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Bonsai - Is That Really a Good Idea?

You know that saying ‘a green thumb’? Well, I’m infamous for having a blackened and withered thumb that has single handedly (or single thumbly?) caused a plant genocide for the last two decades. 428 kata lagi


A New Acquisition

Well pleased with this very large European Beech bought at the recent NIBS auction.  Field grown from seed over the last 25 years by Josh.  It’s just out of the ground.   6 kata lagi


Getting Ready for the National Show

Much of the time at yesterdays meeting of the Lanarkshire Bonsai Club was taken up with the selection of trees for our club display at the Scottish National Bonsai Show which this year will be held in Stirling on Saturday the 14th of May ( See flyer at the end of this post).Here are some photographs taken during our deliberations, which give a very rough impression of what we are planning. 40 kata lagi

The bonsai banana trick

Just home from “Bonsaigarten Bentfeldt” in Lübeck, Germany after teaching bonsai. I also learned something new. The banana bonsai trick. Put a piece of a banana peeling on your bonsai branch, and it will not be attacked by aphids. 98 kata lagi

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Mighty Botantical Gardens

Hello friends!

Welcome back to another #MightyMonday, where we talk about inspirational things that make us want to travel!

I adore gardening. Not only are gardens beautiful to look at, but if you’re the one who helped orchestrate the garden it’s a completely different experience. 406 kata lagi


Pacific Bonsai Museum Decked Out Exhibit

I attended the first day opening of a new art exhibit at the Pacific Bonsai Museum, located in Federal Way, Washington. It’s called “Decked Out – From Scroll to Skateboard” and showcases skateboard artwork of local artists. 239 kata lagi