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Looking for a new vacation destination? Check out 10 reasons why you should make your next trip one to Bosnia and Herzegovina. 62 kata lagi


The 20th Century's Most Complex Forensic Investigation

Human remains line the walls from floor to ceiling at the Podrinje Identification Project (PIP). PIP is one of three of the International Commission on Missing Person’s (ICMP) facilities, and one of two that deals directly with the human remains related to the fall of Srebrenica. 742 kata lagi


Swinging Through Sarajevo

Tessa and I arrived back to our dorm in Dubrovnik in the early evening on Wednesday only to unpack and repack for our three-day excursion to Bosnia the next day. 1.432 kata lagi


Rupert Goes to Bosnia: An Excursion into Erotica

Once upon a time there was a randy rascal named Rupert. He liked nothing better than traveling the world, searching for fresh-faced young women who would bob on his substantial knob. 624 kata lagi


Day One in Sarajevo: How One City Blew My Mind

No, the title is not hyperbole. I know what you’re thinking: Conan, you’ve only been in the Bosnian capital for a day. How can Sarjevo blow your mind already? 1.405 kata lagi


24 Hours in Sarajevo

Where we ate

Buregdzinica Sac

Mali Bravadziluk 2,

Sarajevo 71000,

Bosnia and Herzegovina

We were recommended to come to Sac by our hotel – I’m not sure how ‘Touristy’ this place is because our hotel said this is the place locals like to go to (although I’m never sure If I believe hotels when they say that… are they actually just getting people to go to their friends restaurant?). 652 kata lagi

Food & Drink

Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina

A small city consisting of 16,000 inhabitants, Travnik is a quick 2 hour bus ride from Sarajevo. After the Ottoman conquest of Bosnia in the 1400s, most of the city converted to Islam and it became an important governmental centre for the region. 28 kata lagi