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Mostar, was originally a last minute detour when the ferry schedule to go from Dubrovnik to Split via the islands didn’t work out. It ended up however, being one of the most memorable stops on the trip. 996 kata lagi


IMF report comments on the economic situation in Bosnia

The IMF has reached a staff agreement with Bosnia and Herzegovina on an arrangement under the Extended Fund Facility and on 24 May 2016 published a press release including the statements of IMF staff teams. 182 kata lagi

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I try to steer clear of politics because it’s often an area where people’s egos are intimately tied and it’s not worth losing friends over, but sometimes maybe it’s worse to not say anything at all. 484 kata lagi

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Mark Collins - Those Jolly Jihadi Saudis Spreading Wahhabism in Kosovo (and Bosnia)

Further to this post, Those Jolly Jihadi Saudis, Part 3 a major NY Times article looks at what the Kingdom has been up to in a particularly dicey part of the Balkans (PBS on Bosnia at end of the po… 13 kata lagi

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Misty bridge

The Old Bridge (built in 1566.) over the Neretva river covered in mist, Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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© Mirza Hadžić


Shadows of Srebrenica

As I was writing my last post, it became pretty clear that I would need to separate my weekend in Bosnia into two installments. Here I will pick up where I left off, at the end of the conference on Saturday. 2.493 kata lagi