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I’ve spun around with the earth once more
And these new waves feel intoxicating
Years passed since I prayed to God like before
The ignorance stopped reverberating… 76 more words

Stanley Jaki on the Copenhagen Theory

‘Whatever the distance of human passions from atomic physics, the real question was whether one’s epistemological attitude was truly general, that is, consistent or not. The impression Bohr gave was that one was to have two kinds of epistemology, one for atomic phenomena, another for everything else, but it was still to be explained whether the understanding, or  509 more words


All About Atoms & Nuclei.........

Dear  Students,

It gives me pleasure to note that the series ‘ALL ABOUT…..’ clubbing the posts for every single Unit started a few days back with All About Electrostatics….as the first post was well received & appreciated. 145 more words

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In Einstein’s 1917 paper The Quantum Theory of Radiation, photons stimulate the emission of photons by striking and being absorbed by molecules and by raising energy to the point at which new photons are emitted, thus lowering the energy (coincidentally, the theory behind the MASER, LASER, and quantum entanglement) by utilizing the equivalence of mass and energy (e=mc2). 704 more words

Physics, Psychology, And Creativity

It's a strange, strange world we live in

Two weeks to Christmas, one week to holiday, work to do, end of year coffees and lunches with friends. It’s a busy time. I love it. 624 more words

Bohr-Rutherford Models don’t have to be so “Bohring"

Practicing Bohr-Rutherford diagrams can be a “bohring” and repetitive activity, but interpretive dance can shake things up. Let’s get students out of their desks and working as collaborative teams to share knowledge and create success criteria. 395 more words

Gr 9-10 Science


The video ATOMS-I was the first in a series to help you learn the unit ATOMS & NUCLEI. It dealt with Thomson & Rutherford models, their success and drawbacks. 94 more words

C.B.S.E. Class XII