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La Bit di Milano scalda i motori: l'Emilia Romagna in vetrina

Anche quest’anno dal 2 al 4 aprile l’offerta turistica dell’Emilia Romagna sarà presente alla Borsa Internazionale del Turismo di Milano. Nello stand dedicato, gli operatori turistici regionali incontreranno la domanda internazionale e italiana per presentare le loro proposte vacanza per il 2017. 27 kata lagi

In Valigia

Interesting for 'coders' who drive Lyft too

Using microservices to solve real-world problems always involves more than simply writing the code. You need to test your services. You need to figure out how to do continuous deployment. 2.083 kata lagi


The New iPad vs. 9.7-inch iPad Pro and iPad Air 2

(Source: www.macrumors.com)

Designed to replace the iPad Air, the iPad comes with a tantalizingly low price tag: $329. It is Apple’s most affordable tablet to date and it’s a competitive price point that will allow the iPad to better compete with lower-priced Android offerings. 1.069 kata lagi


The Best Civilization VI Mods

(Source: thebests.kotaku.com)

Civilization VI is a very good video game, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement.

Since the game’s launch in October 2016, fans have been working on mods that do everything from make the game look better to improving the creaky AI to speeding up your trips through the user interface. 738 kata lagi


Single atoms used to store information

Scientists have manage to use a single atom to store two bits of data, whereas today’s  technologies need at least 10,000 atoms to store one bit of information. 41 kata lagi


Tips For Playing Bit City

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Tiny Tower creator Nimblebit released its latest game last week, town-building clickfest Bit City. Its simple-yet-satisfying tap-to-build action has already earned it a spot on iTunes’ … 1.271 kata lagi


New Battlefield 1 Easter Egg Is Like The House From Up

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Battlefield is known for its intricate easter eggs and hidden secrets. The latest hidden secret pulls directly from Disney to create a stunning and humorous sight. 181 kata lagi