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Italy to invest $450 million in bioethanol project in Iran

A private sector company from Italy signed agreement to make $450 million investment in Amirabad port of Behshahr, Northern Iran, Director of Ports and Maritime Administration of Amirabad Special Economic Zone said on Tuesday to IRNA, the Iranian press agency. 181 kata lagi


Employment Creation And Quality - Social Benefits Of Biofuel Production

In addition to the environmental benefits of biofuels, a primary motivation for the promotion of biofuels in the EU is rural economic development. Biofuel production… 460 kata lagi


Expansion Of The Agricultural Frontier And Forest Conversion

One of the greatest concerns associated with increased biofuel production is the impact on the agricultural frontier. Biofuels are expected to contribute around 20 to 30 per cent of global energy demand by 2030. 316 kata lagi


Air quality - Environmental Aspects Of Biofuels

In addition to reduced GHG emissions, biofuels also have the potential to reduce emissions of key toxic substances usually associated with standard fuels. It suggests that engines running on these types of biofuels or on a blend of standard fuels and biofuels tend to have lower particulate and CO emissions and lower sulphate emissions. 145 kata lagi


Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions - Environmental Aspects Of Biofuels

One of the greatest advantages associated with biofuels and one of the main driving forces behind worldwide biofuel uptake are their alleged reduced GHG emissions, and hence their potential to help minimise climate change. 331 kata lagi


Energy Balance - Environmental Aspects Of Biofuels

Energy balance refers to the point at which the energy required to produce one unit of biofuel is greater than the energy than comes out, and production is therefore not viable. 652 kata lagi


Production Diversification And Value-Added

Biofuels generate a new demand for agricultural products that goes beyond traditional food, feed and fibre uses. This may reduce the volatility of and likely rises in commodity prices while reducing commodity surpluses. 128 kata lagi