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'The Bridge Over the Drina' by Ivo Andrić

The Bridge Over the Drina has long been a favourite of mine and one that I’ve been meaning to re-read for quite a while now. So when Stu at WinstonsDad’s Blog decided to host a… 1.267 more words


Finally at home! A little bit sad because I left Banja Luka but home is home!

Working on next post!

Tomorrow in Novi Sad. :)

With love,




Seven years ago today, I lost one of the best friends I have ever had.

His name was Ernad. We bonded sophomore year of high school, during a 10-day philosophy class. 864 more words


Cultural Ethnic Cleansing

Cultural Ethnic Cleansing
Diplomat Artist Buzz: Genocide inevitably involves wiping away the cultural as well as physical existence of the people targeted. No continent has been spared & examples are too many to enumerate, from Native Peoples of the New World to the Holocaust.

Arrived in Sarajevo

After a long day I have finally arrived in Sarajevo

It took me twelve hours from leaving my apartment in Trondheim, four flights and four countries. 167 more words