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After quite a bit of thought on this maple, I decided to make a drastic cut to reduce the size of the tree and improve taper.   181 kata lagi


The joys of writing and bonsai…


As much as I love a good book, I also love many other beautiful things. Like the bonsai in the picture above for instance, I think it is stunning. 400 kata lagi

Life As An Author


August 2015

July 2016

In less than one year, I have successfully air layered this Brazilian rain tree and placed it inside its “first” training pot.   345 kata lagi


Clouds in your garden!

A little imagination and inspiration from different cultures can bring a plain and boring wall shrub to life. Applying the cloud pruning principles of Japanese Bonsai to the wall shrub Euonymus ‘Emerald n Gold’ gives a new interest to this front garden. 6 kata lagi

Plants & Gardens

Refinement carving on a buttonwood 

This’ll be a quick look at a client’s buttonwood and how I try to match new carving to old deadwood. Not easy but you can get close. 809 kata lagi


Nature is Art

I firmly believe that those born with creative minds can find art surrounding them on a daily basis. Art is not limited to painting, sculpture, etc. 663 kata lagi

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