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Jared Leto Vs Monty: Who Looks Better As The Joker?

Okay, admittedly, I won’t be intimidating ANYBODY in Gotham City with my Joker costume. Unless I get crumbs on Bruce Wayne’s couch, which might mildly annoy Alfred, his butler. 196 more words


Big Hairy Deal

It’s bad enough to have a monkey on your back, but when it keeps returning, that’s another sort of trouble. I’d call it a Boomerang… 353 more words

Human Nature

1972 Maserati Boomerang | Sports Car | One-Off Concept | Italdesign | Panoramic View Doors | 4.7L AM 107.07.47 90 V8 310hp | Top Speed 240 kph 149 mph… 44 more words

Classic Cars

Photos of "Armata", "Kurganets-25" and "Boomerang" from the Ministry of Defense of Russia


On a specially created website page of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, dedicated to the upcoming May 9 Victory Parade 2015,  it was laid out a very high-quality photos of samples of military equipment, which will take part in the Victory Parade in Moscow. 27 more words


We stayed at Blueys Beach for many years when the children were small. Just the invocation of those two words reminds me of their young milky smell. 237 more words