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3 Recently Re-Potted Trees

Here are some studio pictures of 3 trees which have been re-potted in the past month, which are all showing good strong signs that they have been  unaffected by the root disturbance . 27 kata lagi

New Accent Pots & Tiles Added

I’ve just added some new accent pots and tiles to the Magic Ceramics page. Full list available here. 8 kata lagi


Landscape | Transcendings

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Description From Photographer if Any:

By Martynas

Source: 500px.com


Cut it here - my start in bonsai

“Cut it here,” he said. I was working at the family business, a retail nursery in Alameda, California. It was 1993. A man I had not met before was offering me pruning advice, and the advice was good. 891 kata lagi


It just doesn't stop

Bonsai is a Full time commitment , you need to be thinking ahead all the time.
Yamadori Baekea frutescens

West Australia