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Regnal Media Turns Two!

Regnal Media has now been in business for two years. It started out in the living room of Devin Langer’s apartment and has recently moved to the biggest office the company has seen so far! 353 kata lagi

Fall Visitor's Day Coming Up!

Connect with Confidence: Fall 2017 BNI Visitor’s Day Brooklyn Heights

Thu, November 16, 2017, 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM EST


BNI is a business and professional organization whose primary purpose is to exchange lucrative business referrals. 249 kata lagi


Day 2 - October 15, 2017 - Sunday - BNI Connect

BNI Connect Global.

Friends remember I told you that I was going for an early morning conference well it isn’t actually conference but a meeting known as BMI Rising Pheonix Chapter. 164 kata lagi


What’s the point of visitors?

If I knew what I know now about the purpose of visitors when I was a member, my experience of BNI would have been so much richer and I could have helped many more fellow members.   508 kata lagi

Day 2 - October 15, 2017 - Sunday

While most of the world is having their best day of the week – I’m at 05.45am waiting to go for a conference.

Oh! I so hate to wake up so early and especially on a Sunday…, 40 kata lagi


3rd BNI National Conference

Representing BNI BGC Elite chapter. So proud to be a member of this team, with each individual effort, dedication, and talent we bagged the Best Exhibit Award and the 1st Hall of Fame Chapter in Metro Manila. 12 kata lagi

Don't Rush

Recently I met a BNI member Mike who had celebrated his 11th year as a member.  I asked Mike what keeps him in BNI for so long and I was quite surprised.  405 kata lagi