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Boomerang Painting! October 26

This afternoon we learnt a bit about Aboriginal Australian culture at the Boomerang Painting activity.

The students channeled their artistic sides and created some great boomerangs, painting Australian animals and using traditional Aboriginal symbols and dot-painting styles. 51 kata lagi

Student News

The Boomerang Master (Video)

Are you discouraged by your circumstances? Feel like everything is rigged against you? This short morning thought video should help. Feel free to share. Now HD on YouTube:

Morning Thought

The Boomerang Master

Morning Thought: Circumstances are not your master; Jesus is your master. Throughout history God has turned the darkest dungeons into the brightest displays of his glory. 102 kata lagi

Morning Thought

”Boomeranged down”

An Australian aboriginal people, whose skeleton was discovered at a riverbank in New South Wales’ Toorale National Park, Australia, two years ago, has been diagnosed to have fallen victim to a boomerang attack. 62 kata lagi

Fun Weekend

During this month I had a really fun weekend in Carbondale. I know, you’ve probably never heard about it, but let me tell you something regarding this town in the Southern Illinois and how I spent my time here. 518 kata lagi