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2018 BOM - June

Before I was measuring stuff, I was a tool engineer, designing tooling to help make airplanes. The tools we use are big jigs to hold pieces while they’re fastened together, or mandrels to lay composite up on before it’s cured, or templates for drilling holes. 291 kata lagi


Weekly Workbasket

Life is BUSY! At least mine is.  I have to snatch at free time and hold tight to it to work on any projects that I can.  1.394 kata lagi


Persuasion - 1 Nephi 3:21

Context and General Information

  • Nephi persuades his brothers to give obtaining the brass plates another try.


So – we are spending time on verse 21 today. 1.500 kata lagi


REVIEW: The Book of Mormon

Rating: ★★★★★
Quick Summary: The man sat next to me turned to his girlfriend at the interval and whispered “I think I just wet myself a little bit.” Enough said. 912 kata lagi


80650-08 : Dimension based configuration

Dimension based configuration

First understand variations, the item having multiple variations created using product masters. Example: Item pen maintains a one item code with different variations like color: blue, red, green and black. 134 kata lagi


80650-07 : BOM Product Change Cases

BOM Product Change Cases

To document changes made to product and this functionality uses the standard AX 2012 R3 onwards feature of case management functionality. 38 kata lagi


80650-06 : Quantity Dependent BOMs

Quantity Dependent BOMs

To pick a BOM version based on qty in Sales order

More details will be posted soon..