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Remembering Puns #35

Remembering Puns

A lot of brave men fought and died in San Antonio, Texas, which is Alamo reason to remember

Way back when, I used to remember things by tying a… 143 kata lagi

Writing And Grammar

2017 Instagram Stories Day 1

My earlier post on discovering Instagram Stories had me motivated to post more content. But I had no idea what it would transpire in less than 6 hours. 159 kata lagi


Full House

One of my immediate goals is to clean out some clutter around this house. With the building of the addition last summer, and all of the trickle-down projects that happened in the wake of it, there still always seems to be a task in process, and a pile of tools and supplies taking up residence somewhere in or around the house. 600 kata lagi


Spring Boomerang by CHANEL

“ก็เพราะว่าตัว ฉันเป็นอย่างบูมเมอแรง ขว้างไปยิ่งแรง ยิ่งกลับมาเร็ว”

Having so much fun with my new @Chanel boomerang 👌🏼 pic.twitter.com/8w6jGPIuYU

— Jeffree Star (@JeffreeStar) May 15, 2017

ใครจะรู้ว่าเพลงสุดฮิตของพี่เบิร์ดจะดังขึ้นมาในหัวอีกครั้งเมื่อเห็น Jeffree Star…

12 kata lagi

Witch wrap do you miss the most?

I’ve bought and sold a lot of wraps over the last 11 months. I want to try it all, and i’ve had the pleasure of owning many. 169 kata lagi



It is a queen’s birthday. A Black queen, that is.

Grace Jones’s birthday is TODAY, and while she turns 65 years old, the queen still remains to look like she is in her 20’s. 155 kata lagi


Chanel Is Being Criticized For Selling A $1,325 Boomerang Online

Chanel is under fire for including a $1,325 boomerang in its collection of new summer accessories.

Members and supporters of Australia’s Indigenous community are accusing the luxury brand of cultural appropriation. 116 kata lagi