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Vatican War Crimes | Eleanor Roosevelt knew of Roman Catholic War Time Atrocities and Genocide

“Nazi Germany is no more,” replied Mrs. Roosevelt. “The Catholic Church is still here with us. More powerful than ever. With her own Press and the World Press at her bidding.

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A Picture of a Bench from My First Trip to a Conflict Zone

My first trip to a conflict zone was to Serbia and Bosnia in 1999. This bench, located on the Latin Bridge in Sarajevo, commemorates the location where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated on June 28, 1914, the immediate cause of World War I. 85 more words

Human Rights

Picture of the day: A Sarajevo rose

This is a little odd picture for me to post, but a very important one. A Sarajevo Rose is a concrete scar, where a mortar shell exploded during the war of 20 years ago. 45 more words

Bosnia And Herzegovina

Reflection- Martin Bell

The session about Martin Bell was an acute lesson in how to deliver war reports and then how to completely change direction in life because of what you have seen. 187 more words

CATS (John)

The Basics

Often times when I mention Bosnia, I am elated when I get a reply when the person is actually aware that it exists and it is very much a country in it’s own respect. 371 more words


After 5 days of being situated here in Sarajevo, I decided to start up a blog to write down all the hectic occurrences and to explain my experiences to persons who may be interested in keeping with up with my trip and learning some of things I will be posting throughout this period. 700 more words

Wasn't There a War There Once?

Toto Tito, I’ve a feeling we’re not in not in Kansas Mediterranean Yugoslavia anymore.

Sooo…Bosnia and Herzegovina. I don’t want to discourage anyone from going. God knows they could use your money and it offers a fascinating east-meets-west/Ottoman-meets-Habsburg history.

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