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Ruling sets stage for 2,500 Twin Cities faculty to take union vote

The historic organizing drive among faculty at the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities campus cleared a major hurdle today, when a state agency ruled contingent and tenure-track faculty could join together in one potential bargaining unit. 422 kata lagi


Burning Mouth Syndrome: A Case Study

Several years ago I was doing some research on manual therapy and skin dysfunction. In my literature searches I came across a couple of articles written by Shannon Campbell (now Trotter), an osteopathic physician with a specialty in dermatology. 717 kata lagi

Manual Therapy

Singapore’s big IOT push is on Smart Buildings

@tachyeonz : Singapore is using the Internet of Things to create ‘smart buildings’, with 30 buildings getting wired up in a two year project to track energy consumption. 39 kata lagi


The Selfish Side of Pain?

I have been writing about Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS) for years now, and recently a reader reached out to me and said she had been dealing with this chronic pain for over fifteen years. 691 kata lagi

Burning Mouth Syndrome

Tiva Connected Launchpad and Fuel Tank MKII Battery Booster Pack BMS


I was planning to buy the original Fuel Tank Booster Pack, but for whatever reason it became not available to purchase. Several months pass by and still it is still not available to purchase. 298 kata lagi