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Animation Softwares

Right now I want to focus a bit on learning a 3D animation software. I want to discover if I actually like working on 3D sotftwares. 176 kata lagi



I’ve been making some 80’s items –


Iggy's been rigged

took long enough

I’ll be fixing up a few more things tomorrow but she’s mostly done


Compositing techniques and luts

I have been struggling with the lighting in the new set visuals as Cycles is such a different rendering system to cinema 4d. And I over read someone on a forum talking about the compositor… now while i have know that the compositor is there and I have dabbled I have never seriously had a good look at what it can do for me. 104 kata lagi


Secret Avocado Fudge Pops

Even though we are going into fall it is never to late for frozen desserts! These bad boys are fudgy as can be with an unexpected secret ingredients. 91 kata lagi