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A Place to Live

It’s called the boomerang generation.

The cause? More people are remaining single longer, which means no combined incomes to form their own households. But also, the rising rental costs have surpassed wage increases in flourishing cities across the country. 167 kata lagi


My Thoughts on Suicide Squad (Minor Spoilers)

It’s very unlikely that you haven’t heard of Suicide Squad yet, one of the biggest films of this year, featuring a large cast, with some famous faces the film was released in the UK on 5th August 2016, to a rather mixed reception from plenty of different fans and critics, so I’m here today so share with you, my thoughts on DC’s latest movie. 861 kata lagi

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So You're Moving in With Your Parents: a 7 Step Guide to Not Freaking Out

  1. Don’t freak out!

2. Go to yoga. Yoga is great!

3. Have a giant glass of wine.

4. Embrace the term ‘Boomerang Generation’ and  have another giant glass of wine. 80 kata lagi


Slow Jam time

So I like to slow dance.. and this is one of my favorite songs to dance to.. Johnny gets me in my feelings.. I miss my chocolate! 11 kata lagi


My Poem 'Boomerang'

Throw that boomerang
as hard and as far as you can
high into the sky –
but make sure to watch it constantly
as it flies and then comes back around… 367 kata lagi


App-Date Your Instagram

Now that Instagram has become more than hipster photos of mason jars with the X-Pro filter, we’ve all had to up our games — by that, I mean focus on posting high-quality content and develop photo-editing skills (which can be a challenge for those not well-versed in the science of photography, like myself). 409 kata lagi