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How to Make Coconut Butter Without a High Speed Blender or Food Processor

Immersion Blender
Immersion Hand Blender Recipes: Pureed Soups, Smoothies, and More
Real Food Tips: 5 Reasons I Love My Hand Immersion Blender 11 Ways The Immersion Blender Makes Your Life Easier Coconut Whipped Cream in 30 seconds… 22 kata lagi

freddie – 06

haha, instead of doing the technical stuff, like trying out the first enemy for freddie in animation and in unity, i sculpted a new enemy today :-) 149 kata lagi


Blender shortcuts

Useful shortcuts that I tend to forget:

In edit mode:

E = extrude

S = scale

ALT + A = shrink / flatten

K = cut… 80 kata lagi


Blueberry Belter Smoothie 

Phwoarrrrr!!!!!! What a treat for the eyes and for the tastebuds…..and it also happens to be a healing marvel too.

My Blueberry Belter smoothie is insanely juicy, super-hydrating and jam-packed full of antioxidants. 38 kata lagi


freddie – 05

as i was today in sculpting mood, i decided to create the first of the enemies that freddie will meet during the game :-)

just 5 hours, zbrush fun, and a little help from blender for getting the uv layout nice :-) … he also has already a basemesh, with a tad over 5000 polygons, created with zremesher and refined a little with zmodler to get rid of some spiral looops. 91 kata lagi


Launching soon...'Let's learn 3D Animation'

The English version of my FREE 3D animation training series is almost ready. I am having very good response to the original Marathi training, ‘ 81 kata lagi

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