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Mark Ten Suie - "A Story of Silk"

This is the cover and back page of a 16-page booklet, “A Story of Silk,” included in Mark Ten Suie’s file. Besides the sericulture of the silkworm it contains a list of the stockholders of the American-Chinese Silk Manufacturing Company. 178 kata lagi

Business Cards

Reading Old Prints, 3

The most recent origami booklet I’ve made is from a woodcut I carved and printed in 1973. It’s called Forth Form Variation and is from a series I did playing around with several shapes. 197 kata lagi

Lily S. May

Shoddy: the publication

A lasting record of the original Shoddy exhibition that took place in Leeds in April 2016 is now available.

A 32-page booklet featuring all the artists, photographs of their work and excerpts from their statements, has been published, thanks to a grant from the Leeds Philosophical & Literary Society. 111 kata lagi

Disabled People

What's on the desktop

As Lamice has been busy preparing for the upcoming exhibition, I have been scratching at my tablet with laptop blazing. 128 kata lagi


Is it really worth it?

As I speak about my project to others, I continually get asked the same type of question somewhere along the lines of, “Is being a Girl Scout for so long even worth it?” They go on to say they are pretty sure one who invests so much time in completing the Gold Award must not ever get the recognition they deserve. 463 kata lagi


1920s Douglas Lodge booklet

Here is a little 12 page 1920s promotional booklet for Douglas Lodge in Itasca State Park. Inside are several photographs of the lodge and the park, and a rate card, which is pictured. 23 kata lagi