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Artificial Authenticity

The current film idea I’m working on revolves around the concept of ‘Artificial authenticity’. Other terms I am playing with are ‘The reduction of the real’, ‘Reduction of reality’, ‘Reality reduction’ 392 kata lagi

My Work

back at it again with the new project

Roxi’s an innkeeper and cook, but her height is often a problem as she has to use stools to even reach surfaces that most 24 year olds can. 34 kata lagi


Will It Blend?

Fact: There’s a jellyfish which can survive being put in a blender.

It’s not the first time we talked about jellyfish being awesome (we already know they can live forever… 297 kata lagi


Learning Blender 3D

I have just started using blender and hope to use this for generating and compositing 3d models in the current film I am working on. In this film I hope to merge together images and objects from the real world with representations and synthetic versions. 320 kata lagi


Blender - Learning to use it. Finally

I have been promising myself that I would learn to use Blender software for the best part of a decade.

For those whom have never heard of Blender , let me explain. 395 kata lagi


Stirling Class W.I.P part 3

This week I have re-modelled the Saucer and Secondary hull, I have started to add details with the second deck, and the raised section that runs down the spin of the Saucer section. 280 kata lagi