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Chemistry - In English please.

Chemistry is bluntly, the study of stuff. The stuff I’m referring to are known by a different name (among most egg-heads), atoms.

While it’s easy to think of chemistry as just involving test tubes, bunsen burners, and wild-eyed scientists, these things are just used to explore and learn more about atoms. 408 kata lagi


Never express yourself more clearly than you are able to think.


Never express yourself more clearly than you are able to think.


When maths only scratch the surface

Against the general mainstream, Sir Roger Penrose does not believe that artificial intelligence is possible in the near future, in his opinion, consciousness is a non-computational process that is beyond the current state of physics. 1.033 kata lagi

Abstract Horses

It was a young man’s knock, eager and a bit less hesitant than his first visit.

“C’mon in, Jeremy, the door’s open.”

“Hi, Mr Moire, it’s me, Jerem…  How did ..?  707 kata lagi


Az alábbi sztorit városi legendaként tartják számon, azonban tanmesének kiváló. A kreatív agy és a több megoldási irány követésének iskolapéldája.

Az alábbi történet a Koppenhágai Egyetemen egyik fizika vizsgáján történt. 637 kata lagi

The Atom

Waaaaaaay the hell back, when the majority of people lived to be, like, 50 yrs old tops, and when the young’ns all listened to their elder’s explanations for anything and everything that they couldn’t quite wrap their lil heads around like it was the law, people… Actually were pretty spot on when they thought that everything was made of lil itty bitty… 699 kata lagi

Physics Notes