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Embriogeneza (lat. embryogenesis), proces oblikovanja i razvoja zametka. Ovaj izraz označava rane stadije prenatalnog razvića, dok plod i fetalni razvoj opisuju kasnije stadije. 441 kata lagi


Embryogenesis of the Wood Frog (Rana sylvatica)

It’s pretty amazing that you and I started our lives as blastulas. In the early days following our conception, we were little more than a ball of cells, rapidly dividing according to the instructions in our genetic code (found in the nucleus of every one of those cells) 399 kata lagi

Natural History

The ability to regenerate limbs. Is it possible?


I love Science. Even as a kid, I was always wondering why things like trees were green or how waves moved, or even why we looked like our parents and family. 632 kata lagi


Morula - Blastula - Gastrula and the birth of the ass-kicking heroine!

The conception of a kick-ass dominatrix/spider-serpent-like/nerdy/hopeless romantic/weapon-free and gadget-full heroine is happening right now…

The alter ego is coming to life with its first lines, from inside what I hope looks like a Jules Verne drawing room…ohh…. 8 kata lagi

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