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A 90s style 8 bit computer game figure in Retro grunge clothing

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Garage Door Panel

Garage door panel replacement is a bit more complex than many think. We have produced this blog post to make the process more simple. Have a damaged garage door panel? 17 kata lagi

A Newcomer's Impressions Of The Titanfall 2 Tech Test

(Source: kotaku.com)

This past weekend, Titanfall 2 offered an open tech test across the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Eager to get my fill of giant robots and balletic gunplay, I suited up to join the fight. 756 kata lagi


A Bit About Myself - Chapter 1

My name and age, where I live, my hobbies, you all know already. But that’s not all there is. I’m a Nigerian and I belong to the Igbo tribe. 466 kata lagi


Run Bit Run!

I got in touch with the producer of this game almost a year ago regarding doing a review for this app and I always wanted to do this but sadly never got round to doing it. 974 kata lagi


Install User Manager (CLI - GUI)

Lack of entertaining fiction!
Saya sedang dalam zona melarikan diri dari alam nyata ketika (bahkan) buku setebal 705++ yang sedang saya baca, bahasannya tidak jauh dari… 448 kata lagi



Let me tell you a bit about myself…

I am one of the least and most cliche people out there in the world. When it comes to love, I go all in, friendships mean everything. 60 kata lagi