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Brazilian raintrees and senescence

Here’s the word of the day: senescence. Here’s the tree of the day: Brazilian raintree.

When we think of senescence we usually think of deciduous trees. 908 kata lagi


Urban Dinosaur

Frozen dinosaur

trapped in urban landscape. A

respectful distance.


New pots by us... for bonsai, etc

At Ponsonby Plants, we’re now making our own hand-made pots. Here’s a shot of some, with good proper, huge, drain holes. No glaze yet, these are just raw, thrown pots. More to come…

Pot Gallery

The Royal Ficus is Sick...

I realize now that I never made a post about this tree, so here’s a two-parter. I bought this Ficus from Scott Lee (Blue River Bonsai) on Facebook back in August. 238 kata lagi


All good things come to an end

Last night we got our first snow!

The first snow is always so enchanting, if I hadn’t been so sick for the last week I would have been out in it taking in every bit of that magic.  168 kata lagi


Winter preperations

How to prepare the bonsai for the winter season. Is there anything to do at all? Yes, there is. First and foremost bonsai needs to be stored away from frosty winds and sun, that may dry them out when the roots are trapped in a frozen soil, not being able to take up water. 163 kata lagi


Bonsai Hotel

Bonsai Hotel — Image by kenne

“Remember, when moving, 
There is no place that doesn’t move. 
When still, 
There is no place that isn’t still. 46 kata lagi