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This Month in EV, March 2016

March has been an exciting month for the electric vehicle team! The team took a trip down to NCCAR in North Carolina to participate in the Spring Thaw Event and also showcased the cars to the community at the Shenandoah Valley Governor’s School Open House. 221 kata lagi


The next big thing is here, there is lot to tell about this year’s Utsaha. It was not only a super flop but also it taught us how to select people.  96 kata lagi

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I’ve spent 5 years in the field after having done a BMS degree which ended in 2010. Me and a lot of my batch mates have a few opinions to write about the BMS course this summer. 124 kata lagi


Being the Mycelium Comedian

We’ve done an awful lot of learning over the past few months haven’t we, readers? From Penicillin, to bioluminescence, to (my personal favourite) fairy rings. This week I’m taking a different approach, so let’s forget the fungi for now and sit back while I tell you a little about what I’ve been doing this week. 1.013 kata lagi

STEM Training in Hawai'i - Registration Now Open

Below here are the OFFICIAL dates for Project Lead The Way Core Trainings open to teachers K-12.  Begin the Registration Process Today to Secure Your Space in a Training on the islands of Oahu, Maui, or Hawai’i! 307 kata lagi

EV Spring Thaw Event 2016

The EV team headed to Garysburg, North Carolina this past weekend to participate in NCCAR’s Spring Thaw Event. The event was designed to be an opportunity for teams to get practice in events such as autocross and acceleration. 457 kata lagi


Introduction to My Idiopathic Nightmare

Over the last four years I could quite possibly write a 400 page book or at the most a less detailed 200 page short novel of my experiences with… 301 kata lagi