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Cancer is Back

2017 isn’t off to a stellar start.

During today’s appointment with my oncologist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), we received disappointing news that the biopsy of my chest lymph node contained the same cancer cells (squamous cell carcinoma) as the original tumor in my tonsil. 350 kata lagi

Grant Opportunities for Hawaiʻi High Schools to Start NEW PLTW Programs

Learn More Details on the $15K-$45K USA Funds Grants Available ONLY for Hawaiʻi High Schools to start a 2 YR or 3 YR Pathway in… 63 kata lagi

Relieving the symptoms of burning mouth syndrome: what works?

Burning mouth syndrome (BMS) is a common painful condition. Symptoms include burning, dryness or uncomfortable sensations in the mouth and changes to taste. There is no obvious underlying medical or dental cause, however scientific research suggests that BMS may be caused by underlying damage to the nerves. 626 kata lagi

Oral Medicine

BMS and Enterome unite in developing cancer treatement

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company and Enterome, a pioneer in the development of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics based on the gut microbiome, have entered into an Immuno-Oncology focused collaboration agreement for the discovery and development of microbiome-derived biomarkers, drug targets and bioactive molecules to be developed as potential companion diagnostics and therapeutics for cancer. 379 kata lagi


Why I Chose to get a Masters Degree

After graduating from a 4-year university with a degree in Media & Information, I realized that there was NO chance of getting into a dental school with the GPA I had. 240 kata lagi