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1 Nephi 15:4-11 (Scripture Studies)

​So these last couple of days have been pretty hard. Not because anythings happened or changed. Nope. Simply a light switch in my brain that flipped. 386 kata lagi

Trials/ Struggles

Inventor 2017 - Add Multiple Bolted Connections

Did you know you can place multiple bolted connections in one operation in Inventor? It’s a pretty powerful way to get your BOM (Bill of Materials) looking ship-shape with minimal effort. 8 kata lagi


Books of the Month - October

How To Get A Job In PR by Sarah Stimson

We Have A Deal by Natalie Reynolds

(Hoping for more leisure reading next time.)


Living with Anxiety and Depression

First and foremost, what is it like to be in the mind of someone that has Anxiety + Depression? Well, to be honest, it’s pretty much like this at least for me, it could be different for other people too. 591 kata lagi

Contrary Wife

Contrary Wife… No, not me…  (Though, if the definition of contrary is “perversely inclined to disagree or do the opposite of what is expected or desired.”, then Yes, I might be that woman occasionally!) 424 kata lagi

The New Face of Machinery - Part 2

September 2016
Peter Thorne

Part 1 of this article discussed the new ways of interacting with connected products and how manufacturers will change their approach to development, operations and service. 396 kata lagi


Wrapping up the Alarm Clock Project

It has been a long while since the last post. Amongst other things, the clock has been a work-in-progress. Each time I made some progress, I found some new reason to create a revision. 1.785 kata lagi