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Bioethanol: The future global energy powerhouse

Biofuels: Bioethanol

What it is, how it’s used, it’s benefits and restrictions, and how it’s an alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

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What is it? 498 more words

A Saturday ride to an old Oak and thoughts on equipment.

The weekend was cold, much colder than lately. Winter gear had to be found from the back of the draw as temperatures halved from what they were just a week ago. 1.413 more words

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EU regulators raid bioethanol companies, suspect cartel

According to Reuters, EU antitrust regulators have raided several bioethanol companies suspected of fixing prices and at the same time stepped up their two-year investigation into possible rigging of biofuel price benchmarks by including a company in Spain in the case. 179 more words




Ethanol merupakan senyawa Hidrokarbon dengan gugus Hydroxyl (-OH) dengan 2 atom karbon (C) dengan rumus kimia C2H5OH. Secara umum Ethanol lebih dikenal sebagai Etil Alkohol berupa bahan kimia yang diproduksi dari bahan baku tanaman yang mengandung karbohidrat (pati) seperti ubi kayu,ubi jalar,jagung,sorgum,beras,ganyong dan sagu yang kemudian dipopulerkan dengan nama Bioethanol. 1.285 more words

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EU lawmakers back 6% cap on food-based biofuels

The European Parliament’s environment committee on Tuesday 24 February 2015 backed a new limit on traditional biofuels made from food crops that critics say stoke inflation and do more harm than good to the environment. 334 more words


Investing in Mozambique: How Investors Can Utilize Nationalized Land

(2015-02-02) In Mozambique, where the Portuguese colonial system is still evident in many aspects of the formal economy, one company found a niche market to assist investors who want to do business there. 809 more words


Slovakia will have a biorefinery to produce second-generation bioethanol

In addition to Italy, Brazil, Malaysia and China, also Slovak Republic will have a biorefinery to produce second-generation bioethanol, which will use Proesa technology developed by the Mossi Ghisolfi Group. 226 more words