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ENTRETIEN Photographe / Jerome Jack

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Petite présentation?
C’est un vrai challenge ça (rires) ! Je vais essayer de faire simple. 1.346 kata lagi


Ludum Dare GC

22/23 april

Last weekend I participated again in the game jam: Ludum Dare GC. We were a couple in our team: a programer( Airam Hernández) and me. 623 kata lagi


OpenGL basic lighting on Oculus Rift

Reading a paperback by candlelight might sound romantic. Alas, it is a fucking pain.

‘I can’t read the unmasking,’ I told Arkwood, ‘cos a wax dripping has sealed the last few pages.’ 307 kata lagi


Beauty Tips : Beauty Blender Tips

It’s no secret the Beauty Blender sponge is one of the greatest make-up application products on the market, so I decided to write some tips to help you use it like a pro! 387 kata lagi


Police Cars Arrive in Riot Town

Riot Town took a big step forward in Law Enforcement today with the delivery of hundreds of brand new Police cars. The driving school however is yet to open resulting in many of the new vehicles already destroyed. 46 kata lagi

Idie Game

Healthy 'Green Machine' Smoothie

Hello all! Have an appetite for a yummy, vitamin-filled smoothie?! Then you are in for a treat! Today I will be showing you how to make my personal favorite green smoothie that is filled with healthy ingredients- nothing fake! 186 kata lagi


Interactively Update Uniforms of Custom GLSL Shader in Blender Game

An easy way of interactively updating uniform variables of custom GLSL shader is using game properties as the values of uniform variables, and updating the game properties from keyboard input which triggers the update of the game frame. 151 kata lagi