 779 kata lagi