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Sunday Reads No. 1: Routines, Reviews, and Roadblocks

I wish I had more time to read.

I wish I had more time for other things, too. Like, watching Elizabeth Banks commercials, or melting cheese on anything, or eating cheese with Elizabeth Banks. 658 kata lagi

Dad Moments

Recommended reading

Some weeks are just chock-a-block with great blog posts. This is one of them.

Remember Johnny Carson? If you’re older than about 35 you might. If you’re older than 45 you absolutely do. 328 kata lagi


The reluctant blogger

Take pity on the donkey. That’s me by the way. Being dragged, not towards the water, but the keyboard. It’s that time of the day, post time. 483 kata lagi


Blogosphere Blog Awards


I feel like all of my dreams have started to come true since blogging I literally remember speaking to Alice when I first met her; 602 kata lagi


Guest Post: Katherine, of Welcome to the Nursery, on How Her Kids are Slowly Destroying Their House

Want to know if a guy is a parent?

Take a look at his face, his car, or his home. All will have sustained some degree of damage in the process of fatherhood. 1.139 kata lagi

Guest Posts

Cuba also exists in the blogosphere

Post by @CubanWindow from the Original Cuban bloggers vs. Trump


Cuba also exists in the blogosphere.

It is the daily testimony and free thought of a nation and a people in all its rich culture of resistance and life. 353 kata lagi

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