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Pork with Beets and Potato Puree

Last year my mother’s comment to me was,

“You know people eat first with their eyes, right?”

This led me to try–with minor success–to “up” my presentation game. 382 kata lagi


Blender – Shortcuts, Buttons and Tricks in one place

Most of the shortcuts for Object, Edit, Uv mode. This is more like to-get-things-done list and doesn’t represent everything. Took me about 10 months to learn all this, through hundreds of youtube videos and blender docs. 667 kata lagi


Microphone's Selfie Side

I messed up my last 360 degree spatial audio track, so this will hopefully solve the problem in the future.

Also uploaded to Facebook. Viewable in 2D, 3D and 360° virtual reality. 10 kata lagi


Control freak

In formulating a research design initially, I spent much time considering how best to control the experiments I was undertaking. Control, from a geoscientific photogrammetry perspective, can really be quite tricky, as the amount of settings and equipment involve can mean that one quickly loses the run of oneself. 714 kata lagi

Heaviest Rain In Years

Checking tomorrow’s weather forecast on my cell phone, since I heard on the radio we are supposed to get the heaviest rain in years here in southern California. 21 kata lagi


Young Woman Overworks Her Blender Into Oblivion!

News just in from Number 28 this evening report of rumours that a life has been claimed.

Witnesses on the scene are said to only have realised something was wrong when the young lodger exclaimed “All I did was try to make soup! 112 kata lagi

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