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Revolver (WIP)


Side (Wireframe)


Front (Wireframe)


Verts: 1,052

Tris: 2,100

Faces: 1,086

Programs: Blender


Disturbing the Peace

How late is too late to turn on a really loud appliance in an apartment? When you live in an apartment, and have neighbors either above or below you, and to the side of you, it’s important to take them into consideration anytime you do something that might have some kind of an affect on them. 580 kata lagi


Dismal Order - Creation

This is a song I wrote while in China. (I was there for the last month, so that’s why nothing was posted here) My cousin came up with the basic idea and let me run with it. 8 kata lagi


Butterfly-Projector and Watercurtain Screen (3D Animation)

Project Year: 2014

3D Modelling Animation. In the year 2052 when clean, safe and inexpensive energy is valued, designers are required to articulate a projector suitable in that age through 3D modelling application – Blender.



My Blender Project: The Ginormous Space Telescope Concept

I used Blender to model an idea for a space telescope:

Here is the transcript:

Throughout history, our knowledge of space was extremely limited.

Of course, it still is. 1.677 kata lagi

Video Game Designing

So I have started a new venture! I am working on building a game with my partner. I love video games so why not build them. 287 kata lagi

Having fun with visual effects

Had some fun and posted a YouTube video with some VFX:

Can you guess how I did it?