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Bill Clinton Withheld Evidence of Iranian Terrorism

Bill Clinton suppressed evidence of Iranian terrorist attacks, including those that led to the murder of American citizens.

But than, they – the Iranians – were also Clinton’s  allies in the war against the former Yugoslavia and the Serbian people. 2.587 kata lagi


Just an ordinary day

I dosla je i ta srijeda, na pola smo radne sedmice, na pola puta do vikenda, i vrijeme je da, kao sto sam i obecala objavim fotografije sa subotnjeg shootinga. 395 kata lagi


Putin Drops the Bombs & Deals the Cards in Syria & Ukraine

By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey via Huffington Post
The challenge of Putin as well as ISIS requires an answer beyond avoidance & containment. — MORE — & Highlights from Ambassador Sacirbey’s recent presentation at Florida International University. 8 kata lagi


Ton Pentre’s Welsh League Division One match with Monmouth Town will now be played on Friday, 9 October 2015 at Ynys Park. The game will kick off at 7.45pm. 91 kata lagi


Gareth Bale Membawa Wales Berjaya di ajang kualifikasi Piala Eropa.

CBOBET – Bintang Real Madrid, Gareth Bale, kembali meraih penghargaan pemain terbaik Wales 2015. Ini adalah kali kelima secara beruntun Bale meraih penghargaan tersebut.

Bale merupakan salah satu pemain yang berperan membawa Wales berjaya di ajang kualifikasi Piala Eropa. 118 kata lagi

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Bosnians in Unity: Iowa Family Seeks Help after Tragedy


A fatal car crash has claimed the life of a Bosnian man last week, and the tragedy-stricken family needs your help.

According to the… 177 kata lagi

Bosnia: A European tinderbox just waiting for a spark

Foreign dignitaries in dark sedans lined a Sarajevo street in July, waiting for their Bosnian hosts to lead the way to Srebrenica, the site of a 20-year-old massacre known as the most brutal of Balkan war atrocities. 2.259 kata lagi