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If I Were Just A Little Bit Butch — Medium

In the early days of online job searches, I signed up with this online employment company. I detailed my major in Spanis…

[HR] Sansa and XOR

Problem Statement

Sansa has an array. She wants to find the value obtained by XOR-ing the contiguous subarrays, followed by XOR-ing the values thus obtained. 159 more words

OJ Problem

[HR] AND product

Problem Statement

You will be given two integers A and B. You are required to compute the bitwise AND amongst all natural numbers lying between A and B, both inclusive. 108 more words

OJ Problem

Memorial Day Fun

Our Memorial Day weekend was actually a huge success, despite our original plans going awry.

My dad had actually asked us if we wanted to use my family’s timeshare at Cherry Grove Beach, just above Myrtle Beach SC, for the first part of the week of Memorial Day. 157 more words


You can take us out of BIT but you can never take BIT out of us!

Martin Luther King had once expressed “ You don’t have to see the whole staircase , just take the first step “ . We falter with the fear what will happen at the next instant . 897 more words


Scaring Myself

I ve been low for a bit. Trying to ignore it and push through hasn t been much help. Today, decent mood. One think goes sideways and BAM. 83 more words

New Here And Currently Dating A Former Marine With Possible Ptsd.

Hi, I m new here and not sure where to begin really. I ve been lurking a bit and found a lot of useful information. Figured I d sign up and seek some advice. 81 more words