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Bubble Rush

All through the year at Saint Francis Hospice, I work on various event collateral to bring in much needed funds. This year so far one of my favourite events to work on has been our annual Bubble Rush.  127 kata lagi

Graphic Design

Booklet - "My Cultural Revolution" (18 May 1968 - Salvador Dali)

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by Salvador DALI


I, Salvador Dalí, an apostolic Roman Catholic, apolitical to the highest degree and spiritually monarchist, I note with modesty and jubilation that all the enthusiasms of today’s creative youth are united around a single virtue: opposition to the bourgeois culture. 605 kata lagi


MLMM Tale Weaver — Welcome to Durfur

Carl was sitting on a folding chair in a large room with many identical folding chairs, nearly every one taken. In his hand was a spiral bound booklet entitled, The Book of Durfur — A Beginners Guide. 430 kata lagi

Flash Fiction

Lucida's Typo Leaflet

I was assigned Lucida typeface and created a leaflet that showed its identity.



Before & Aftereffects

A picture is worth a thousand words but a good-looking picture is worth much more

Avoid the use of poor images for your promotions. The most successful publicity photos look lifelike, convincing, and are free of distracting clutter. 848 kata lagi

Graphic Design

"black Eyed Peas - The End" Album Fergie Autographed Signed Cd Booklet

“black Eyed Peas – The End” Album Fergie Autographed Signed Cd Booklet
Welcome To My Personal Collection.I’m A Collector From Colorado And I Have A Huge Collection Of Signed Records,CDs, Posters And Photos That I Acquired Over Many Years. 182 kata lagi


Leger des Heils Installation | Release "Imperium"

I have mentioned this work before in my old Archives, but today I will write a bit more from “behind the scenes”. I created this piece(s) in the second half of last year, after Mario, the man behind the musical project Leger des Heils had contacted me, to ask me for some visual works for his album release “Imperium”. 534 kata lagi

Introducing Work Pieces