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Pengalaman Test ODP BNI

Halo, kali ini saya ingin berbagi mengenai pengalaman test di salah satu Bank BUMN di Indoneia, tepatnya adalah BANK NEGARA INDONESIA atau disingkat BNI.

Saya mengikuti test di BNI tepatnya untuk posisi Officer Development Program (ODP) untuk Regional Wilayah Malang. 1.206 kata lagi

Bank Negara Indonesia

Why you don’t want to be in a BNI Power Team

In BNI, people often talk about being in “Power Teams” and see this as the ‘holy grail’ of BNI. In truth, most members are usually only ever in Contact Spheres and I’d argue that most members don’t actually want to be in a Power Team because the effort involved is significant and few members have the time. 604 kata lagi

Pengalaman Klaim Asuransi BNI Perisai Plus

Halo! Sudah cukup lama aku tidak menulis. Dan kali ini, aku ingin sharing sekaligus curcol sedikit. Beberapa bulan yang lalu, tepatnya pertengahan Oktober, Ayahku terkena serangan stroke. 1.247 kata lagi

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Net Neutrality: How It Affects Small Business Owners

Currently, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is working to pass a bill that will get rid of net neutrality laws passed when Obama was in office. 507 kata lagi

2 National Industry Awards for our long-term BNI Member

The bitter sweet success of 2017

At a glittering evening with some 400 guests wining and dining against the spectacular backdrop of London’s Tower Bridge and a twinkling river Thames,  … 664 kata lagi

Business Networking

Trophée du Jeune Entrepreneur 2017

Toutes mes félicitations à Mihanta Malala Randriantsoa de la société Jacarandas pour cette belle récompense qui vient couronner son ardeur dans le domaine de l’entrepreunariat et ses efforts pour la création d’emplois décents. 73 kata lagi


Be a visitor in your own chapter

It’s not very often that I visit a BNI chapter outside of my region, but I was recently in the US for the annual BNI convention and thought I’d visit a couple of US chapters to see what they were like. 933 kata lagi