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Calling All Composers: Words Matter

Let’s start here: you can write any music you like.

It is not my place to tell any other artist – musical or otherwise – what to express or how. 1.099 more words


How UEFI will replace BIOS

While most people may be familiar with a PC’s BIOS, they may not know what it is or what it does. Since UEFI is poised to take its place, let’s take a geek retrospective on these two  technologies. 861 more words

Tool mini-review: bios_diff.py

I recently became of a tool that I didn’t know worked on Linux: bios_diff.py, included with Copernicus. The MITRE Corporation’s Copernicus is a very powerful firmware security tool. 426 more words

Upcoming UEFI/BIOS security training

Here are two upcoming UEFI/BIOS security related training events being taught by industry experts (listed by date):

Security of BIOS/UEFI System Firmware from Attacker’s and Defender’s Perspective… 56 more words

Dave Wibberley - Bio

Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader at University of East London (2010 – present)

Managing Director of magnoliaMAM Ltd (2005 – present)

Head of A&R at Jive Records (2000 – 2004) 26 more words


Trouble Shooting RAID Arrays

RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. These are different (often multiple) disk set ups we can use to perform functions like striping and mirroring giving us either better performance or redundant backups of data or even both. 152 more words

Comptia A+ Notes

Troubleshooting Hard Drives

Failure to Boot

Improper BIOS Settings or Cabling

If our BIOS has a certain drive disabled on in then we are not going to be able to boot into that drive. 1.324 more words

Comptia A+ Notes