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How the team at 'your home, your business, your life' are managing working from Home

It is important that while working from home our staff are maintaining separation between work-life and home life to stay motivated, focused, and keeping their concentration. 531 kata lagi


Poetry - Moonshine Gunslinger

Poetry – Moonshine Gunslinger

That sputtering light

Limping through smog, starts

That rumble in a rusted engine

Unintended fittings clunk, snap

Into place as cams drive shafts… 32 kata lagi


Cover Reveal: Petrified Flowers by Joiya Morrison-Efemini!

Coming in June!

Tragedy uproots Iris and her sisters, all named after flowers, from the solid ground of middle-class life and plants them, unsupervised, in the rocky terrain of low-income housing. 270 kata lagi


Life in Lockdown: To be productive or not to be productive? That is the question…

Currently the UK is experiencing what life is like as we slowly come out of lockdown and into a new era of social distancing and regulations in public. 1.296 kata lagi


Lockdown Strolls pt. 2

I feel like I’ve got a lot of creativity buzzing in my brain but I don’t know what to do with it.

So for now, I’ve been taking my camera on more walks.

melancholy 4 (haiku 149)

the shifting
smoke of everyday
leaves a poignant ricochet


COVID-19 and Mental health

The outbreak of the corona virus disease has shaken everyone. Everyone is scared due to everything that’s been going on in the news. Although Covid-19 pandemic and quarantine has us pretty stressed and bored.

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