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Η Ομάδα Kursk και η φύση του Lenz

Lenz. Ο ποιητής που μαζί με τον Goethe δημιούργησε το λογοτεχνικό κίνημα Θύελλα και Ορμή (1770), που έγραψε κείμενα που κίνησαν και κινητοποίησαν. Ο ποιητής που προσπάθησε να βρει καταφύγιο στην φύση, στο σπίτι (και την λογική) του πάστορα Όμπερλιν, αλλά χάθηκε στα βάθη της σκέψης του και του εαυτού του. 64 kata lagi


Microsoft MDT: moving from BIOS to UEFI

If you have a Windows box and are trying to convert MBR/BIOS installs to GPT/UEFI installs on ‘class 2’ systems, you might want to read this: 40 kata lagi

Shea, you have to write a bio. – KJ

I did. That’s what that paragraph was I sent the other day. – Shea

No, that was for the intro to the blog. 581 kata lagi


A Guide on PC Reformatting in BIOS

A Step by step guide on PC Reformatting on BIOS:

Step 1 Restart your computer and wait for your PC to load. Press Delete button or… 127 kata lagi

Cloud Call Center Software


Hi, I’m Katie. Actually it’s not “Katie” at all. I’m Katie Jones. It’s a packaged deal, really. Katie – Jones. I’m an all-American girl from Iowa who loves so many things about life. 245 kata lagi

Orange County


do not despise the toil of your youth!

every moment shall be unto the Lord –

rejoice in His glory, oh my soul,


He is in the working of your hands, 116 kata lagi

Unix Booting Process

Let us peek into the booting process of UNIX like Operating Systems.zxccxz

When the computer is switched on, it’s of no use because the data stored in the memory(RAM) is garbage and there is no Operating System running. 444 kata lagi