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5 Reasons why it might be time to get a Business Coach

It’s true.  No one knows your business like you do.  And no one will ever care about your business the way you do, not your staff, not your friends and probably not even your relatives. 1.420 kata lagi

Business Coaching

Travel Coach Weekend thought: Network-Notwork

Dear Travel Coach,

I run an independent agency and want more clients. I have been advised to start networking and to join a breakfast group. What is networking and would you recommend it? 499 kata lagi

Coaching / Assessing / Training (CAT)

RIP Joe McBride

Joseph Boyd McBride, 68, of Weirton, WV passed away February 24, 2017.

Born in Levelland, TX on July 31, 1948, Joe was the son of Cecil Elmo McBride and Geraldine (Williams) McBride. 306 kata lagi



So this is a piece I wrote when I had been in BNI Champions core group for about two months, have toyed with publishing it for a long time, but never had the courage to. 1.177 kata lagi

Where to find Networking Groups

I was really fortunate to have a friend to take me to my first networking event when I was in London and at my first networking event, I met other networking event organisers who invited me to their meetings and that’s how it snowballed.   656 kata lagi


How to Revolutionize the World Every Week

By Jason Jones, The Coaching Hour, BNI Ambassador

I’d like to introduce you to Bill Fernandez. Bill was friends with Steve and they were both really into computers.  314 kata lagi

Penggunaan BNI VCN untuk Belanja Online

Selamat siang menjelang sore guys. Selamat menikmati hari Rabu yang indah ini. Semoga kita tetap berusaha menjadi pribadi yang semangat dan produktif, walaupun saya sendiri memulai aktifitas hari ini di siang hari dikarenakan cuaca 481 kata lagi