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Saulieu 2016 - The Trees

My friend JP Reitz has a superb album of photos from Saulieu up on FlickR.

Click on the Image below to view. Enjoy :-)


Fall color on the benches

It’s always find it gratifying to see fall color come to the bonsai benches. This is just a tiny pot with a Virginia creeper, but the colors are great.



That year, in 1955, my father and I often drove Iseyama-san to places like an arboretum, where he taught bonsai to garden clubs.  We’d unload the trunk of our car of plants. 521 kata lagi


Top 5 bonsai - Cotoneaster

In some of the next posts i will show my personal top 5 hit list of bonsai subjects. It will be in random order, because I can’t choose one for another. 430 kata lagi


Indoor for the Winter

My relationship with tropicals is a strained one. My oldest trees are ficus (longest in my care, anyway), but I don’t live in a tropical zone. 183 kata lagi


Tree Perspective Details – European Bonsai San Show 2016

This post shows the amazing details of the trees that impressed me the most at the European Bonsai San Show held in Saulieu, France in October 2016. 619 kata lagi


Saying goodbye to a favorite tree

Some of my loyal and longtime readers know that, for the last one year and eleven months (yes, I am counting) I’ve been battling a unique health issue with my digestive system (my colo-rectal surgeon says I am a unique case that her and her colleagues have never seen. 587 kata lagi