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Did you make a movie about Bosnia or Bosnian issues? Are you a Bosnian who created  a feature, short, animation, documentary, or art film in the last year? 80 kata lagi

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Some faith in humanity restored

A few quick notes to cheer up your Sunday:

6 tons of donations (food, medicine, hygiene and other supplies) collected in Sarajevo were yesterday taken to Belgrade to be handed out to the refugees currently sleeping in the city’s parks. 239 kata lagi


From the Balkans to Stockholm (and everything in between)

“So where are you off to next?” the woman across the table asked me, who was kind as can be but definitely not all there. And those are the best people to encounter while on the road, because you can spend one hour with them and they will leave you with a story that lasts a lifetime. 1.541 kata lagi

The Yugoslav War is often referred to as the deadliest conflict in Europe since World War II.  According to the International Center for Transitional Justice, about 140,000 people lost their lives and about 4 million were displaced as political refugees. 287 kata lagi

Dayton Peace Accords

Plotting and planning . . .       To Croatia and beyond

In my previous blog I wrote about planning a trip to Italy with Croatia added to the start of that trip. After researching Croatia I realised how close it was to a few other places which would be interesting to visit. 463 kata lagi



                                                                               Larisa Inić

An experienced journalist, fixer and translator, providing contacts and services in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Hungary. Providing translations in all directions – English, Croatian, Serbian and Hungarian. 71 kata lagi


When war in Bosnia reached the beginning of its end

One of the deadliest attacks of Bosnia’s savage civil war came 20 years ago yesterday, when Bosnian Serb gunners lobbed five mortar rounds near an open-air market in Sarajevo, the country’s long-besieged capital. 836 kata lagi

Watershed Year