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For an antivirus program, I’d recommend Bitdefender. The cost is fairly cheaper than the other antivirus programs available. For a year, your computer can be protected for as low as $36. 423 kata lagi

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Simple Steps to Online Safety

The year 2017 has already set a record in terms of the number and type of data breaches resulting in collateral damage. Companies around the globe are researching and implementing new security measures to secure their data against a wider and more complete range of threats. 133 kata lagi

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Not sure which ransomware has infected your PC? This free tool could help you find the right decryption package

A new tool analyses the ransom note and the encrypted file in order to offer the appropriate decryption tool – if it exists.

The success of ransomware means the number cyber criminals are looking to cash in on the file-encrypting malware appears to be ever increasing, whether they build it themselves or buy it from distributors in underground online marketplaces… 380 kata lagi


Wireshark Problem with GNS3 showing no Packets [Solved]

I normally use GNS3 to teach my students about Data and Network Communications. I use Wireshark to trace the packets coming out from the port of a network device like switch of router. 168 kata lagi

Bitdefender Introduces Elite Security HD and Full Disk Encryption

Protect your customers against the full spectrum of sophisticated cyber threats with Bitdefender Elite Security HD. The next-gen solution eliminates the need to run multiple endpoint security solutions on one machine, combining preventive controls, multi-stage non-signature detection techniques, and automatic response in a single platform. 117 kata lagi

Q3 2017 Newsletter

"We're not just another number to Lifeboat"

At our recent Partner Advisory Council event, our partners were asked why they love working with Lifeboat. Here’s what they had to say…