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Agriculture and Environmental Basics: Methane and Biogas


SPOILER: global warming and climate change deniers need not read on For the sake of time, effort, and humanity, let’s just all agree that here are things called greenhouse gases that accumulate in the atmosphere where they trap heat and warm the earth. 1.007 more words

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Renewable biological energy production and “green” biotechnologies and the impacts of microbiology, ecology, systems engineering, and network modeling

While teaching at universities, colleges, and research institutes over the years, students came into my courses and my laboratory with a number of preconceived ideas of the purpose or topics to be examined. 192 more words


Biogas. Livelihood for the Poorest of the Poor. Power for a Community.

Biogas. Livelihood for the Poorest of the Poor. Power for a Community.

Biogas is the most sensible power generation concept to answer our power shortage, usher decentralized provincial progress, creates non-seasonal community farming livelihood, make use of community sorted organic garbage (mga nabubulok) that can be sold by lowly street scavangers on a daily basis to buy food on their table, address social issues like the need for long term rural grass-root development programs,  assist community sanitation drives, solve landfill problems, add more income to power plant owners with pure liquid and solid organic fertilizer by-product, and a possible side business in cooking gas retail selling within the local community. 634 more words

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ContainerLiving.Net on Portable Barangay Biogas Power Plant

The container structures are pretty obvious as well as the solar water heaters but what may not be so visual is organic power generation. Its not new technology either like most things sustainable its been in Africa for over 10 years. 134 more words

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Biogasanlage Stadthafen Lünen - wie eine gute Idee durch Raffgier zerstört wurde!

Nach wie vor fühle ich mich meiner Heimatstadt Lünen irgendwie verbunden. Um den Stadtvätern zu helfen den ihren Aufgaben finanziell nachzukommen habe ich damals die Idee der Biogasanlage samt Mikroverteilungsnetz ersonnen. 189 more words

Große ;-) Weisheiten

World Class Island Resort Needs Power. How About One With No Fuel Cost to Operate It? Made in Germany.


The system is a first rate high technology biogas power generation package that is first in the world.  It is similar to a state-of-the-art biogas power plant with all the automation and instrumentation to make it safe and efficient.   189 more words

Solutions - Biogas