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I am From

I am From

I am from
the super,
from sorting waste, renovating apartments,
and long, chilling morning clearing snow.
I’m from the “‘A’s for success,” 271 kata lagi


Natural Gem

Vares, 65km north of Sarajevo

”What the hammer? what the chain,

In what furnace was thy brain?

What the anvil? what dread grasp,

Dare its deadly terrors clasp! 49 kata lagi


Noon Prayer: Czech Republic/Bosnia

This past Wednesday, we kicked off our first ever Noon Prayer by facetiming two members  of the Cru Prague stint team. While Clarissa and Tracy are missionaries living in Prague, they were facetiming us from Bosnia. 361 kata lagi


Wandering : A Trip to Bosnia in Kentucky

12.27.2016 (which is when we took the trip)

My parents, my sister, and I took a little day trip to this restaurant/grocery store in Kentucky that has beautiful Bosnian food. 266 kata lagi


Bosnian Experts Expect Little From NATO Chief's Visit

The secretary-general of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, will visit Bosnia early in February, when officials are expected to update him on the improvements the country has made on the path to NATO membership. 673 kata lagi


Pictures of the Day #5

Pictures that I dwell on while preparing for and writing my dissertation. / Ezekkel a képekkel találkoztam mostanában a disszertációra való ráhangolódásként.

Chapter two will be on hapticly visual surfaces and the many purposes Joe Sacco is using them for in his comics narratives. 62 kata lagi


Letting Go of Our Preconceptions: A Lesson From Bosnia.

I’ll admit that when my husband suggested Bosnia as part of our three month honeymoon adventure, I hesitated.

My initial thoughts flew to abandoned buildings, water dripping on to rusting corrugated iron, and walls riddled with bullet holes. 1.006 kata lagi