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Boomerang love:
fling it out,
watch it
++++++++in whipping, whirling arc,
+++++++++++++++to its slanting, lofty peak–

++++++++++sink, float,
+++++slowly come back down,
+++++like a homing dove. 36 kata lagi

Medium Length Poems

Boomerang... I'll be back

Ο παρακάτω οδηγός θα σας βοηθήσει να μάθετε πώς να ρίξετε ένα μπούμερανγκ και αυτό να επιστρέψει, ο καλύτερος τρόπος για να το πιάσετε, και άλλες …


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══ ʚ∘ɞ═══════════════════════════

*:・゚✧ Mori –

hair\ Beusy: Lucid Hair & Cap
shirt\ {BB} Hipster Shirt – hangry grey… 54 kata lagi

Do it differently

What do you want? More freedom? A stronger relationship? A new hobby? Less stress? More calmness? More action? More stability? More travelling?

If we want something we never had we have to do something we’ve never done. 69 kata lagi


300 Days of Beer - Day 201

Day 201 – 18th May 2016

Happy Humpday folks! On with the latest entry in my 300 Beers blog, it’s a delightful offering from the Salopian Brewery – ‘Boomerang’. 26 kata lagi

300 Days Of Beer

INSTAGRAM New Look !!! #instafail or #instayay

INSTAGRAM New Look !!! #instafail💔 or #instayay❣
I have been so mentally and physically busy in arranging my eid/summer exhibition since last week (a whole blog post about it is coming soon) and finally when I got a chance to have a look at my insta account yesterday, my first words were like “whoa”. 265 kata lagi


Day 131

One of the hardest things for me to learn and even harder to accept was letting go of the expectation to be loved back by someone I loved. 125 kata lagi

366 Days With You