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5 Simple Tips and Tricks for WordPress Users (3 min read)

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Prince Kelvin

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These are some simple ways to get the most out of WordPress’s built-in features. 457 kata lagi


Once Upon a Prince by Rachel Hauck (quick review)

From the publisher:

Once Upon a Prince, the first novel in the Royal Wedding series by best-selling author Rachel Hauck, treats you to a modern-day fairy tale. 353 kata lagi


THE OPERATOR, by Kim Harrison is now in bookstores everywhere.

There are some authors who deserve to be in bookstores. Kim Harrison is definitely one. Her books should be proudly displayed in glass windows along with stacks of hardcover volumes — with life-size images of the smiling author. 714 kata lagi

Sci Fi - Fantasy - Time Travel

How to Find a Passion for Your Blog (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Matthew Johnson

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Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Successful Living Writer

As someone rather new to blogging, this was my biggest struggle. 440 kata lagi


Bromance: George Klein

George Klein and Elvis Presley went to the same high school.

Klein became a Memphis DJ and Elvis became The King.

Klein’s primary career was in radio and he only sometimes travelled as an inner circle member, part of the Memphis Mafia sorta depending. 285 kata lagi

Elvis Presley

A Review of "The Snow Child" by Eowyn Ivey

There is a special kind of emptiness in a marriage, when both the partners long for a child without success. Their private moments change from solitude to loneliness: intimate chatter degenerates into monosyllables before ultimately descending into dark silence. 1.111 kata lagi

Book Review

Terminated by Rachel Caine

Already addicted to the pharmaceutical drug that keeps her body from decomposing, Bryn has to stop a secretive group of rich and powerful investors from eliminating the existing Returné addicts altogether.

471 kata lagi
Book Review