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Claire Hart (nee Lucas)

Claire Hart (nee Lucas) – class of 2004 : Master’s in Counselling Psychology from Wits University and Bachelor of Social Sciences Honours Psychology and BA Psychology from the University of Pretoria and currently studying towards her PhD – Doctor of Philosophy from the University of the Witwatersrand. 37 kata lagi


Change SATA hard disk mode from IDE to AHCI/RAID after installing Windows

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The SATA hard disk mode in BIOS setting was set to IDE. You installed windows. Now you want to change the BIOS setting to AHCI/RAID. 56 kata lagi


Infamous Pirate Captains of the Mediterranean

So to return to the world of Sojourners in Shadow, and to the Mediterranean specifically, I thought I’d post a little on some of the more notable pirate captains. 1.357 kata lagi

Sojourners In Shadow

Monique Nethington Bio

I was born and raised in Orange County. I am currently enrolled as journalism major and am the current sports editor for the Talon Marks newspaper. 73 kata lagi


Bio: David Hightower

My name is David Hightower and I am a currently a Chemistry Major but I am switching to Political Science. Before I attended Cerritos College I attended The University of North Texas where I studied Jazz Saxophone. 38 kata lagi


How to Reset BIOS Password

BIOS is short for Basic Input/Output System. It is basically a program that gets the computer started when you simply press the power button. It also manages the flow of data between the computer’s OS and other peripherals attached to it such as hard disk, mouse, printer, Keyboard, and video adapter. 385 kata lagi


Η παράσταση "Είσαι ένα κτήνος, Βίσκοβιτς" @ Bios Τη Δευτέρα, 5/12 υπέρ της δράσης του φιλοζωικού σωματείου SCARS

ιστορίες εμπνευσμένες από τα ζώα

σε μία παράσταση αφιερωμένη για τα ζώα:

Πώς θα ήταν το yellow submarine εάν το τραγουδούσαν σκαθάρια;
Πώς κάνει οικογένεια ένας σκορπιός που σπέρνει τον τρόμο στην Άγρια Δύση; 9 kata lagi