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The Atom

Waaaaaaay the hell back, when the majority of people lived to be, like, 50 yrs old tops, and when the young’ns all listened to their elder’s explanations for anything and everything that they couldn’t quite wrap their lil heads around like it was the law, people… Actually were pretty spot on when they thought that everything was made of lil itty bitty… 699 kata lagi

Physics Notes

Batas realitas kuantum dan realitas klasik

Saya suka sekali dengan kartun dalam artikel yang ditulis Wojciech Zurek, penggagas konsep dekoherensi kuantum, tentang transisi dari kuantum ke klasik di atas. Ilustrasi di atas menggambarkan dua wilayah yang berbeda tempat realistas berperilaku sangat kontras, wilayah kuantum yang probabilistik tempat… 460 kata lagi


UN Fisika 2016 Paket 3 Nomor 37

Perbedaan teori atom Rutherford dengan teori atom Bohr adalah …

A. Pada teori atom Bohr, spektrum atom hidrogen diskrit, sedangkan pada teori atom Rutherford kontinu… 78 kata lagi

Un Fisika 2016 Paket 3

Quantum Mechanics and Reality

Physics is quite familiar with macroscopic properties that can’t be possessed by individual atoms or molecules. As Susan Stebbing questioned in her philosophy and the physicists… 503 kata lagi

Philosophy Of Science

Einstein, the 5th Solvay Conference and God

From the 24th to 29th October 1927, the fifth Solvay Conference took place in Brussels. Perhaps the most famous science conference in history. Seventeen of the 29 attendees were or became Nobel Prize winners. 45 kata lagi


CP20 - Line Spectra


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Review CER Sheet

  • what is true for each scientist?
  • how do they lead to each other?
  • what questions do we have?
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