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... as long as it is windows

In the previous post, I described how I installed OpenSUSE Tumbleweed to start from the UEFI boot menu. What I really wanted to set up is to display the GRUB menu generated by Tumbleweed when the computer starts. 844 kata lagi


Jolene Blundell (nee Olmsted)

Jolene Blundell (nee Olmsted) – Head Girl and class of RPR 2002 : Masters in Environmental Engineering and BSc Industrial Engineering from the University of Johannesburg. 17 kata lagi


Writing simple BIOS bootloaders using NASM

x86 assembly doesn’t have to be scary! I've written up a small but interactive (built in NASM and x86 emulator in the browser) to show you how easy it is to write simple boot loaders!

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………Gentleman Genius, Poet, Composer, Lover, Student and Professor of Life that any of us should be so lucky to know it as did he ———- 3.020 kata lagi

Leonard Cohen; Poet; Genius; Obituary; Biography


We have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger award!!!! I want to first thank @StealTheMGaming @beardedigor.wordpress.com. Please go and check out his page. Before a wrote this post I “snooped” around and really took a liking to his honesty. 1.329 kata lagi


🥈💐Liebster Award💐🥈

So everyone we were nominated for the Liebster Award!!! It’s so exciting! I was nominated by Neema Ali @ lipstickgeekdotblog.wordpress.com. Her blog is awesome so be sure to check it out.. 548 kata lagi


iPXE-Boot-Server: Setup iPXE to support both BIOS and UEFI

Step by step guide for how to build your own PXE boot server supporting both legacy BIOS and EFI hardare

Build your own PXE boot server… 88 kata lagi