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Is Networking Like Cricket?

I was at a networking meeting some weeks ago and I met someone who is also a member of BNI. He wondered how I was finding it and when I mentioned that I was finding the infinite rules and regulations rather tricky to negotiate, he said that I had to look at it like a game. 324 more words

Why Join BNI?

I joined BNI as a business networking opportunity because of a variety of reasons which include foremost, the fact that it makes us money. Here is a video that explains some of the reasons why we continue to be members. 25 more words

News Release

What's in your handbag, Frances Chisholm?

This week we see what’s in the handbag of Frances Chisholm, Business Development Manager at Argentex. She helps individuals and companies to move their money around the world at much more competitive rates than the banks.   107 more words

My BNI Story - 2

So, after failing to show up for two BNI meetings, I signed up for a third one on a Thursday evening at 8.30 as a dare to myself, just to see if I can keep my word. 363 more words