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Trap House

Here is a quick render of a trap house, part of a slum neighborhood that I am creating.


Blended Black Bean Brownie Bars

What could be healthier than black bean brownies?
Choc full of protein and other healthy bounties

Easy peasy to make and bake
Just chuck it, whizz it, then spread it down like cake… 83 kata lagi


House on a Hill

Cute, simple house on a hill I created in Blender.


Treehouse 1.0
by tbezesky
on Sketchfab

Click on this link above to see this real time 3d model displayed in webgl. No browser needed. It should work for any web browser running HTML 5. 24 kata lagi


More Blender 3D Modelling

Hi all,

I am really enjoying myself with Blender 3D at the moment. Got my first rather realistic character done. have figured how to do a nose, an ear, lips still need more practice, good topology (with some small exceptions), learned what are pulls etc. 73 kata lagi


Low-Poly Penguins

My low-poly penguins created in Blender.


New green juice venture (and getting my ass up)

Sooo today was another mind over matter day, where my mind knows what I should do, but nothing matters… and in that moment instead of going back to lay down, and getting stuck, repeating in my head over and over of the things I should be doing, I made a smoothie,fruit bowl and green juice. 367 kata lagi

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