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No.51 You won't believe it's Vegan Banana Bread (vegan)

This is a tried and tested staple in the home. Also, there is no dairy in this so it is vegan making everyone happy. It is perfect for using up bananas that are past it, plus it is super easy to make because you add the bananas to a blender meaning your not chopping or mashing anything. 212 kata lagi

Video Of The Week: Lolo Zouaï - Blue

Cette nouvelle artiste née francaise et vivant aux États Unis propose depuis quelques mois un son d’une qualité incroyable. Aller aussi écouter Brooklyn Love  ou  … 28 kata lagi


Things I have done this days!

Gopu Rig (not completed yet)
Explosion test

Brain Blender by mindpersuasion | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Stream Brain Blender by mindpersuasion from desktop or your mobile device

Spin Their Minds In Insane Directions:


Revolver (WIP)


Side (Wireframe)


Front (Wireframe)


Verts: 1,052

Tris: 2,100

Faces: 1,086

Programs: Blender


Disturbing the Peace

How late is too late to turn on a really loud appliance in an apartment? When you live in an apartment, and have neighbors either above or below you, and to the side of you, it’s important to take them into consideration anytime you do something that might have some kind of an affect on them. 580 kata lagi