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Enterprise Vs Sendirian Berhad? (Newbie Bisnes Wajib Baca)

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  • Orang selalu tanya aku, antara Enterprise dengan Sdn Bhd mana yang best. Sukar aku nak kata mana paling best, sebab dua-dua pun ada lebih dan kurang dia.
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Kamek Miak Bintulu

Days 70 – 76 – Wildlife, Forts and Cultural Villages in Kuching, Malaysian Borneo

Once again I was forced to fly through KL in order to have the absolute pleasure of flying with Malaysian Airlines (I say that without sarcasm, their seats are roomy and you always get fed). 2.788 kata lagi

Journey Along the Rajang River.

Our next journey was a three-day trip along the Rajang river stopping in Sibu, Kapit and Belaga. We were unsure what to expect but we were recommend to use this route through the river. 725 kata lagi

Feast your eyes on the forest's green dreamscape

“To be in the jungle is a biological consummation,” wrote botanist EJH Corner in 1930. “To stumble among the riot of enormous trees and to cut a path through the tangle of creepers, which knit the life of the rainforest into one gigantic web, is like a dream.” 811 kata lagi

V. New Home, new experiences; Kudat

Hi from Kudat, the Tip of Sabah and Borneo!

On March 4 I said Goodbye to Keningau and hello to my new home in Kudat. Now, that it’s already been 2 weeks I can tell you more about my life here, which truly is a new experience. 682 kata lagi


First Post of 2018?!

Just to announce that I’m off to Borneo this evening!

“Borneo? Why, of all places, Borneo?” is a common reaction I’ve gotten. Specifically, people express incredulity that I’m actually going to Kuching, of all places. 540 kata lagi