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How about no sleep? // Bosnia and Herzegovina pt1

I always had a secret thing for Balkan and when I met a girl in Portugal who showed me beauty of Bosnia I knew I have to go as soon as possible. 682 kata lagi


Travel Tips: Mostar & Herzegovina

Travel:  We flew in to Dubrovnik Airport and hired a car so were driving through this part of the world.  There are buses but a road trip is more my sort of trip. 841 kata lagi

Travel Tips

Sarajevo: The City That Will Besiege Your Heart

Bosnia: The Heart Shaped Land; it may not look exactly like a heart, but it is sure to capture yours! Bosna i Hercegovina remains in the minds of many as a troubled nation clinging to independence but encountering every possible obstacle. 1.650 kata lagi


This is Ludo

Ludo is a nine month old rescue dog from Bosnia. He was found abandoned on a doorstep when he was only a few weeks old; he had a nasty skin condition, a problem with his leg and was, generally speaking, in an all-round bad way. 370 kata lagi


The Balkans: Beauty and the Beast - from Dubrovnik to Sarajevo

The Balkans: Beauty and the Beast

From Dubrovnik to Sarajevo

The trip through the mainland Balkans starts in Dubrovnik. For those that have not yet visited Dubrovnik which, judging by the crowds on the main street of the old city, can only be about half a dozen people, Dubrovnik is daily like a beautiful dessert placed before a crowd of gluttons where it will survive for seconds before being entirely ruined. 2.689 kata lagi


War Childhood - the never-ending story

If any of you read my previous post about Bosnia & Herzegovina (and if you haven’t, get on it!) you’ll remember that I wanted to go there to learn more about the war as well as see the sights. 1.146 kata lagi


Travel Itinerary – Three weeks in the Balkans

This is my itinerary for three weeks journeying through the Balkans, more specifically visiting the eight countries of: Romania, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo and Greece. 244 kata lagi

Trip Itinerary