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Rencontre avec le Paul Levrez, Fondateur du festival Open Mode


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Petite présentation? D’ou viens-tu ?
Paul, 28 ans de Lille où j’ai étudié la sociologie, puis la communication à Bruxelles avant de rejoindre la plus grosse association culturelle lilloise en 2012, lille3000, dont le propos est de démocratiser l’Art contemporain,  je travaillais aux pôles Relations Publiques et artistique. 1.255 kata lagi


My Learning Process In How to Sculpt in 3D

Hey, what’s up everyone? I am so excited to share with you that I have just started learning a new art medium in 3D sculpting. So, if you’re like me and have always been interested in learning how to create awesome looking 3D models, but were afraid because it looked super challenging, didn’t know where to begin, or that the cost for a great 3D program is going to cost you an arm and a leg to afford, then read on, because I have only been learning how to sculpt for about a week or so and am totally blown away by my own results, and I am positive that if I can do this, then you definitely can do this too! 1.224 kata lagi


Barely Blending

I was barely able to stay awake all day but eventually managed to focus enough to mess around with Blender for a bit. I bought a course for it so my output should improve, it’s just a matter of having the time to go through, and at the same time have the energy. 83 kata lagi

What I Did Today

Make Gaming Great Again, Jan. 20th, 2019

Man, this week of vacation was absolutely needed. I feel completely refreshed and ready for the next phase starting February.

I will be doing 34 episodes over Feb, March and April – 10 episodes for Blender, 12 episodes for the Principles of Animation, 11 episodes for the new coding App I found, that I shared around, and the introduction video. 64 kata lagi


.ICONIC Saturday Sale and Fameshed X!

Kayla Saturday Sale!

This week’s Saturday Sale Item is Kayla another short pixie style on Sale!
Drop by a snatch wig at a deep discount! 47 kata lagi

New Releases

Vectors, colours and complex numbers. The model VWR. Examples in the Blender.

Today, I want to tell a little, about my solution to an interesting problem.

I’m interested in the possibility to build something similar the colour circles,  or hexagon as is done in the model HSV.  1.288 kata lagi