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Textured Spheres

textured spheres made with blender.


wow...much done today again

If a pattern of “doing” is starting to form I’m gonna be very happy about that :D

Okay, so today I reordered a midi keyboard, since the one I wanted to have was not available and I really really want to not have to use the normal keyboard for working with music >.> 367 kata lagi

Game Development

Blend Until Your Little Heart Can't Blend No More

Hello Lovelies!

This week my posts have been all about one thing: Beauty Blenders! These little guys tend to be the most helpful things to have. 243 kata lagi


Memahami Material Pada Blender

Publish: 29 Sept 2014 | Author & Copyright: Johan | Status: Blender Dasar

Pada tutorial blender kali ini kita akan memahami Material. Fungsi dari Material memberikan corak berupa warna pada suatu object. 122 kata lagi


Perintah Dasar Transformasi Object Pada Blender

Pada tutorial blender kali ini saya akan menjelasakan cara – cara mengenai Transformasi Object 3 Dimensi di Blender. Hal ini penting karena merupakan pondasi dalam menguasai dan membuat object 3D di Blender. 286 kata lagi


Yesterday's progress. Yes, WIP!

I was experimenting and learning about the cloth simulation on Blender. There is much work to do, but I like where it is going so far. 48 kata lagi

3d Modeling

The Bridge

It’s the bridge that connects places… to more different places, but that are actually places inside the same place.

I got some normal map fails on the rope so may need to try again there, but finally getting to grips with… 102 kata lagi