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Rem Resurgence...

I waken from sleep disorientated,

Still clinging to that place where that other “me” goes

When not wearing the now tired and past its’ “best before” date, body… 255 kata lagi


“You’re a little bit fireshow, I’m a little bit H20.”

I love this band, I just recently discovered them and all of their songs are a little relevant, and their vibe is awesome! 14 kata lagi


Why BoOmeRanG?

Eventually, whatever we do, wherever we go, everything turns back. Good times pass to make way for bad ones. But so does the bad phases. Nature is stubborn. 179 kata lagi


Pro-tip: Use Boomerang for Gmail to schedule emails to be delivered later

For many of us, email is a necessary evil. Necessary because most of the business world still uses email to communicate important information, evil becauseĀ it can end up controlling your life. 546 kata lagi


Help support the Independent Spirit!

This coming weekend we will honor the independent spirit that gave birth to a nation.

Boomerang Theatre Company is asking you to celebrate that same spirit by supporting independent theatre. 195 kata lagi

Boom Artists

I am a Boomerang

America has the biggest military budget in the world. I am now sick and tired of telling Obama and congress that the boomerang bomb will never work. 189 kata lagi

Non Fiction

Cartoon memories

I had a Cartoon Network childhood.

Between the ages of about four and ten, when I was just a kid living in white suburban Oregon, I had access to that most fabled of all American freedoms: satellite television, then very much a novelty in our household. 966 kata lagi