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How Famous Researchers Work: Niels Bohr

The Danish physicist Niels Bohr (1885-1962) was one of the pioneers of nuclear physics, winning the Nobel prize in 1922. At his research institute in Copenhagen, he gathered a community of international physicists. 216 kata lagi



Today, I leave you to contemplate this piece of wisdom. (Mostly because the only other topic with B that I could think of was Bose Einstein Condensate  59 kata lagi


Anything but Bohr-ing

Neils Bohr. Describer of atomic structure. 1922 Nobel Prize winner in Physics.

Let’s be honest, the guy is a boss.

I sometimes wonder. What was it like to have been a scientist in the age of the greats? 769 kata lagi

Tangentially Science

Spooky Action At A Distance

Einstein: That’s nonlocal behavior.
Bohr: True
Einstein: But reality dictates that ..
Bohr: You cannot speak of reality anymore!
Einstein: But I dismiss nonlocality.
Bohr: So do I.

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my man crush...my inspiration

                           Yes, I have a man-crush on him…a third class patent clerk from the Swiss Patent Office, who could not even get himself promoted to second class…my inspiration Albert Einstein. 492 kata lagi