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Knocked Into Space - Ionisation

In the early stages of the 20th century an exciting new discovery was made. Niels Bohr, a well known physicist, improved Rutherford’s model of the atom. 522 more words


How to get free beer for a life?

You are interested in it aren’t you? It’s easy… Okay, maybe not that easy. You only have to win a Nobel Prize. Well at least that’s how Niels Bohr did it. 209 more words


Niels Bohr

“Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it”.


1939 Atomic Bomb

  • Hahn and Meitner’s discovery of fission gave rise to the potential for a massive weapon
  • Hahn and Heisenberg were called on to work on a bomb by the Germans shortly after the British and the French declared war on Germany…
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1927 Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

  • Bohr’s view that wave physics and particle physics are complimentary
  • Both concepts exist in nature. However, we obscure the process by observing it, and only one effect is revealed…
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1913 Bohr

  • Used Planck’s energy quanta to support and explain why the orbiting electrons don’t lose energy and crash into Rutherford’s nucleus
  • Bohr hypothesized that electrons absorb and radiate energy to move up or down one orbital distance to another…
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Learning About Atoms

The Science PLC at our school is considering what students should know about atoms in 8th and 9th grade science classes (including Physics First).  Just recently, … 1.204 more words