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Spooky Action At A Distance

Einstein: That’s nonlocal behavior.
Bohr: True
Einstein: But reality dictates that ..
Bohr: You cannot speak of reality anymore!
Einstein: But I dismiss nonlocality.
Bohr: So do I.

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my man inspiration

                           Yes, I have a man-crush on him…a third class patent clerk from the Swiss Patent Office, who could not even get himself promoted to second class…my inspiration Albert Einstein. 492 kata lagi


Are Electrons Particles or Waves? The Surprising Answer is … YES!

Most people think of electrons as particles, and for good reason. We all learned the simple atomic model with an electron in orbit around a nucleus. 647 kata lagi

Transforming Duality into Oneness

Continuing from our last installment where Jesus states that he speaks not of himself but of the Father dwelling in him, Preston Harold extrapolates:

Certainly Jesus repeated insistently that He was…

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Copenhagen ~ the Old Man and the C

In an alternate Universe
Heisenberg was not so uncertain
Bohr was exciting – not a boor at all
And they did not open the doors of Hell… 38 kata lagi


The Stern-Gerlach Experiment

This experiment is often cited as demonstrating that angular momentum is quantised.  In fact it does nothing of the sort, and indeed it clearly demonstrates that it is not, at least not in the way that physicists would have you believe. 592 kata lagi


Day 32 - More Bohr

Science 9 – Lots of head nodding by students, lots of correct answers on practice sheets, but it’s obvious that many students have a tenuous grasp on the topic. 17 kata lagi

Science 9