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Burning Mouth & Neurologists

It’s just about time for my yearly check-up with my Neurologist. I refer to him as #3, since that is how many I have gone through in over 8 years of dealing with Burning Mouth Syndrome ( 593 kata lagi

Burning Mouth Syndrome

Let's go Sugar-Free this coming Mooncake Festival with BMS Organics!

Mid-Autumn Festival is a festival that kids are really anticipated, it’s the season when school will start teaching student how to make our own¬†Tanglung (Lantern) and I remembered how I had fun making different kind of lanterns together with my friends during my 6 years primary school life! 674 kata lagi

Food & Drink

Coping With Stress

As you know, I have been dealing with Burning Mouth Syndrome for far longer than I ever thought possible.

I know there are those of you who are entering or have passed your second decade with this chronic pain and my heart goes out to you. 396 kata lagi

Burning Mouth Syndrome

Bulu Macan Surabaya (Natural Basaltic Glass)

Basaltic Glass yang memiliki properti di refraktif indeks 1.55 +/- dengan berat jenis 2.60+/- dan kekerasan di 5.5 mohs scale ternyata tidak hanya terdapat di daerah Lumajang. 119 kata lagi


Automation & Control iTeam Profile

There are times when a really good system doesn’t have to be altogether replaced. ¬†We can easily determine for you if what you have is gold and just needs polishing some tweaking. 17 kata lagi

Intelligent Building Management Systems Perform Maintenance Automatically Without Any Inspection

Intelligent building management systems (IBMS) are devised to monitor, control, and optimize the services of a building. The services include: Heating, lighting, alarm systems, security, audio-visual, CCTV, ventilation, access control, time and attendance reporting, and entertainment systems. 379 kata lagi


Stanford researchers automate process for acquiring detailed building information

@tachyeonz : In the construction industry, many projects involve remodeling or refurbishing existing buildings, and such jobs often face delays or cost overruns when hidden problems emerge. 27 kata lagi