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More progress on the bonsai tree!

Its still not done, but i think it already looks really good, I’m gonna paint some shadows later.


Dragon Sabina

My Spanish friend Germán offered me last year two yamadori Spanish Sabina junipers with great potential. I will be writing about one of them in this entry. 2.069 kata lagi


National Arboretum

The United States National Arboretum serves as the center for botanical research within the United States. It is a beautiful location with columns that used to be part of the National Capitol but were removed in 1958 during the Capitol’s expansion. 160 kata lagi


Started two new paintings

This is the first one I began with. I worked with golden acrylic, tape and spraypaint on a piece of wood. It’s gonna take a while until it’s done, because my motivation for this one kinda disappeared, but I think it’s a good beginning! 59 kata lagi


Waiting for Signs of Growth

I grow bonsai trees.

In South Florida, some kinds of trees grow year round.  Some never lose their leaves or foliage.  But, some, need an annual period of dormancy – typically, the winter (though, we don’t get much of a winter in South Florida!). 536 kata lagi


Portrait of Bae

As I was driving around Mojave, California, USA, I couldn’t help but notice Bae’s beautiful bonsai trees at the side of the road (see below). I decided to stop and talk to her. 98 kata lagi