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Global Methane Forum Presentations - China Waste Session

Over the coming weeks Methane International will feature presentations from the 2016 Global Methane Forum. First out of the gate is a set of presentations from the plenary session  497 kata lagi

Program News

Monday preserving

This morning after doing the animals and having had a breakfast of mince meat, eggplant and tomatoes, I did some harvesting. Beans, more eggplants, cherry tomatoes and parsley were all picked. 379 kata lagi


Composting System at Taman Pertanian Kuantan

As you may be aware, we’ve recently begun a major project in Kuantan, Pahang on the east coast of Malaysia. Among the features being installed for the project is a super-charged composting system.  510 kata lagi


Biogas and other technologies

..in which I do some internet research and find some neat solutions for off grid living…

One of the issues with being up the field for any length of time is that it has no services – no power, no toilet, no running water. 127 kata lagi

Using Anaerobic Digestion as a Sustainable Way of Processing Food Waste

The uncontrolled and unchecked discharge of large amounts of food waste causes severe environmental pollution in many countries. Within different possible treatment routes, anaerobic digestion (AD) of food waste into biogas, is a proven and effective solution for proper treatment and disposal. 1.244 kata lagi


Boiling a Kettle with Goat Poop!

I would like to use biogas for cooking in the house, so I built a pilot project to check if and how it works. We have the feedstock, being goat manure so I decided to give it a try. 710 kata lagi