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A Larch lifted...and then returned.

I bought this Japanese Larch as a seedling four years ago and when moving here I planted it in a flower bed and planned to leave it to bulk up.  264 more words


MBG repottings - Rempotages JBM

For me, there are two reasons for repotting a penjing or a bonsai.

  1. Health purposes
  2. Esthetic purposes

Health purposes:

To re-establish a proper air/earth ratios. If a tree’s root system is too compact and there are no macro-pores, water  and air have a hard time reaching the plant’s roots and this is dangerous. 454 more words


Un bonsai de Fagus crenata

En août 2013, j’ai obtenu cet arbre de Brian Donnelly. Au départ je croyais que c’était un Fagus crenata, mais en regardant comme il faut, ça ne correspond pas exactement. 383 more words


Owning a bonsai - week 2

So the days are drifting by and the temperature dipped again for (hopefully) the last time this winter. 163 more words


Great Video from Mr Sellman

Popped this up on the big screen TV using Chromecast. An enjoyable 10 minutes with a cuppa.


Cork bark black pine from graft - follow up

Two years ago, I started a few cork bark black pines by grafting (See “Creating cork bark black pine“). The grafts took, and that fall I began… 240 more words


A Hard Bit "A" Graft

This is an experiment in progress for a bit of amusement. I had three beech saplings to hand in mid 2013 and decided to try to graft them into a triple trunk. 315 more words