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My hood, boomeranging with Bivan and a third date

Getting most of the things I need from a small radius around my house.

The most amazing Boomerang with Bivan.

Live music and fun company. And head touching. That was really nice.

Coffee, Clay, Canvas: Students Convey Their Stories Through Art

Calming music reverberated throughout the crowded coffee shop as clusters of people chattered away in a sea of colorful canvases and sculptures. The only sensation that could overpower the smell of coffee roasting was the feeling of pride and accomplishment that was felt by the artists. 431 kata lagi


Boomerang and Layout


Had some fun playing around with the Instagram apps: Boomerang and Layout, both are super easy to use. For example, you just download whatever app you want to try through the app store, I believe both are free. 225 kata lagi

Words Written

January Playlist

This playlist is a segment I have taken from one of my old blogs that I want to reuse on here. Each month I will be creating a playlist to showcase what songs I have listened to and music I’ve shazammed from the tv and recommendations from friends.At The End of the year, i will be showing the difference between each of my playlists to see whether my listening habits have changed or not. 321 kata lagi


Turner’s Warner TV celebrates successful 2016 and super-powered shows as it delivers high ratings

Warner TV’s highly rated shows like Arrow, The Big Bang Theory and Lethal Weapon, bring Turner’s regional entertainment network in the big leagues. 337 kata lagi