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Weekend Adventure - Rancho Mastatal

Rancho Mastatal is a sustainable education center.  Rancho Mastatal encompasses so many different aspects of living sustainably.  It seems to have found ways that work and not just in an educational setting.   730 kata lagi

Empower the Barangays of the Philippines

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The Philippines is uniquely organized, and its constitution empowers the smallest local government unit with its own COUNCIL. 670 kata lagi

Social Enterprise

Camels' Manure~From Waste to a Worthwhile Farming Agent

Camel dung is beautiful in its architecture, dry and odorless. Camels’ manure/dung is use as a fuel agent in many developing countries, especially among the pastoralists’ communities. 584 kata lagi

Bumi Langit - Make Your Own Heaven

Siang Yu is a friend and fellow farmer at Edible Garden City. She is also an environmentalist and translator. She is currently on a sabbatical in Indonesia.

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Proses menunggu ^____^

Ada banyak proses yang mau ga mau si saya harus menunggu.  Contohnya ini.. si cinta bernama biogas bacteria consortium ini memang kerjanya slow slow gmana gt. 192 kata lagi

UK maize stats and the implications

I have been taking a further look at the maize statistics published by DEFRA in December 2015 – see here for the full dataset.

In the three years up to 2013 the amount of maize grown in England increased by just over 36,000 ha – a 24% increase since 2010. 551 kata lagi


A Visit To The Poop Factory

That’s not to say that the factory produces poop. Humans seem to be doing a fine job of artisanal production of poop. The problem is getting rid of it. 1.258 kata lagi

Burkina Faso