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Crazy, Crazy Bangkok

Bangkok is exactly how the movie Hangover 2 portrays it to be, absolutely bloody crazy! I spent five days there and I can’t remember taking a breath, the place never stopped! 589 kata lagi


13 Reasons Why not

So a little while ago I finished watching the new 13 Reasons Why series (along with the rest of North American adolescents) and, despite my first reaction when I heard they were going to make a tv show based on the book, the show wasn’t half bad. 952 kata lagi

The Amzette

ONE PIECE REVIEW: "The Jet Pistol of Rage - Luffy vs. Blackbeard"

So as expected Luffy gut punches Teach, and let’s admit, we all enjoyed that. The guy had it coming. But Teach offered a response by sucking Luffy into his hand and showing him what dirt tastes like. 262 kata lagi

THANK YOU, 2nd Batch - Digital Photography Seminar/Workshop

Salamat and congrats sa amazing na 2nd Batch today! Sana madami kayong natutunan sa ating Seminar-Workshop. Salamat din sa mga comments and evaluation ninyo, sobrang na-inspire at natuwa naman ako! 41 kata lagi



Remnants of the past,

Memories a fleeting.

I try to grasp them with my hands-

But like ashes they crumble at my touch.

My heart breaks a little more… 63 kata lagi


All-Access: Eastern Conference Finals


I like this.

Go into the action in the Eastern Conference Finals where the number 1 seeded Celtics met up with the defending Champs for a trip to the NBA Finals on the line… 91 kata lagi