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New Video Coming Up

I am currently rendering a new video for our YouTube channel which features my face…kind of. Jason decided to teach me how to air layer and we both thought it would be cool to make a video out of me learning. 90 kata lagi


...of bonsai, bugs, & cheesecake...

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…”In training since 1625: How a 390-year old bonsai tree survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima”…”Eight things insects-those unsung heroes-do for us”…”Praise the Lord & pass the cheesecake”… 149 kata lagi

Why are my trees yellow?

I was puzzled, this year, by the appearance of yellow foliage on some of my young pines. Yellow foliage is common on weak trees and often results from bad soil, under-feeding or various kinds of infestation. 807 kata lagi


Redesigning a Brazilian Raintree after it goes boom boom

Flashback to December, 2014. I was in the hospital, full of shit (I’m sure there were beans involved), trying to stay alive. I guess there was a mighty windstorm (or my rambunctious 6 and eight year old boys) and one of my Brazilian Raintrees was blown/knocked off the bench. 815 kata lagi


In training since 1625: How a 390-year-old bonsai tree survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima

Moses Weisberg was walking his bicycle through the National Arboretum in Northeast Washington when he stopped at a mushroom-shaped tree. The first thing he noticed was the thickness of the trunk, estimated at almost a foot and a half in diameter. 761 kata lagi


Lanarkshire Bonsai Club Meeting 02/08/2015

Yesterday I attended the monthly meeting of the Lanarkshire Bonsai Club at Wattston Bonsai. For the second month in a row we have had new members joining our number, which is good news for the future of the club, but it does mean that meetings can get a little crowded at peak times and space to work on a tree can be very limited. 99 kata lagi

Roses Grow on You

The other day Stephen and I did a little propagation of some mini roses in a cutting session. About 6 varieties in total I think with the very tasty super mini getting multiplied ;-) 15 kata lagi