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Mark Bennett

Mark Bennett – class of 2006 :¬†Bachelor’s degree Investments and Securities from Inseta Investment College. Currently Senior International Financial Adviser with Holborn Assets in the United Arab Emirates.


Chris Winkler

Hello, my name is Chris Winkler and I am a History Secondary Ed. major at Appalachian.  I am from Boone and have grown up in the area my whole life.  101 kata lagi


Shinsuke Aso

Shinsuke Aso was born in Gunma, Japan in 1979. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Website: www.shinsukeaso.com

Using Radare to emulate BIOS

(There’s a Twitter URL for it, but I’ve lost it, sorry.)
Emulating a simple bootloader

Generally speaking, emulating a bootloader is simpler than it is for regular binaries, because they lack external libraries and usually have direct access to memory and hardware. 87 kata lagi

MinnAnimate 5 Biographies

Trevor Adams

Trevor Adams re-writes cinema history by cutting the film emulsion off the film base with sharp objects, subjects it all to pen and paint and flashes it all before our eyes. 1.175 kata lagi


Alex Kentopp

Hello, my name is Alex Kentopp, I’m from Raleigh, North Carolina, and I love all things social studies. I have a degree in Psychology from Appalachian State University (2014), and I am working on my second bachelors in History Secondary Education (2016). 111 kata lagi


Lucas Cannon

Hi my name is Lucas Cannon, I am a History Education Major minoring in Psychology, and this is my second year up at App however I am a senior. 211 kata lagi