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Post-war Bosnia

Pictured above is a cemetery and memorial for the genocide victims at Srebrenica. Although the Bosnian war ended over two decades ago there are still tensions in the country today. 109 kata lagi


Zlatna Ribica Cafe, Sarajevo

Probably the coolest, most interesting bar or coffee shop I’ve ever been to. Zlatna Ribica is so worth finding and spending several hours in. There is something to look at in every corner, from fresh fruit hanging off lampshades to a tiny black and white television in the bathroom!

Dobrodošli !

Ovo je moj drugi blog zapravo.. Zadnje vrijeme sam bila opterećena svakakvim mislima, a sve su me vodile k’ tomu da se vratim onome što najviše volim. 773 kata lagi

Travelling again..

Today I start the first leg of my 16 day tour of Iceland, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Croatia and Bosnia. Sat on my bed I try to remember who I am, and how in 17 days when I return to this same bed, nothing would have changed but me. 71 kata lagi


Sarajevo, Bosnia from the Drone

I actually had a bit of trouble flying the drone over Sarajevo. Not sure why but there was so much interference over the city that the drone struggled to maintain a connection. 53 kata lagi