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Travel log 3 - 2017/21/09


There seems to be a big difference between inhabitants yet they exhibit very similar behaviors. It appears like they have some function within the whole system. 330 kata lagi


The Totally Should've Book Tag

Hi guys! Happy Thursday! We’re so close to Friday, and it’s the last day of summer! ☀️ Today I’m going to be doing the Totally Should’ve Book Tag in which I was tagged by Anna @ 327 kata lagi


My Chemical Romance

So something that I didn’t mention in my About Me post, I am a lover of Rock music. Which I am which leads to a post about one of my favourite bands. 508 kata lagi

Let's Talk About Peter Monn!

If you’ve never visited my blog before, every month I like to talk about at least one person in the YouTube/blogging/acting/ writing world. So far it’s been nothing but people from YouTube because I LIVE on YouTube. 313 kata lagi

Online Dating; Yay or Nay?

Slide to the left, Slide to the right

I usually trust my instinct but in terms of love. I think my heart’s desires are pointless, foolish and out of reach when coupled with online dating. 537 kata lagi