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Book review 9) 10 Physicists who transformed our understanding of reality

today I will do the review of 10 Physicists… bla bla. I started to read this book right after Christmas when I got it(but I read only one chapter finishing it last week). 460 kata lagi


Development of the Bohr Model of the Atom

By Nathan Cunningham, VI Form

Development of the Bohr Model of the Atom

Around the turn of the 20th century, physicists became increasingly focused on examining the most miniscule of physical interactions. 1.725 kata lagi

Season 3

How Famous Researchers Work: Niels Bohr

The Danish physicist Niels Bohr (1885-1962) was one of the pioneers of nuclear physics, winning the Nobel prize in 1922. At his research institute in Copenhagen, he gathered a community of international physicists. 216 kata lagi



Today, I leave you to contemplate this piece of wisdom. (Mostly because the only other topic with B that I could think of was Bose Einstein Condensate  59 kata lagi


Anything but Bohr-ing

Neils Bohr. Describer of atomic structure. 1922 Nobel Prize winner in Physics.

Let’s be honest, the guy is a boss.

I sometimes wonder. What was it like to have been a scientist in the age of the greats? 769 kata lagi

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