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Rasanya On Job Training (OJT) di Bank

Lagi nganggur nih. Enggak nganggur sih, tapi lagi tidak mengerjakan apa-apa yang sebenarnya tugas numpuk. Iya numpuk, numpuk karena PAK (Perangkat Aplikasi Kredit). Pembuatan PAK adalah salah satu tugas seorang RM di perusahaan perbankan untuk dapat memberikan kredit kepada  calon debitur atau debiturnya. 653 kata lagi

Dry Skin, Begone! From Our Naturopath

Dry Skin, Begone!

While moisturizer use has its place, dry skin is a signal from the body that some things are imbalanced and need our attention.  566 kata lagi


Referrals & Recommendations

We all need a little R&R No, I don’t mean rest and relaxation. I mean REFERRALS and RECOMMENDATIONS. This fall my daughter started soccer and Irish Step dance. 557 kata lagi


Featured Member: Mikhail Ratner

Mikhail Ratner is the attorney you want to speak to if you are looking to get IN or OUT of a business. He is both English and Russian speaking and helps everyone from nightclub owners to startups navigate their legal issues and WIN the case! 18 kata lagi


Featured Member: Lizzette Muniz

Lizzette Muniz is the chapter’s personal injury attorney.

She can be contacted at lmuniz@munizlegal.com


How Will You Grow Your Business in 2016?

Are you looking to grow your business?

Would qualified referrals help you grow your business?

Then visit a meeting and see how BNI connect people all over the world.


Lessons Learned from Switch Flipper's Grand Opening

Over the weekend (Saturday 9th April 2016) , I was invited to the grand opening of a venture where all three partners are my friends.  Switch Flipper is a company that offers self defense classes, public speaking, soft skills training and English classes.     600 kata lagi