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Reflections in Einstein's bubble

There’s something peculiar in this earlier post where I embroidered on Einstein’s gambit in his epic battle with Bohr.  Here, I’ll self-plagiarize it for you… 700 kata lagi

Is there stuff behind the stats?

It would have been awesome to watch Dragon Princes in battle (from a safe hiding place), but I’d almost rather have witnessed “The Tussles in Brussels,” the two most prominent confrontations between Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr. 680 kata lagi


There are many others, I’m sure, who have suspected the Tree of Good and Evil in Genesis was simply a ruse – but then why?  One has to reject the idea that God is mean or whimsical in making up cruel and dangerous toys for his children. 660 kata lagi


Quantum mechanics introduction

We live in a world filled with mysteries and strange phenomena. We are already overwhelmed by what we can see… What about what we cannot see?  989 kata lagi


Gin And The Art of Quantum Mechanics

“Fancy a card game, Johnny?”
“Sure, Jennie, deal me in.  Wot’re we playin’?”
“Gin rummy sound good?”

Great idea, and it fits right in with our current Entanglement theme.  686 kata lagi

Book review 9) 10 Physicists who transformed our understanding of reality

today I will do the review of 10 Physicists… bla bla. I started to read this book right after Christmas when I got it(but I read only one chapter finishing it last week). 460 kata lagi


Development of the Bohr Model of the Atom

By Nathan Cunningham, VI Form

Development of the Bohr Model of the Atom

Around the turn of the 20th century, physicists became increasingly focused on examining the most miniscule of physical interactions. 1.725 kata lagi

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