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Easy Cheeze Sauce

This super speedy cheeze sauce is quickly becoming a staple around my house. On Friday night, me and my guy each ate a whole head of roasted cauliflower doused in it! 552 kata lagi


Prosty przepis na orzeźwiający koktajl z truskawek i arbuza

Idealnie rozpoczęty dzień, to dawka i witamin. Zapraszam Was na szybki, prosty i smaczny przepis na koktajl z truskawek i arbuza. Tak, Tylko te dwa wspaniałe składniki znajdą się w blenderze. 42 kata lagi


RI Punisher SO (Spec Ops)

Here we catch a trio of RI Punisher SO‘s en route to the last known coordinates of an emergency beacon. Reports had indicated an ally ship went missing after exploring areas within the Unsettled Union Nebula. 18 kata lagi


Architectural Render #4 - Exterior

Final Render

So the third architectural render is here!

This exterior took me around 3 days to finish, including render times!

So let’s do a breakdown! 587 kata lagi

Architectural Rendeiring

Cocktail Bushwhacker

*Ingredients are colored in Orange

𝟣. Blender +
1 Cup Ice
1 oz Dark Rum
1 oz Kahlua
1 oz Creme de Cacao
1 oz Cream of Coconut… 19 kata lagi


How to Remove Objects in a Video Footage in Blender?

If you find this video helpful. Please consider liking this video, as this will help people find this video easily. Thanks in advance!!

This is a two Part video series. 55 kata lagi


Multi Layered Diffuse Shader and meadows :)

I finally managed to get myself out of that “being afraid of something new” at least for a bit and managed to learn a bit about some of the assets I had bought to make my development easier/faster etc. 642 kata lagi

Game Development