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Athletics Club - Building a Solid Foundation with Team Singapore

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04 May, 2016  

Lee Yaocheng

The ActiveSG Athletics Club was launched with much fanfare over the weekend on the back of a slew of activities for people of all ages. 598 kata lagi

Current Affairs

The History of Data: 10 Actual Units for Information Measurement

It sometimes seems to me like the old days of computing were almost like the Wild West at times. There were so many units of information being used back then that, as someone born after that time, it seems like almost a wonder anyone got anything done. 422 kata lagi


Friends with Benefits

Friends with benefits is the greatest idea on the planet. No ties, no labels, someone you can trust and sex. You hook up randomly because you either don’t want a relationship or you are trying to avoid sleeping around with many people. 536 kata lagi

The Best Bit Of Battleborn So Far Can Only Be Played Once

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Battleborn’s prologue mission begins with a gorgeous animated sequence, followed by an excellent single-player story mission. Then it goes away.

I’m currently working my way up the Battleborn ladder, completing story missions, unlocking characters and gathering gear for my eventual plunge into competitive multiplayer. 458 kata lagi


Its here!

Looking a bit worse for wear. We peaked and there is rigging in the boxes! Every three our four days it is rain day. Of course it is raining like mad.Fair winds and following seas :) 11 kata lagi

Gardening: A Bit Beyond the Basics - Dianne Farrer, PHD

There are more than enough people around the valley willing to offer you advice or classes on gardening. But what if you knew the science behind all the garden advice/classes, so you could figure out the facts from the fiction, and have the bes…

The Clock circuit

I have started to design a simple processor. I decided I will start with the clock circuit as this is the logical core of operation. The actual clock signal will be constructed using a 555 timer, but for now I have used a simulated clock pulse, simply because the software is mainly for pure logic and does not simulate analog circuits very well. 209 kata lagi