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Make Homemade Biogas Energy

By David William House

Making Biogas Make Sense

The good news is that biogas is easy to make. It’s the only biologically based renewable energy, besides combustion — simple fire — that happens and then persists in nature. 3.799 kata lagi



Have you heard about it?. Not to many people have in the western world but in the east you can find these century old systems everywhere. 630 kata lagi


Is Biogas Viable For Renewable Energy?

In an important step towards building Seychelles’ renewable energy capacity, the environment ministry is encouraging investment in a bio-digestion plant that will convert waste in the landfill into biogas. 217 kata lagi


City of Sydney unveils plan to turn household food scraps into biogas

YOUR food scraps could soon be used to power your house under a plan by the City of Sydney to transform rubbish into biogas.

Following Lord Mayor Clover Moore’s attendance at the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group conference in Mexico in December, the council is exploring options for improving the power potential of waste. 171 kata lagi


Youth-run organization in Cameroon turns poo to clean energy

* curated information on waste to energy

At a school in Cameroon’s largest city Douala, students learn how waste can be turned into a renewable source of energy. 144 kata lagi


Biogas can provide 99% of present energy demand!!!

Posted by Johan Gerard van der Galien


In secret societies, lives the idea that the world should go to a 300 to 500 million people population max, because the energy demand per capita of the population is over 50 years more than 10 times the current level. 252 kata lagi

Scientific Journal

Is The Waste-to-Energy Model Really Eco-Friendly?

Proponents of the trash recycling model argue that what matters is net emission. In the case of thermal WtE systems, one metric ton of Municipal Solid Wastes (MSW) generates as much as one metric ton of CO2. 186 kata lagi