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How Bonsai Trees Reflect Japanese Culture

How Bonsai Trees Reflect Japanese Culture

Japanese bonsai is the art of growing what looks like miniature trees in low-sided containers. According to Bonsai Tree Gardener, bonsai is derived from the word “bon” which means “pot” and “sai” which means planting. 486 kata lagi


The bonsai collection at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit, Conyers Georgia

Ever since I got into bonsai, one of the most asked questions about my trips was: “Have you ever been to The Monastery?” Until last July, 2017, the answer was always no. 356 kata lagi


Landscape Arborvitae to Bonsai - First Styling

This was the tree in the ground after it was collected. It was in a place in my yard I call the “purgatory”. If a tree lives through the “purgatory”, it gets to form a line at the pearly gates of bonsai heaven. 544 kata lagi

August Pine Rescue

Notice was left on a card hanging from the doorknob.

Crews will be working in the easement to prune and remove trees that may interfere with the power lines.

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Árbol de Jade

Árbol de Jade. Se conoce también como árbol del dinero. Su Nombre científico es Crassula ovata, que es sinónimo de Crassula argentea. Pertenece a la familia Crassulaceae y es nativa de Sudáfrica. 305 kata lagi


Bonsai Nerdery

So I put together a bonsai video. It’s on Youtube, the link is below.

Bonsai Nerdery – Pruning & Maintenance August, 2017

I’ve also previously written about bonsai trees  117 kata lagi

Better Life

Deciphering DC: National Bonsai & Penjing Museum @ U.S. National Arboretum

There are many great and busy places to visit in DC, but the out-of-way U.S. National Arboretum should be added to everyone’s list to visit regularly. 200 kata lagi

Deciphering DC