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The Part Where Josie Realizes She Needs People

My illusions of living in Austria–one cannot refer to them as expectations–featured scenes of weekends spent carting off to little Eastern European villages snuggled amongst leafy trails with nothing but Ann The Trusty Trail Shoes, a solid Jules Verne read and a euro for a hearty cup of coffee. 1.076 kata lagi

Living On Purpose


We were planning on visiting friends in Banja Luka, a small town in the Balkan state of Bosnia, when they told us of our perfect timing. 251 kata lagi


Maybe we all need saving!

Back to that wonderful theme.

My post of last Tuesday week, the one about Murat Şahin feeding the dogs and cats in Istanbul, was so warmly welcomed by you. 385 kata lagi


Remembering Bosnia's First International Match

On November 30, 1995, a rag tag group of players and coaches traveled to Tirana, Albania to play a football match.  It was no ordinary game.   133 kata lagi

Solo Bicycle Journey to Medjugorje after Cancer

I suffered a deep psychological rift after cancer.

Nothing  felt the same again.

Everything felt so different.

Even after the initial six month shock started to lose its sting I knew very well I had crossed over into a place I didn’t know – uncharted, waiting to be discovered. 723 kata lagi

Eastern Europe

Hold On, You're In Mostar?!

Mostar is a city that is extremely close to my heart. My first visit to the unofficial capital of Herzegovina was way back in 2009, and the experience was full from the get-go. 1.473 kata lagi


 Took a bit of a break from writing to y’all as I had to do stuff that is expected of me. As well as this sweet ass blog (and all of you peeps I am so very fond of), I have duties that are to be done. 954 kata lagi