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#7 The 5th Solvay Conference

The Volta Conference

The city of Como, Italy, was the birthplace of Alessandro Volta, who the volt was named after. Born in 1745, he died in 1827, the pride and glory of the little town Como. 1.240 kata lagi

Quantum Physics

#6 The Uncertainty Principle

February 1927. For Heisenberg, life was a nightmare. Schrödinger’s equation was rapidly gaining popularity; even his mentor Bohr seemed to prefer Schrödinger’s model more than his. 1.289 kata lagi

Quantum Physics

#3: The Bohr Atomic Model

In 1897, JJ Thomson discovered the electron, proving that the atom was not the smallest unit of matter. In 1910, Ernest Rutherford proved that a positive nucleus exists in the center of the atom surrounded by negative electrons. 1.065 kata lagi

Quantum Physics

A Reflection on the History of Quantum Physics

A mere mention of the phrase “quantum physics” brings to mind complex math equations and mind-boggling theories, which explains why many are scared to even touch upon this subject. 1.979 kata lagi


Konfigurasi Elektron

F. Konfigurasi Elektron

Konfigurasi elektron merupakan gambaran susunan elektron pada orbital-orbitalnya dalam atom. Ada 3 aturan yang harus diperhitungkan dalam menentukan konfigurasi elektron suatu atom. 533 kata lagi

Kelas X

Partikel Penyusun Atom

Partikel Penyusun Atom


Dari video diatas menunjukkan bahwa dari katode (elektrode negatif) keluar sinar menuju ke anode (elektrode positif).

Sifat-sifat sinar katode tersebut antara lain sebagai berikut. 1.240 kata lagi

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Prelude to A Shell Game

Big Vinnie barrels into the office.  “Hey, Sy, word is that you’ve been trash-talking Niels Bohr.  What’s the story?”

“Nothing against Bohr, Vinnie, he was a smart guy who ran a numbers game out of C-town —” 684 kata lagi