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The 6th Imam has shown us the meaning of allah by portraying a hardship.

A man is on a boat and he is in the middle of the sea and he face a storm which is very bad. 158 more words

Bismillah - Three piece canvas

Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while since I last posted – but I do have a valid reason (and no, it’s not laziness honest). 357 more words


Intinya Hanya Mengeluhnyemangati Diri

Matahari masih betah jadi supplier cahaya, diselipi dengan teduhnya awan dan hujan yang masih berjingkat. Namun suasana ruang hijau masih enggan menyapa alam. Hiruk pikuk, hingar bingar, … 207 more words


A fresh new start. Today. Pestered by my ever-in-command-self-appointed manager of mine. Annoying in a good way so that I am motivated and always have a drive to excel. 77 more words


Why does Allah test us ???

The prophet (SAW) says and this is the wisdom behind this hadith. The messenger (SAW) says a person will be tried, with hardship, with challenges, trials. 1.164 more words