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“A Matter of Priorities”

This will be on the back page of bulletin of the Fishkill United Methodist Church for 25 June 2017, the 3rd Sunday after Pentecost (Year A).   161 kata lagi


Stevie Smith: Not Drowning But Prevailing

Suicide is the occupational hazard of female poets, like falls from buildings for window washers.  The western suburbs of Boston, where I live, form a sort of Bermuda Triangle of this phenomenon: Sylvia Plath, raised in Wellesley, took her life by her gas oven; Anne Sexton, born in neighboring Newton, locked herself in her garage in Weston, one town over, with the car running. 529 kata lagi

I’m at Enghelab Square (میدان انقلاب)! http://4sq.com/wIE2Od


Jets Owner to Brits: You Need to Spend More on Cornerbacks

NEW YORK.  When President Donald Trump announced today that he would nominate New York Jets owner Woody Johnson to be U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom, he did so in a way that reflected his scrappy “bridge and tunnel” upbringing in the borough of Queens, where the football team had its home for many years. 365 kata lagi


And this “we” label ju$tice..???

…I find it incredibly ironic that Bank of America executive$ can $crew Arizona prisoners$ and not spend even one day in jail … And this “we” label ju$tice..???